Valentines day facts

10 Valentine’s Day Facts Hardly anyone knows about

‘Many of us Celebrate and get excited about Feb 14th but never really know about some of these Valentine’s Day Facts. This is obviously not a Valentine’s day post, but I got inspired to do this and since Its still February, it find it very convenient to share with you.

Going by the activities that happened around me, I got decided to explore the contents of Valentine’s day online. From proposals gone wrong, to birds match-making to online shopping behavior and a whole lot more, there is definitely a lot to digest.

I am just sharing a few facts and links you can check out.There is also a short interesting story, i will be sharing at the end of this post, but to kick off the gist proper:

Valentines day facts

DID you know that,
  1.  March 20th is the day set aside to celebrate proposals all over the world. It’s a day for lovers to express love openly and ask their lovers hand in Marriage. So please, don’t beat yourself up so much because you were disappointed this valentine?
  2. Muslims don’t celebrate Valentine’s day. Like for real? I never knew this oo. I would be lying to you if i said i did. Islam does recognize happy occasions such as those hat bring people together but not Valentine that is much of a borrowed Western lifestyle
  3. In Victorian times (time of Queen Victoria’s rule), a time when the Great Britain experienced the fastest growth rate ever, into the Britain that we know today, it was considered bad luck to sign a Valentine’s card.
  4. February 14 is a day of National Mourning in Mexico. They have an ancient diety that personifies love, well actually two…and on this day they honor them.
  5. Brazil celebrates Valentines day in JUNE
  6. Chaucer wrote that Birds choose their mates on February 14. This leads me to the explanation for why it is significant for Men to propose to the chosen one on Vals day.
  7. Nigeria ValentineIn an online survey, 43% of millenials preferred to be proposed to on Valentine’s day and according to 50% of marriage proposals happen on Valentine’s day. I actually, am not sure if this will apply to Nigeria if generalized.
  8. Valentine’s day is also known as Singles Awareness Day. A kind of holiday set aside for singles to celebrate/commiserate in their singleness.
  9. Teachers received the most Valentines day card. Now that I’m thinking about it, i am not surprised. Were you surprised?
  10. According to a research by 83% of Nigerians celebrate valentine’s day. Nigerian women spend more on Valentine’s day than men do. With women spending 9% more than men, check this post to see what the least preferred gift item is.
Were you expecting proposal on Valentine’s Day and didn’t get any?

A friend of mine got a surprise engagement on Valentines day in 2014. We were all so excited for her and all. The guy had someone video the whole thing and they shared it with us as per usual. But it didn’t take up to 8 months for the whole thing to turn sour. My friend had to call off the engagement even though Uncle claimed that he did not technically cheat..story for the God’s. Moving forward, valentines day will never be the same again for her. 

You hoped that this valentines day would have been the day? Great! Maybe march 20th, or your birthday or his birthday, just someday it will happen.

Wish of these facts was the most interesting to you?

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