I have a post from last year where i mentioned that I got married at 22. If you have not read it, check it out here. I had just rounded up my final year of Uni and i had to travel from school to my hometown for the traditional marriage rites. Everything happened so fast. Incase you are wondering, it was not one of those arranged marriages. God made it possible for me to meet someone (through my cousin) who did not just love me but also believed in my dreams and was willing to share in it which for me was very important. DidRead More →

It’s that time of the year again and as much as many parents are excited for it, many of them still wish their kids were still home. This is simply because of the relief from the early morning hassle that can often times be a nightmare even for the most organized parent. In the course of this unavoidable fun-but-not-so-fun parenting exercise. I can’t help but notice some interesting categories of parents and i thought it would be worth sharing.  Keep reading to find out where I belong 🖒 1. Sport Mum She’s either headed for the Gym or has just got back from the GymRead More →

I think that one thing (if not the only) i really dislike about being pregnant is the fact that your wardrobe no longer serves you after your first trimester. You are constantly on a shopping spree (not like you have that much money to spend sometimes ) and you end up with pieces that you are not particularly excited about half of the time. With the need to stay stylish in a bump, each time i had to dress up, i spend more that 8 minutes raking through a pile of clothes in my wardrobe to pick my outfit (no kidding) and luckily half theRead More →

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Being pregnant! Nothing feels like it. While you are expecting, the discomfort and worries of yesterday is forgotten and then today becomes a gift. Tomorrow is to be hoped for as you anticipate patiently for the big day, till you are no longer as patience. Sadly, there is nothing you can do about it. When it is time, it will happen. It is only pregnancy that could make me understand the time in nine months. It is such a long time to prepare for a moment in your life that will last less than 24hrs. However, It is such a short time incomparable to theRead More →

Hey guys! Welcome back to my blog! Shout out to all them mommas in the house, i hope you find this helpful. If this is your first time here you are most welcome. Quickly browse through previous post in this series here and here Continuing the series on while you are expecting, here is something else to have at the back of your mind while you are rocking that pretty bumP STOCK UP ON YOUR UNDERWEAR Here is what nobody really hammers on when it comes to pregnancy essentials (especially in the part of the world where i am from). While you are expecting, exceptRead More →

Satisfy your cravings There is nothing wrong with a special cheat treat, if you are not one of those people with the weird kind of cravings. Don’t you agree with me that its okay to give your body what it wants once in a while? They say that resisting the urge to give into your cravings is a sign of self discipline. I think the real test is in being disciplined enough to set the limits when choosing to satisfying the craving. Before i go on. their is a medical belief that when you have cravings, the particular craving is related to something your bodyRead More →

Over the years there are a few things i have learnt and i am sharing in this series of post to make someone out there have the best moments while it lasts. While this appears to be the most exciting time of your life, so much of uncertainty looms over every passing day. Especially for first time mums, it is like a feeling of euphoric expectancy sandwiched in sheets of discomfort and unease. Well, the only way forward, i would say is to keep it moving, there is no time to mark time.   Build that Relationship The journey of a life time of mother andRead More →