7reasons why buying a planner now is not late

7 Reasons why buying a Planner now is not late (or a waste)

We are in the fourth month already, with eight more to go? Are you having fun? They said time flies when you are having fun right? The other day, I was thinking of a gift for a dear someone, and the idea of a yearly planner came to me. Just as i was about to rule it out because i felt the year was already far spent, i had to reconsider.
According to Dwight Eisenhower  “Plans are nothing, planning is everything “. I like to add here that – A planner is the perfect tool! It is never too late to catch up with your plans for the year, so buying a yearly planner now is not late.
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Essentially, with proper documentation, it is easier to get back on track with things and avoid getting stuck in a rut. It is okay if you have a phone app or something that serves the purpose for you at the moment. However if you are thinking to buy a handy planner that will to supplement or replace what you have Today is still a good day to do so. Here is why you shouldn’t think too much about hitting the “purchase” button:
  1. You still think it is late? But waiting for next year is not your best option. If you start to put things down in writing today you can actively change the game and make the most of the remaining days of the year. Is it better to be this late or late for that appointment (maybe at a cost), or even realize how misspent on your budget you have gone by the next quarter?
  2. Today is a new chance. Planning for the future of your dreams starts by knowing where you are now and how far behind you have fallen. This will help you draft a better catch up plan for moving forward. You will find it easy to understand what the best move from today should be. With a visual plan in place you can project into the future.
  3. That joy of something new. There is no perfect time to experience the feeling of opening a brand new planner and putting things down. It comes with some extra zest and makes you excited about your goals even more. Along the line of hustle, you will always need something to renew the vibe. You are excited to open it every morning and this feeling evokes the right hormones. What a way to start your day!
  4. My dear this “Being a better person” thing is a lifestyle. it is not in doing the same thing the same way everyday. You are trying everyday to avoid making the same mistakes you have made in the past. So if you can start today with a planner you can actively assign the changes you want to make based on yesterdays errors. You can live the remaining days of the year better than the days already gone.
  5. There is always enough room for more personal growth. If you are doing this good without a planner, now imagine your life with an extra tool for efficiency. This means no you will not be overwhelmed by the thought of multitasking. I know that climbing up the career ladder requires getting projects done on time without compromising standards. Anything to make that happen is worth investing in now. You can be more organized, more focused, more engaged at meetings and more in touch with your side hustle too.
  6. You are now adding a new adult accessory to your collection. Add some more class to your personality with a fancy planner sitting pretty in your hand bag or office bag, waiting for the perfect moment for you to flash it in all its splendour. The design and layout matches your style ….effizzy..There is something it does to your confidence level
  7. They don’t have to be valid for one year only. Luckily, there are planners that come in 5 year time frame, so you don’t have to wait till next year to get a 2018 planner. You can get one now and use it for the next 4 years to come. There are also those that have an extra 2 months planning outline (ends in feb 2018) so you can still get extra worth for your money. You can also go for undated planners and put the date in by yourself, if you don’t mind the extra work.
7 reasons why buying a planner now is not late
Okay there you have it…I hope this serves the purpose. Did you find yourself contemplating this too? Have you gotten a planner?  Do you find any of this reasons relatable?
you too can identify with the cool gang
Oh! and you can get yourself a nice pen to go with it. #Packaging #NaTheWorkWeyWeDeyDo
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It is never too late to catch up with your plans for the year, so buying a yearly planner now is not late. Click To Tweet

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  1. I like the idea of a multi year planner. I got one in January (single year) but not really optimising it like I should.. will try to do so this year

    1. Author

      I found that interesting too but it will only cost more relatively…but it is a good idea. I am sure you will do better henceforth! Do have a great day.

  2. I honestly cannot imagine life without a planner. I have two at home, and two sitting on my desk at work!I found it most useful last week, when reviewing the year so far. I was able to go back and measure my progress against my targets! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Author

      I think it you never really understand you much useful it is until you go back to review and you are just stunned. Thanks for stopping over and sharing your thoughts !

  3. Yas! to this post… I am a planner lover and will forever be one. Making plans help me a lot.
    I actually just got myself a blog planner journal for this year and I am loving it!

    Oréoluwa’s blog

    1. Author

      I never used take it seriously. Most times i was gifted and i would not maximize it but this year is different and i can see a great difference. Which of the blog planner journal do you use?

        1. Author

          Okay! Well that’s the only one i know of and i definitely plan on getting one. I use a regular planner at the moment though. Thanks you Oreoluwa!

          1. A friend told me there is another brand and she spoke highly of it. I, however, can’t remember the name. Cassie’s blog planner is actually pretty dope. For someone like me who likes planning, I absolutely love it.

            You are welcome!

  4. And it’s this year this planner thing is becoming controversial. Even though I don’t believe in planners, I’m too forgetful and get easily absent minded to be focused with a planner, I don’t think it’s a waste. Infact I think quite the opposite, it will give you a structure to your blog especially if you want to be serious and organized with your brand.

    Idle head

    1. Author

      Oh yes Sister! I used to think I don’t need I but for making things organised and happen when they are supposed to, it nudges you in the right direction.

      I have my Cassie daves planner for this year already😊

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