This is not the first time you are hearing the phrase “Travel Light”. Maybe it was your parents, your friends/colleagues, the travel agent or even the airline officials, perhaps a travel tip on their website. All these people have two things in common; experience or expertise. Hold that thought right there, lets dive in WIKIPEDIA defines travel as “the movement of people between relatively distant geographical locations, and can involve travel by foot, bicycle, automobile, train, boat, bus, airplane, or other means, with or without luggage, and can be one way or round trip”. The fact that its between two distant locations, makes it necessaryRead More →

The past few weeks have been happening so fast. Is it something with the year end or just us ..actually me… racing against time? I have been volunteering at a hospital and consulting for a business development and empowerment organization and in the line of duty, I have had to place a lot of calls which means I speak to many people I may never see, and it’s ridiculous how it’s so easy to judge personalities through this singular form of contact. There is this particular person I have been trying to schedule an appointment for and it’s been a hassle for close to aRead More →

Making friends is one thing but keeping great friends is another. Growing up I never had as many friends, the type people call “best friend”  but I understand now that friendships happen for a reason and also making new friends shouldn’t mean losing old ones. The fact that I never had much did not make me bad friend material I just hardly found the right amount of connection. I however sometimes wish I had certain friendships. Just imagine if Zahra Buhari was your childhood friend 😊😂…you know Well I am sharing secrets from personal and shared experiences on what great friendships takes in this post 1.Read More →

Happy New weeek! How are you my lovely readers? I am sorry for being away to long these days, i want to be here more often, i have you all in my mind all the time and the need to do well by you guys makes me want to be better and i am loving it. Its been a pretty tough year and i cant even complain. I can only be grateful. Many times i’ve felt like all the positivity and struggle to become is all a fluke but the truth is everyday we are alive is a gift to be used to the fullest.Read More →

Something significant happened in my life when i was about 11 years old. I cooked a full pot of Jollof rice all by myself for the first time. This week, precisely the 22nd of August was celebrated as #WorldJollofDay and all the images i saw made me reflect back to my first attempt at making Jollof Rice. Looking back now, I think that happened pretty much late. Then again if I had not done what i did it would have happened even much later. Was the rice anything to write home about? You will keep on reading to find out. As the first child myRead More →

It's all in your mind

How can you possibly explain the rush of strength and confidence we exuded as children  but grow up to b…?…it’s all in the mind…our level of conciousness Read More →

Nudity is not Female empowerment

They say it’s all about sharing the natural beauty of  pregnancy, some others say it’s creative photography. Others have argued that all of the charade is aimed towards removing stigma associated with womanhood, pregnancy and breastfeeding, so society can see it as a natural part of life. I just think we are taking it too far. Just like that nudity is becoming trendy and unashamedly encouraged in the name of empowerment. I remember when I left home for the first time, It was to a boarding  secondary school. My very first night, after a long journey was nothing like the Sunday night I imagined. IRead More →

self love vs self care

Sometime in June i happened to read from two different blogs on these very important concepts of self development. What is interesting about this was that just after reading my friend JessicaHugoInspire’s talk about self care the next post i read was from SuzyMarie on Selflove. So self love and self care are veryyy different? In that moment it hit me…they are actually two different things. My thoughts started going wild. I realized that growing older made me less self love conscious and more self care conscious. I cannot say what transpired in between but i attribute much of it to Adulting. As we growRead More →

7reasons why buying a planner now is not late

We are in the fourth month already, with eight more to go? Are you having fun? They said time flies when you are having fun right? The other day, I was thinking of a gift for a dear someone, and the idea of a yearly planner came to me. Just as i was about to rule it out because i felt the year was already far spent, i had to reconsider. According to Dwight Eisenhower  “Plans are nothing, planning is everything “. I like to add here that – A planner is the perfect tool! It is never too late to catch up with yourRead More →

Connect with people

The ultimate essence of our existence is our life’s purpose. Everyday we are on a journey to realizing who we truly are and how to live out our fullest potential. It will be difficult to live maximally if one day we are ten steps ahead only to go back twenty five steps the next. Its all about steady growth. You eventually leave a life of lack and embrace a life of impact. These 4 habits will help you live a life of impact Stop Complaining You need to stop it. Everything cannot possibly bad in the whole 24 hours of your day. At least youRead More →