self love vs self care

Sometime in June i happened to read from two different blogs on these very important concepts of self development. What is interesting about this was that just after reading my friend JessicaHugoInspire’s talk about self care the next post i read was from SuzyMarie on Selflove. So self love and self care are veryyy different? In that moment it hit me…they are actually two different things. My thoughts started going wild. I realized that growing older made me less self love conscious and more self care conscious. I cannot say what transpired in between but i attribute much of it to Adulting. As we growRead More →

7reasons why buying a planner now is not late

We are in the fourth month already, with eight more to go? Are you having fun? They said time flies when you are having fun right? The other day, I was thinking of a gift for a dear someone, and the idea of a yearly planner came to me. Just as i was about to rule it out because i felt the year was already far spent, i had to reconsider. According to Dwight Eisenhower  “Plans are nothing, planning is everything “. I like to add here that – A planner is the perfect tool! It is never too late to catch up with yourRead More →

Connect with people

The ultimate essence of our existence is our life’s purpose. Everyday we are on a journey to realizing who we truly are and how to live out our fullest potential. It will be difficult to live maximally if one day we are ten steps ahead only to go back twenty five steps the next. Its all about steady growth. You eventually leave a life of lack and embrace a life of impact. These 4 habits will help you live a life of impact Stop Complaining You need to stop it. Everything cannot possibly bad in the whole 24 hours of your day. At least youRead More →

Do you remember the time you went shopping down town, with a bosom friend? While at it, you had to sort through a collection of not-so-new stuff. One time you picked this beautiful dress with a missing button (or even more than a missing button) but you still bought it anyway because all you had to do was simply fix the imperfection. You did not only pay less, but you also succeeded in adding a designer piece to your wardrobe collection. Yes! Yes! Thrift shopping or thrifting is a nice word to replace bend-down-select as we call it in Naija. One time somebody was askedRead More →

Hello Fam ♥, Welcome back to my blog! I do not know if i should say i know why, but i have always gotten this question from my friends and even people i have barely known. Mostly along the lines of  “How did you know he/she is the one?”, “Okay, how do you know who to settle for?”, “What signs did you see in your husband that made you decide he was the right one?”, “Are there particular traits a person must show?”. After my last post, it was no surprise that i  also got similar messages in my dm and i choose to addressRead More →

It is the month of love and i am certain you have heard the cliche gist of how everyday should be valentine’s day BUT, my people!  I do not agree. That school of thought holds no water in my opinion. Some extra effort at thoughtfulness will suffice, bearing in mind that it does not have to break the bank while at it. In the midst of a busy schedule in this current age, mothers are working extra hours to support their homes and make sure our children get the best, i think valentine’s day is a good day to take a breather and perhaps getRead More →

Hmmmm…..guys! the past two weeks has been real. I don’t even know how i feel about 2017 at this point anymore. God knows how much i looked forward to this year, I can not say much for now though but i know he is full of pleasant surprises. This is actually a throw back picture of me but, this post could not wait till thursday. The pictures above were taken on Friday,22nd January 2016. I had not realized i was pregnant at the time. So, I remember taking my material to my tailor 4 months down the line and i told her to use myRead More →

Wow! the pages of 2017 are flipping real fast. Its day 9 already, how has it been for you? Its okay if you are still trying to find your bearing. I have seen on many social media platforms and even some particular Instagram handles that it is a year of “savagery”. For some reason i find it hard to play the devil’s advocate on this one. So, perhaps you don’t have a plan and intend to go with the flow, you know what? not having a plan is a plan in it self. However, if your the ultimate goal as a savage is to growRead More →

Hey guys! Congratulations on finishing strong. As i reflect on 2016 and step into 2017, i agree that a lot has changed in my life and i pray for more grace to make the best of the new year. Having said that, there a few things that i consider my essentials. They kept the hustle life going strong for me as the days went bye. They will definitely be following me into 2017. MY CONCEALER – The L.A Girl pro concealer is bae. I think it is affordable and magical. There are some days when i am feeling all sorts of blue or i wakeRead More →