Easy ways to give yourself an After Summer Detox.

Many of us work so hard for the Summer glow only to end up indulging in one too many unhealthy activities that leave our body and skin in the worse shape after summer. As we round up on the summer already, here are a few tips to help your skin recover from all the sunburn and bloathedness. Your body needs to be realigned for the fall/harmattan transition about to happen else you will be taken unawares. An After Summer Detox is something to consider. Here is how…

After Summer Detox


Go Alkaline

Its all about balancing and rebalancing the body. In between all the enjoyment, partying and beach days there is a build up of acid that is not good for the body. From the sweet, fatty meals (remember the numerous cheat days), to the sunlight exposure from wearing clothes that show off a little more, its about time to eat away the toxins because in the presence of toxins, the body is prone to becoming acidic in the course of detoxing. Alkaline foods to diet on, juice on and snack on include: banana, lemon and lime, green leafy vegetables, carrot, watermelon, nuts, tumeric and garlic. Surf the net for more alkalizing foods.

After summer Detox

Go natural products

Nature offers you the best remedy to all the body needs. Plants are rich in phytochemicals that help fight against oxidative stress from free radicals introduced to our systems as a result of our daily activities. Natural supplements, skin care products have been made to contain active ingriedients that target these toxic radicals as well as improve the Digestive systems natural makeup hence improving the flushing out of gut bacteria.



Liquids, Liquids and more liquids

Water this will help dilute the acid content in the body and flush all the toxins away. Coconut water is a alternative/addition if available. Early morning tea is a good way to kick start the body’s metabolism after having one too many bottles the night before. Oh! Get that green teabags (2-3), let it steep in hot water in the bathtub for 15 mins, get in, soak yourself for 15mins in the warm bath and detox your entire skin . Steaming with green teas is also good for the facial pores. Hydration is generally great for a well regulated system. NB: Alcohol does mot belong here

jollof rice

@sisiyemmie ….by now you know i cant get over this picture..

Avoid processed foods

Eat food but eat real food, breakfast lunch and dinner. Snack on Nuts, veggies and fruits. Seek plant based options and eat your way to beautiful skin all year round. Home made juices are instant and preserves all the nutrients and free of chemicals and preservatives of any sort. the aim is to help the body flush out toxins and beef up the immune system so adding new chemicals makes the body work a lot harder and that defeats the purpose. Green leafy vegetables are rich in sulphur and this is an essential element in the steps of detoxification

Eat food but eat real food, breakfast lunch and dinner.Eat food but eat real food, breakfast lunch and dinner. Click To Tweet

Don’t give up on exercise

Your skin can do great with a little more endorphins. Sweat out those toxins and keep the blood circulation at max. If you are a yoga person, thats great exercise too. Exercise is said to be the best form of detox.

After summer DetoxDetox is not about starving yourself but giving your body the right things to make it feel new from inside and out. its more about what goes into your system than what you cut out of your meals.  Its about reducing the acid content in the system, improving the gut system, eliminating acids, improving the detox’s powerhouse (liver) efficiency, toning up muscles, improving blood and lymphatic circulation and allowing the skin to breatheee!
A combination of these ideas or sticking to each will bring results in just less than a week.

The body is a system, follow the principles, give it what it wants and it will work for you! Click To Tweet

Till my next post …stay inspired


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Dear friend, I pray that you enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well – 3 John 1:2

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productive work day

6 healthy habits you can adopt for a Productive Work Day.

Happy New month fam!

I am sharing healthy habits you can adopt for a productive work day. In the midst of all the technology promising speed on productivity, you are your most important tool for a productive day, irrespective of what you do. You are a power house that must be catered for by you.

If you are Nigerian you will know that May is extra special. The month that starts and ends with holidays.

I watched a video where people where being asked what they would be doing for the holiday yesterday. I found a few responses quite hilarious. There was the regular plans to sleep, eat, call up friends and family, hang out, visit friends.

One person was excited to be away from the boss, An entrepreneur was excited because there will be no road traffic to slow his hustle down. This funny guy was excited because a babe that he had been dm-ing for over three months finally replied his message so hanging out with her is his major worker’s day holiday plan.

What did you do for workers’ day? Hope you had a good rest?

Here are my 6 healthy habits and the reasons:

1. Sleep 

As we age we are no longer able to get the required 8 hours of sleep. Adults, especially Men, Parents with children and shift workers are the group of people mostly affected.

I wish they could come up with a supplement for sleep to make up for those we don’t get. If they succeed, i know some people that will prefer to take pills for all the 8 hours..lol

Sleep deprivation affects the circadian rhythm after a while and also leads to hormonal imbalances. The many effects include; impaired brain function, diminished alertness during the day and is the most common cause of fatigue. Other hormonal outcomes are weight loss or weight gain and this can be ome more thing to worry about.

There is no difference between a sleep deprived person and a drunk person behind the wheels. Drowsy driving accidents have landed people in jail. Others are occupational injuries (the clumsy one), monetary losses and worse case scenario is death.

Go to bed early, or atleast, at a regular time to restore some rhythm to your system.

 2. Do not skip breakfast

Kick start your body’s metabolism by putting something in your mouth in the morning. This goes for everyone, not just children. It is the most important meal of the day…

One hard and fast rule for what constitutes ideal breakfast is fibre – delays hunger while providing energy, protein and vitamins. However you choose to make it happen just make sure you help your body to work for you.

Running out time? Quick smoothies can be prepped before bed and in the morning just throw everything in the nutribullet, blend and serve in a cup you can dash out of the house with.

Immediate benefits are obviously increased concentration, strength and endurance for the day. On the long run it lowers cholesterol, prevents weight gain and other metabolic disorders.

3. Laugh freely

Exercising your facial muscles is a great way to reduce the appearance of fine lines A.K.A wrinkles. Anything that reduces your confidence level directly affects your productivity.

Even if you are stressed you don’t have to succumb to the pressure. Find humor around you and laugh away your pain. It’s okay to laugh out loud too. …but be smart about it ooh!

Don’t be the co-worker that doesn’t catch the joke when it’s thrown. Don’t push people away from you with your seriousness and “busy badge”. Little wonder you can’t get help when you need it and you get frustrated.

You can also take a break online/on social media and find something funny to laugh about and when you can, share with your colleagues. They too, need to de-stress.

6 healthy habits you can adopt for a Productive Work Day - Ijefinelivin' Click To Tweet

4. Take deep breaths

Adulting is taking a toll on your mental health even though sometimes we fail to accept it. Anxiety and stress creeps up every now and then and it’s okay. What becomes a problem is your inability to manage it.

Deep breaths programs the brain to clear the tension you feel and make you to more relaxed. It’s your body’s built in stress reliever.

Deep breathing exercises may be new to you but you can start with the 2:3:4 method and go on to the 4:7:8. Here is what this means

-Breathe in slowly for 2 seconds, Hold your breadth for 3 seconds and exhale slowly through your mouth for 4 seconds. 

-Breathe in slowly for 4 seconds, Hold your breadth for 7 seconds and exhale slowly through your mouth for 8 seconds.

But first start with a normal breadth before going for deep breath….I see you…hehe . Basically, exhaling should take twice the time it took to inhale. If you feel most comfortable exhaling through your nose, you can as well.

Okay…do it again now!

5. Physical activity

Scientific research has proved that sitting for more than 3 hours a a day despite regular exercising and other healthy lifestyle practices can shorten your life expectancy by 2 years.

Why all the concentration at your work desk if you cannot live long enough to enjoy the results of your dedication? When you are gone work will move on, almost immediately someone else will replace you. #hardtruth

Irrespective of the nature of your daily activity, Increase your productivity years by taking walk breaks at least every 3 hours. It’s also a great way to clear your head. Go outside and feel the sun, release the tension in your muscles, improve your blood flow and prevent headaches!

6. Increase your water intake

It is very easy to get engrossed in the days activity and forget to drink as much water as the body needs, especially in between meals.

To help you meet your daily quota you can have a slice of water melon in the morning, do the water challenge with a friend, ditch a cup of coffee/soda/carbonated drink for water instead. Alcohol will have to happen after work hours if you must

Keep a water bottle within arms reach, so that you do not intentionally or unintentionally go without water for the sake of trying to complete a task.

You will not have to worry about frequenting the restroom if you are taking those walk breaks i talked about earlier. This might even be one more prompt to take the much-needed-leg-stretching break.

I am working on myself especially with sleep and breakfast. I hope this was helpful to you

Enjoy the rest of your week!


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Depression let's talk

Depression: Let’s talk

It is funny how the most random conversations turn into moments you will treasure for a lifetime. I met someone online and a business conversation turned into what i describe as predestined. This was also at a very odd hour of the day. As the chat progressed i could not place my hands on why this had to be happening at that time of the day – 2:30am and through the oddest means – social media.
depression let's talk
Well, today is World health day and it focuses on Depression, Lets talk!. We live in a world where everyone presents as being so busy, we don’t see the need to take time to be courteous or show empathy in our conversations. When it’s business, it’s business. I don’t know you, you don’t know me, all we owe each other is a perfect business deal – but thats where we got it all wrong. Business is not really always all about business. It is okay to cross the line of professionalism. I really think that there is absolutely nothing wrong with asking about their personal life or wanting to find out if someone has any challenges. Just a little less of the pressure. And when you get people doing that to you, do not take it the wrong way.
It is already complex enough, you have to work hard, make money, pay bills, study hard, maintain good grades, sleep well, exercise, eat right, pray everyday. They said don’t complain, be a go getter, take risks, get up if you fall/fail and in all of this keep a smile locked on that face. Some people are dying behind closed doors, when they are by themselves they deal with depression, but the world must never see that side of you. Social media won’t even help matters with all the quotes every where about getting back up and #pepperdemgang.
You do not have to fit in because the world will stifle without variety. Click To Tweet
What about the love birds that wont let one rest, one month relationship anniversary, some have made it to seven years and still dating (I still wonder how they are able to pick a particular date of when they started counting) and there you are saying “maybe the next post will be their engagement, and i can’t even keep a relationship for the past one year!” #relationshipgoals. What about the “hot body on fleek” #summerbodygoals but you cannot help yourself. They are all up in your face, preaching perfection and the cracks you see are made to appear appealing.
Your mates and juniors from high school are landing everyday-private jet-flying jobs (and boo), Some have started several businesses and you are still managing to buy data once in a while to come and see what is happening out there before crawling back into your not-at-all rosy life. You cannot even land a meager job at the local offices around you and everyday you are asking “who did i offend?”. Even when you want to join the #fakeittillyoumakeit gang, you are embarrassed because you cannot even fake without getting caught.
depression let's talk
The truth is that there will always be outliers in this world. You do not have to fit in because the world will stifle without variety. Competition is unhealthy, infact your only real competition is you. Comparison will cruch your confidence. All our stories are different hence different timings. You just need to know when you need help and ask for it. Don’t crawl back into your shell more broken than when you came out. Let nothing compromise your happiness and sanity. Surround yourself with the right support system and live an emotionally stable life. Always trust God to work things out and he will use the right people when it is time.
Depression is real and it causes more death than some other diseases. There is no shame in getting help. Based on statistics, women are more likely to get depressed and i quite agree, but they are more likely to seek help. Men are raised to not show pain and so even though they go through these moments, they are less likely to be documented for depression and are less likely to seek or get help. Are you depressed? let’s talk!
Happiness is contagious. If you cannot make someone else feel happy, check yourself. Click To Tweet
When you choose to live happy, remember that it has to spread. Happiness is contagious. If you cannot make someone else feel happy, check yourself. You will only lift another person up if you have more strength and so it is with being happy. Please, enough of the third mainland bridge drama already. Nobody is allowed to commit suicide, we are all in this together and must get one another out of it.
About my weird conversation with a stranger……It was so out of place yet it felt right and we could not stop talking. Once one person mentioned how this had to be fate, we could not stop at business. I try to be nice and open in my conversations with people but sometimes i get this Hey-I-am-not-trying-to-be-friends-with-you kind of vibe. I am sure it’s not just me that experiences this? . Based on the context of our conversation i found myself explaining the meaning of my name because just like every thing we discussed about, it puzzled up into the whole conversation perfectly. It was that deep. It could only have been the God kind of arrangement. He shows up in the least expected way and when it happens you will know for sure.
This week just feels special. And yes! I am available if you ever need someone to talk to. See you soon guys
Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time. Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you. 1Peter 5 vs 6-7
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World Tuberculosis Day

World Tuberculosis Day 2017: Leave no one behind|| 8 important lessons

For this year’s World Tuberculosis day the working theme is “Leave no one behind. Unite to End TB”. Nigeria comes 4th place after China and is followed by Pakistan in the top 20 countries with highest estimated rates of people falling ill with TB. March 24 every year is set aside to create awareness on this disease. According to WHO 480 000 thousand people developed Mutidrug-resistant TB in the world in 2015.

World Tuberculosis day

I had to share this story of Debashree. Her first encounter with tuberculosis started out as being diagnosed with Multi drug resistant Tuberculosis on her first test during a brief illness. Imagine someone at the peak of her life, she was ready to take on the world. She just graduated amongst the top of her class, landed her first job and her parents were beyond excited. But all of that changed for the worse.

This is a story from the collection titled Nine Lives:Women and Tuberculosis In India by Chapal Mehrah and Zarah Udwadia

Men and Women are equally predisposed to tuberculosis. It was just a coincidence that i found this story on a woman and was intrigued by how it affected women. Besides, this is also International women’s month and this particular case highlights some of the challenges females face that i never even knew existed.

World Tuberculosis DayTuberculosis is Ugly

Debashree lost her entire left lung to the disease. That sounds like some serious respiratory challenge. She recounts how In the course of treatment, She would vomit bowls of blood and when she complained to her doctor he disregarded it by saying ‘No, it happens’.

Debashree suffered serious mood swings due to side effects of the drugs she was taking. This is aside from the fact that there were “excruciatingly painful” injections, which she got 3 times daily. Thank God for a compassionate nurse who has now become like family to them

She lost speech and hearing, so her sister would have to follow her around to translate in sign language. Guilt and helplessness tormented her mostly over how things were seemingly out of her control. I guess it was not surprising that she considered death at this point. It was the lowest point of her life.

Things got uglier, when her sister contacted the disease because the doctors failed again, in their duty to educate the family on the contagious nature of the disease….How could they? This was happening in 2011 by the way!

Thank God she was able to receive immediate attention and she recovered quickly.

Over time Debashree developed orange skin and people (even friends) mocked her, ignorantly….. i guess. The social stigma that came with this worsened Debashree’s pain. Even when she suggested they wear masks, her friends would still mind meeting with her.

Her periods had stopped along the line and some people insinuated that she probably has lost her femininity. She was outraged at how people were going on about it and questioning the possibility of her getting married and having children.  All that mattered to her was to stay alive at least.

Debashree lost weight to a 28kg shadow of herself. She had gone from a Multiple drug resistant TB patient to a Total Drug resistant TB patient. Now the doctors had written her case off. They said nothing more could be done. It was at this point that her family decided to look elsewhere for help.

Debashree resolved to focus on getting better. And after 6 months of intensive therapy with an experimental drug, that was approved for her on the grounds of mercy, her sputum test recorded signs of improvement. This was coming after 3 years.

Delayed diagnosis cost her and her middle-class family a lot of time and money. She eventually had to receive a cochlear implant to manage her hearing deficit. Mind you her doctors did not educate her on the side effects of the drugs that led to this hearing loss.

She has since gone back to working full time and shares her story with the hope to create awareness on the harsh realities of Tuberculosis

This story was published under the campaign Survivors Against TB. It is a community based movement, championed by TB survivors with the aim of strengthening India’s fight against TB. From TheQuint.com

World Tuberculosis DayCheck out: How Tuberculosis shaped Victorian fashion

Important Lessons :

  1. TB is an air-borne  disease: it travels through air droplets from a coughing or sneezing infected person. Infected persons must avoid crowded places. City pollution promotes the spread of TB
  2. TB has a characteristic latency: Someone can have the bacteria in their system and not be aware. The infected person will have no symptoms and cannot transmit the disease.
  3. Tuberculosis is curable and preventable. Early Diagnosis is key. Symptoms include: Coughing (maybe with mucus or blood), Chills, weakness, fever, weight loss, loss of appetite and sweating at night’. If you notice these symptoms please see a doctor
  4. Multi drug Resistance MDR-TBTB that does not respond to at least isoniazid and rifampicin, the 2 most powerful anti-TB drugs. It is caused by mismanagement of treatment or transmission from one person to another, mostly in congested places.
  5. TB affects the lungs at first. However other organs can be affected on the long run
  6. Doctors are not always right. Try to get a second opinion, especially when you are in doubt.
  7. If you have TB you must eat healthy. Avoid caffeine, smoking and alcohol. Eat fish, chicken, eggs, wheat based cereal. Eat lots of colored fruits and green leafy vegetable, to provide anti-oxidative benefits and boost your immunity. Examples berries, carrots, bell sweet peppers, tomatoes
  8. Most people are still insensitive to the mental health of the are sick, even loved ones. Health education programs must point out the challenges disease condition pose to the mental state of affected people. This will help people to be cautious of how they address the sick people around them. All they need is love. Do not stigmatize people be it TB or not
  9. Leave no one behind. Sharing is caring.I will See you soon 
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Before and after

Hmmmm…..guys! the past two weeks has been real. I don’t even know how i feel about 2017 at this point anymore. God knows how much i looked forward to this year, I can not say much for now though but i know he is full of pleasant surprises.

This is actually a throw back picture of me but, this post could not wait till thursday.

The pictures above were taken on Friday,22nd January 2016. I had not realized i was pregnant at the time.

So, I remember taking my material to my tailor 4 months down the line and i told her to use my old measurements since i do not intend to wear the dress until after delivery.

When i came back, she told me she added three inches because most women would gain all the weight after the 3rd child…..

At this point my vexing had turned to laughter…Oh really? I asked, I went ahead to answer by saying, “I don’t think that will be my case”.

After that time, i remember that at least two other people said the same thing to me and somehow i was always not sure what i would look like after baby number three or if i would ever fit into old clothes.

Fast forward to one year later, in the picture above, Friday, 20th January 2017, here i am, a third time mom, 4 months postpartum and i am loving my body despite minimal effort at losing weight. The little things we take for granted huh!

…. I only realized the coincidence in both pictures 2 days ago and that prompted me to make this post. I must confess that since after my last post i have not found the inspiration to come back here. I have had a rough week, so i came back home on friday somewhat underwhelmed and randomly decided to take mirror selfies… Now i am thinking, only God knows how i would have been working my ass off if that woman was right in her prediction.

There is nothing like 'eating for two' in pregnancy. Choose your battles wisely. Click To Tweet

Lets just say i was also conscious because, it makes no sense to intentionally put on weight in the name of “eating for two” and packing on calories, only to go and spend twice the space of time and money it took to gain that weight in trying to lose it. Let me just say this, there is nothing like “eating for two”.

Eat healthy not heavy, take your prenatal vitamins and stay active Click To Tweet

Fellow moms, what are your experiences? what did someone ever say to you that turned out not to be true for you? Or do you have any questions in particular about watching weight in pregnancy? feel free to leave your comments below

And he said to me, My grace is sufficient for you, for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will i rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me.

– 2 Cor 12:9


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