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Beginners guide to hair care and quickly growing back those edges

I have lately been wearing wigs for the most part and i think it is the best thing for me. I lost my edges after delivery and they are not fully back. However i have made tremendous progress with haircare and growing my edges, hence my reason for this post.

I had gone without relaxer for about 6 months which was normal because i  relaxed my hair twice a year. This had me going from not caring much about the damn edges, (because of course i have my wig) to getting feed up with tangles after every hair wash.

When the time came to apply hair relaxer, i decided not to because i thought it was no good. See, I love to wear ponytails! With my edges gone i can not even slay in a ponytail for a change of looks. I stalled on relaxing and waited to grow back my edges. Things got worse, i would touch my hair and several strands will fall out in one stroke. My hair was transitioning badly. It did not take rocket science to tell me that i needed to do some things right. I thought of just cutting everything and starting over but that was not an option.

First decision i took was to trim off a reasonable amount of my relaxed end at every wash. That way i got rid of the tangles, instead of risking pulling my hair from the root as i tried to unravel the tangles. Since i mostly wore wigs i had my hair in simple all back plaits. I do not like routines but i had to develop one simple one.


Requirements: shower cap, local shea butter, castor oil, steam

Apply shea butter on the scalp following the plait sections and cover hair with a shower cap. Put on the shower to generate some steam from the hot water section before diluting with cold water for a normal warm bath. Take off the shower cap afterwards. Another option is to wet a towel with hot water and wrap around the head while you take a shower. The steam allows the cuticles to open up and let the shea butter penetrate the hair. Doing this during shower easily incorporates haircare into bath time. This can be done as regular you want in between wash days. It combines water from vapor under the shower cap and oil from the shea, which is basically what the hair needs. Three times in a week at least is enough to improve hair strength and stop breakage.

Beginner haircareHAIRCARE TIPS

To stimulate growth, Apply castor oil to the edges especially.

Using a wide tooth comb puts less stress on your new growth

No matter what you do, never be caught with your hair feeling dry.

Sleep with satin scarf to make sure your cotton sheets are not absorbing and ripping your hair off its moisture.

Spray hair with warm water and massage scalp to easily generate warmth and increase blood flow. This will in turn stimulate growth. Warmth is good for opening cuticles

Invest in a leave in conditioner that you can easily spray onto the hair. This will reduce tangling and provide the needed hydration. I use the Cantu Shea butter Leave -in-conditioning Mist.

I use the Creme of Nature range of products for me regular wash days every 2-3 weeks depending on how i feel. If i feel product build up i am likely to wash earlier. You won’t get much result by heaping products upon previous products.


I have been learning more about my hair lately and so far i am happy to have been doing the right thing. I say this because i recently did the porosity test and found out i have low porosity hair. Luckily, these oils i use are favorable to my hair type. What is your hair’s porosity? Are you likely to try out my routine? What are some of your hair win-win haircare tips? 

p.s- I am not on a natural hair journey, i admire it on people though. My hair is 10months post relaxer now and i have chopped off all the old relaxed bit to make things easy for me. My focus right now is on growing healthy hair and possibly rock my sleek ponytail soon ♥


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  1. These were really helpful tips. Thank you! I also use castor oil for my hot oil treatment😊. Growing back my edges after some damage due to bad protective hairstyles has been so difficult though. I have not tried using a warm towel before. I’ll give that a try 👌

    1. Author

      I am happy you found this helpful. I noticed that the warmth really helped.

  2. Losing edges is something a lot of us definitely experience. I used to do braids all the time and eventually just had to step away with it because my edges were disappearing. These days I do weave and relax & treat my hair, which I know doesn’t work for everyone but my hairdresser works wonders and my hair has grown loadssss since starting!

    1. Author

      Thank God for the braid wigs these days. Good to know your stylist is the MVP! Thanks for stopping bye Kemi

        1. Author

          You are most welcome Amaka. I hope you are having a wonderful week already

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