ACV and Baking soda

Having read all sorts about the benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar -ACV and Baking soda on hair, i decided to try it out myself. By now you should know i like to experiment especially if it is natural products involved and of course pocket friendly. However before i went ahead i was not sure what to expect with this process in terms of how my hair will react to it. With each step i observed what happened – the part i never read about whilst doing my research. So in this post i am doing sort of  review I started out on  a combed outRead More →

I love to wear make up, the transformation and the awakening effect it gives to the face. Nevertheless, I like to pride in natural beauty not hidden under makeup. It is also a fact that a well groomed skin is the ultimate secret to flawless makeup. Therefore many experts preach about regular facials and how it can improve your skin. I have been able to develop a facial routine for myself that works without having to break a bank or set aside a special time on my calendar for a spa facial appointment. One thing to have at the back of your mind when havingRead More →

kitchen-based alternatives for DIY

Helloooo! Welcome to my blog especially for the new readers 🙂 This is a really quick and short post. I think it is my shortest post yet. At the beginning of this month i kind of resolved to reduce the length of my posts to a maximum of 500 words. Because really, we are all to busy to be reading long write ups. I know some of you just scroll really quickly …lol..its fine. I do that too. But the truth is that i love when i visit other blogs and the post is just short and straight to the point. Speaking of which, iRead More →

My simple routine

I have lately been wearing wigs for the most part and i think it is the best thing for me. I lost my edges after delivery and they are not fully back yet. However i have made tremendous progress with hair care and growing my edges, hence my reason for this post.I had gone without relaxer for about 6 months which was normal because i  relaxed my hair twice a year. This had me going from not caring much about the damn edges, (because of course i have my wig) to getting feed up with tangles after every hair wash. When the time came toRead More →