21st century Etiquettes we must get right.

The past few weeks have been happening so fast. Is it something with the year end or just us ..actually me… racing against time?

I have been volunteering at a hospital and consulting for a business development and empowerment organization and in the line of duty, I have had to place a lot of calls which means I speak to many people I may never see, and it’s ridiculous how it’s so easy to judge personalities through this singular form of contact.

There is this particular person I have been trying to schedule an appointment for and it’s been a hassle for close to a month. One time she picks the call and is speaking to someone else on the other end at the same time and then she asks me to call her back. I call back 3 other times within the week and she doesn’t pick up.

How it never occured to her to return the missed calls with a missed call or text…telling me the right time, still baffles me.

This got me thinking of many other simple things that courtesy demands of us by virtue of being in the 21st century, that we fail at. Yet we are bent on making it and going far in life by working at the hard stuff when we can’t get the simple little things right. They matter, you know……

images (1).jpgAccording to Wikipedia, Etiquette is defined as “a code of behavior that delineates expectations for social behavior according to contemporary conventional norms within a society, social class, or group

When it comes to etiquette the rule of measure borders on how what you do or don’t do make others feel.
With a healthy mix of ” a knowledge of people’s expectations of you” and “regular practice” we can be beautiful versions of our selves. Trust me!

textgram_1510432657.pngHere are some things I figured we could do better to present ourselves in a better light:

  • Resist chewing gum with the mouth open, especially on a flawlessly beat face. With everything you have to chew, Chew like you are keeping a secret.
  • Resist the temptation to fill your plate with everything at a buffet, when you can always go back and refill.
  • Wash your hand before eating even if you are going to use your cutlery.
  • Avoid talking too loudly over the phone in public spaces….who told you everyone is interested in your business deal or love affair ?
  • Try not to have clocks that don’t work in offices or business places or even at home. It’s bad enough to wear a non ticking watch on your wrist, how much more in corporate spaces?
  • Avoid wearing too much make up. An overly beat face is harsh to the eyes and senses. You will be surprised to know what goes on in peoples head when you’re having a serious discussion with them and they just seem to be looking at you searchingly….. Make up is to enhance beauty not hide it. Leave the clowning for the circus.
  • Make an effort to sound alert and confident over the phone. Talking too lowly on the phone can be strenous to the person on the other end.
  • Avoid talking to someone at your end while on the phone with someone else. Focus on one conversation at a time especially for formal settings.
  • If you call someone for the first time, saying “hello!” is not enough, go a step further to introduce yourself before expecting a feedback from the other end.
  • When you slide into someone’s DM on any social media platform, pls say a “hi”, “good morning” or afternoon before saying whatever you have to say. Courtesy demands that.
  • Its becoming almost normal to be late for appointments in Nigeria. When you are running late for any engagement, a simple call to inform the person expecting you will save them aalot. Its better to save the explanation and just apologize on arrival…. because you will always have to come up with new explanations each time. Better still show up with some cookies or something for the pain. Same thing goes for when you miss an appointment or have to miss an appointment, you can do well to call in advance.
  • When you walk into a group of people greet from left to right and not right to left or haphazardly.
  • Leggings are not your regular trousers and so they cannot serve as jeans not to talk of pants. Dress appropriate.
  • Proper grammar can never be old fashioned, whether spoken or written. Resist the temptation to use short forms and slangs lest you be misunderstood.
  • Wear confidence before and after any other accessory. Don’t be the negative one in the pack. Don’t reduce your self to conform to the trends. Be you, be classy, be beautiful inside and out·

images (2).jpg

Over to you reader
-If you meet a friend with another friend (you don’t know), whom you are just meeting for the first time, who do you greet first? I was once in a situation like this and I left asking myself if I did the right thing or not. Have you ever been in such a situation? Maybe your opinions can help someone tommorow

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Till I come back……Have a great week! Never miss the opportunity to create a positive first impression ✌


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  1. I think it’s more appropriate to greet the friend you know, then allow the mutual friend to do the introductions before you can then exchange pleasantries.

    1. Author

      Thanks dear. ……yea that seems appropriate, and if she forgets to do the needful….which was the case, it’s all her bad afterall!

        1. Author

          You are definitely right. A simple was what i did and went on to my friend. The only problem was we went on for long that i felt like her friend was left out.

  2. Great points! I think the first one is a pet peeve for me. Haha.. So not classy.

    It depends on where they’re standing. If I’m closer to the ‘new friend’, I’d say hello and introduce myself briefly. Then wait for my friend to introduce us properly. If I get to my friend first, I’ll say hi first and also proceed to introduce myself to the new friend. But all these applies to when it’s a small group (of 2 or 3 people). A larger group and I’m mute! LOL

    1. Author

      The first one ehhh….i use to expect that it was just a common sense something….apparently I’ve concluded that it is not.
      I agree with waiting on your friend to do the intro…..but many times they forget especially if the other person how to steal the show….lol

  3. Hahhahaha i usually talk to my children at my end during phone conversations cos they are such a hand full and this really drives my sister crazy at her own end. She will just be like mtchhew bye bye and end the call. However i try to excuse myself to a quiet place when i am at home during formal conversation.

    1. Author

      With kids its bound to happen. But what i did with mine was to tell them to be quiet before i take the call. After doing it for long they automatically know when to keep shut and when they don’t a side eye is enough.

      1. lol… side eye.. I am still teaching my girls how to. i am on the phone is my simple line, because that is the time they want to ask you question or tell you something.

  4. LMAO… The point about the make up cracked me up… And yes,I agree with you,I fail at the short form kind of chat.. but I am making conscious effort to stop.After which I have to reset my phone,it’s gotten use to it aswell. lol

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