Many of us work so hard for the Summer glow only to end up indulging in one too many unhealthy activities that leave our body and skin in the worse shape after summer. As we round up on the summer already, here are a few tips to help your skin recover from all the sunburn and bloathedness. Your body needs to be realigned for the fall/harmattan transition about to happen else you will be taken unawares. An After Summer Detox is something to consider. Here is how… Go Alkaline Its all about balancing and rebalancing the body. In between all the enjoyment, partying and beachRead More →

productive work day

Happy New month fam! I am sharing healthy habits you can adopt for a productive work day. In the midst of all the technology promising speed on productivity, you are your most important tool for a productive day, irrespective of what you do. You are a power house that must be catered for by you. If you are Nigerian you will know that May is extra special. The month that starts and ends with holidays. I watched a video where people where being asked what they would be doing for the holiday yesterday. I found a few responses quite hilarious. There was the regular plansRead More →

Depression let's talk

It is funny how the most random conversations turn into moments you will treasure for a lifetime. I met someone online and a business conversation turned into what i describe as predestined. This was also at a very odd hour of the day. As the chat progressed i could not place my hands on why this had to be happening at that time of the day – 2:30am and through the oddest means – social media. Well, today is World health day and it focuses on Depression, Lets talk!. We live in a world where everyone presents as being so busy, we don’t see theRead More →

World Tuberculosis Day

For this year’s World Tuberculosis day the working theme is “Leave no one behind. Unite to End TB”. Nigeria comes 4th place after China and is followed by Pakistan in the top 20 countries with highest estimated rates of people falling ill with TB. March 24 every year is set aside to create awareness on this disease. According to WHO 480 000 thousand people developed Mutidrug-resistant TB in the world in 2015. I had to share this story of Debashree. Her first encounter with tuberculosis started out as being diagnosed with Multi drug resistant Tuberculosis on her first test during a brief illness. Imagine someoneRead More →

Hmmmm…..guys! the past two weeks has been real. I don’t even know how i feel about 2017 at this point anymore. God knows how much i looked forward to this year, I can not say much for now though but i know he is full of pleasant surprises. This is actually a throw back picture of me but, this post could not wait till thursday. The pictures above were taken on Friday,22nd January 2016. I had not realized i was pregnant at the time. So, I remember taking my material to my tailor 4 months down the line and i told her to use myRead More →

Compliments of the season to you and your family! I am enjoying my holiday, i hope you are too? I want to share this with you …. Do you know that Poverty is man made ? I say so because i believe no one was born poor. We grow into the status of poor or rich based on the circumstances that surround us as we progress through life. This goes beyond the boundaries of material things to encompass health, knowledge, support system etc.   Going by the popular saying “Health is Wealth”, the wealth of a nation is measured by the health of its citizens.Read More →