I have a post from last year where i mentioned that I got married at 22. If you have not read it, check it out here. I had just rounded up my final year of Uni and i had to travel from school to my hometown for the traditional marriage rites. Everything happened so fast. Incase you are wondering, it was not one of those arranged marriages. God made it possible for me to meet someone (through my cousin) who did not just love me but also believed in my dreams and was willing to share in it which for me was very important. DidRead More →

Hello Fam ♥, Welcome back to my blog! I do not know if i should say i know why, but i have always gotten this question from my friends and even people i have barely known. Mostly along the lines of  “How did you know he/she is the one?”, “Okay, how do you know who to settle for?”, “What signs did you see in your husband that made you decide he was the right one?”, “Are there particular traits a person must show?”. After my last post, it was no surprise that i  also got similar messages in my dm and i choose to addressRead More →

For a very long time, the idea of love has been and is still being considered overrated. I would like to think this is true, however it worries that the act of being committed in love merely takes the back seat. Even those who have been miserably hurt still find love again. Leading up to Valentines day and even after, i realized that some people where all about having a “bae” for the essence of getting Valentine gifts to show off on social media, and some others preferred to act all tough and self content. I like the whole self love game going on andRead More →