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My name is  Ijeoma Jennifer, my friends call me “Ijay”. I am a Nigerian , wife to a King, mother to 3 awesome kids. I particularly do not like to travel but i shuttle between Nigeria and Grenada on a regular and that is because i am currently a Medical Student and my school is on this island country in the Caribbean. My native language is Igbo (of Eastern Nigeria) and Ijeoma is my Native name. The “oma” in my first name means “fine” in English, hence it inspired the title of this blog.

I am a Sagittarius but i consider myself an introvert, that’s if you understand what the sign says about us. Aside from being a mom, and studying my ass off for the MD, I prefer to be on the screen, either TV or PC, catching up shows and movies. If i have to read any book other than my MD books it has to be less than 250 pages, so yes, i would say i love to read..lol

Most of my free time is “me time”. This blog is an extension of me, an avenue to express myself, my style, beliefs, principles, and document my thoughts as i journey through life. I often take the plunge when i feel challenged about anything, and blogging is one of them. I love the advent of technology and the digital world but i can be easily frustrated by it and thats the one of the reasons i shied away from starting my blog for the longest time. My friend says she thinks i am not “patient” with it, but hey!, i am getting there.

Ijefinelivin’ is a personal blog sharing insights on health, lifestyle and everything in between. From love, to education to motherhood to girl power power to life hacks, Be sure to find something for you and yours to get through your moments.

In as much as i am still on a pursuit of purpose, I always feel the need to motivate and inspire people along the way. I hope to see how this goes as i leave experiences others can learn from and also have memories to look back to in time  …. xoxo


N.B-This page will continuously be modified.

Stick around for more gist and updates



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