6 things that kept my hustle going in 2016

Hey guys!

Congratulations on finishing strong.

As i reflect on 2016 and step into 2017, i agree that a lot has changed in my life and i pray for more grace to make the best of the new year. Having said that, there a few things that i consider my essentials. They kept the hustle life going strong for me as the days went bye. They will definitely be following me into 2017.

  1. MY CONCEALER – The L.A Girl pro concealer is bae. I think it is affordable and magical. There are some days when i am feeling all sorts of blue or i wake up with very baggy eyes. If i need to wear my confidence like a hat with a dashing smile to accessorize, with my LA Girl pro concealer i just go from a minus two (-2) to a ten (10). It works like magic!
  2. WIGS – I think a lot of you will agree with me on this one. As we all know, time is of the essence. Who sitting down for 3 hrs or more epp?…lol. I will definitely be investing more in 2017, especially now that i don’t understand what is happening to my hair. For now i think its the postpartum hair loss but until things get better, i will be upping my wig game.
  3. BREAST PUMP – Oh yes! every mother that wants to get back into the swing of things with her life after childbirth MUST get one. I was able to get back to school work immediately without compromising my little ones nutrition.
  4. BREAST PAD – I remember that one day in the exam hall, in the middle of my exam, my hand went towards my boobs and then it felt cold …..only then did i realize that i had not padded up. I have decided to always leave extras in my bag just in case. The good ting is that there are the washable re-useable types and the non re-useable types so depending on your budget you can find something that works for you.
  5.  WATER BOTTLE  – I could go several hours without food but definitely not water. Having a water bottle handy encouraged me to always have water to drink and that helped. Being on an island for the most part of the year, it meant that i could survive the humidity levels here. I intend to increase my water intake in this new year. My skin could do with the extra glow. 
  6. MY PHONE – The real MVP. This one everybody will agree with me. For me its a even more because my Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is the re-incarnate of Nokia 3310 but with class. I hear it is out of circulation though. I cannot count how many times this phone has fallen down and i immediately get a 30secs heart attack. When i summon courage to pick it up, i find everything intact. From taking several selfies to taking notes, to sharing and editing files on the go, to tracking my level of physical activity and telling me when i have fallen short of the set goal. It monitors my heart rate, informs me about my sleep cycle. one time my laptop was down i had to attend an online class through my phone. One time i had to use it to control the TV until we could figure out where my daughter had kept the remote. I think the investment was worth it.


What was your essential for 2016? Will you be applying any of these in your 2017 ? Feel free to share your thoughts.

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      You knowwww.. I intend to add one more to my collection soon. I trust you had a great day at work today. Thanks for stopping by

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