11 Fun facts about thrift shopping (will make you give it a try if you have not)

Do you remember the time you went shopping down town, with a bosom friend? While at it, you had to sort through a collection of not-so-new stuff. One time you picked this beautiful dress with a missing button (or even more than a missing button) but you still bought it anyway because all you had to do was simply fix the imperfection. You did not only pay less, but you also succeeded in adding a designer piece to your wardrobe collection. Yes! Yes! Thrift shopping or thrifting is a nice word to replace bend-down-select as we call it in Naija.

One time somebody was asked about her thoughts on bend-down-select and she goes “why not! If you see it and like it, you bend down and pick it! Thats all! Thrifted items are what we usually refer to as okrika in igbo or gwanjo in hausa in Nigeria.  What are they called in yoruba again? These days it is even being rebranded with a modern twist. I recently found this online store on Insta- Lagosthriftstore

Thrift stores are not for the poor and not all thrift stores sell junk. I have had fun several times whilst thrift shopping. In this post i am sharing some fun facts about thrift shopping and maybe you will consider it, if you haven’t.


  1.  It is good value for your money. You get ridiculously cheap outfits and you can stay slaying on a budget. Even as a mum i have been able to save on kids clothing. Kids grow so fast so if its not christmas or any sort of festivity, I would go thrifting if i had a choice, than spend much more on regular everyday clothes that they end up outgrowing fast. You may kinda feel guilty after shopping because you just feel like a cheat. But Hey! thats thrift shopping for you.
  2. Every dress is likely not going to have a duplicate. Hardly will you find any two dresses that are the same in a thrift store. Unlike thrift stores, the other regular stores always have several of the same outfit in different sizes. You can find a designer dress that at some point, you find yourself asking if the seller even understands the worth of the dress.
  3. It is your go-to for vintage fashion. if you are the very stylish person, you can easily build a unique wardrobe with lots of statement pieces you are likely to find. Those pieces from your favourite era are stocked in thrift shops. Now we see the returning of designs that are decades old, you too can be fashion forward and trendy on a budget. For those who do not fancy wearing a whole vintage outfit, you can have some pieces incorporated into making an ankara dress that is a masterpiece. *wink*wink (thank me later)
  4. DIYs just got better. In line with the fact 3, you can arouse your creative genius by creating DIY outfits like this DIY queen of WhoWhatFab Blog. Most of Ifeoma’s DIYs are done using her thrifted pieces. I see myself recreating some of her projects especially the patchwork jeans. Whoever said living on a budget has to be boring guys!!
  5. You never know what treasure you might unlock. Items from thrift stores can have treasures left in them. Someone once found a gold chain worth a fortune in a bag purchased from a thrift store. Well, these days shop owners are checking to see if there is anything before putting the items on display. ..lol
  6. You make can new friends. If you are not the quiet type (like me), you are likely going to have a mild brawl with someone over an item while thrift shopping. This is simply because you both share a similar sense of style. Usually, two ladies sight a particular dress at the same time and reach for the dress and then each realize that some else has same dress in her hand. Some one gives up the dress for the other eventually, and the next time they meet it often marks the start of a friendship. Girls of the same style sense flock together… true or yes?
  7. Thrifted items are very durable. I have heard people say that their thrifted foot wear served them longer than their other foot wears. Do you have a thrifted item? do you agree with this opinion? I definitely agree.
  8. You can make a living from thrifting. There are people who  make commissions by collecting best quality items from several thrift stores for big regular retail stores. These stores will eventually sell them at added cost. Some people have even started out a styling job by picking unique pieces for friends on a budget. Most times when you are starting out your own thing, your first clients are your friends right? I bet some thrift shoppers have not considered this business idea…thank me later!
  9. Thrifting is not limited to only wearable items. Thrift items could be household appliances, interior decor antique pieces, kids gears and gadgets, recyclable electronics and plastics etc. When next you want to get something, try to check out a thrift store first you just might find it there ..and cheaper
  10. Thrift shopping solves an actual need. Proceeds from some thrift stores you see is sometimes for charity purposes. Organizations collect donated items from people and sell them to raise money for a cause. I think it is a good balance between giving for a cause and getting something in return.  It is like being instantly rewarded for reaching out and changing someone’s story.
  11. Thrift shopping is not a “poor” people’s thing. Based on fact 10 above i will say it is absolutely okay for rich people to thrift shop too. If you are “rich” you can directly invest in a thrift shopping business with immediate returns. You can even be supporting a genuine business idea, that could grow as it benefits from your patronage. Consider your self as giving a hand up instead of a hand out.

Writing this post was so much fun. It brought back memories with friends from Uni days in Enugu, Nigeria. The last time i went thrifting was in July 2016, for some serious maternity dresses. Have you gone thrift shopping? When was the last time? What fun memories do you have?  Hope these were convincing enough. Recession or not, a lady has got to slay. Guys too, you have to keep looking dapper.

p.s – make sure you go with a list of the things you really need, if not you might end up buying more than you planned. You are very likely to see what you did not plan to buy and end up going home with it

p.p.s – ensure to apply proper hygienic measures just because they are not particularly new items

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  1. Hahaha I just went thrift in last two weeks for some maternity work clothes. I couldn’t deal with the prices of dresses of which I won’t wear after I put to bed in few months time sooooooo thrifting was the way forward and I loved every dress I got. Plus I saw ur departmental Nancy…. Thank you for telling us the English name for ” end down select” hahahaha

    1. Author

      Thrifting is key for maternity dresses especially when you have to keep buying clothes as you progress. I bet most people did not know that name …lol

  2. I am a big fan of thrift shopping. This post is everything. Thank you!

    1. Author

      I love thrift shopping more than the regular shopping. I guess its that feeling of getting something great for less. I am glad you loved the post

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