If you read my last post you will remember me saying that i was in transit at the time of that post. I had a very traumatizing immigration experience. Traumatized according to google means “subject to lasting shock as a result of disturbing experience”. It is this disturbing experiences that form the basis for this post and i can’t stop having flash backs that are shocking. Traveling with my Green Passport sucks big time. Automatically, you are considered a suspect. Typical case of One egg spoils the rest, as they say. There is a lot of growing we need to do and a lot of itRead More →

Blogger recognition

After my first nomination I kinda got a bit relaxed, I won’t lie. There was this tension initially as i wasn’t quite sure if I was killing it (blogging)… not with the 1million and counting blogs that exist. Where do I even belong in the grand scheme of things ? I am still not sure with every time I have to hit publish,  but I still do it anyway. And these virtual awards and recognitions, they should keep coming…if not for anything they make a good filler post…for when you have nothing ready yet, plus it’s a great way to show support for one anotherRead More →

Everything has changed and yet i am more me than i have ever been – Iain Thomas I used to look forward to it. My biggest aspiration in life. I mean it. “I don’t want to ever leave this world with out having someone call me mum” , that was my typical response to the question, “what is the one thing you will love to achieve before you die? What’s yours ? I have 3  kids. “You are a mother of 3?, you don’t look it at all”. That’s what they say, well how can I blame them? That’s what the see. Maybe it’s justRead More →

Let go and let God

I Started out the week with major excitement and i still am. However i thought i would have left the island this week but God had other plans. I get to add an extra week, but I’m taking it in good fate. There are definitely those moments in life when we loose control of things and then once again i am reminded that i can’t afford to have all my moves work out as calculated. Despite making plans, we must learn to let go and let God. There are those times that will also require us to be spontaneous. Now this is where frustration setsRead More →

Let go and let God

After 5 months at this blogging thing , its still feels like the first time when you have to start a new post. I hope it’s not just me feeling this way. I did not know where to start from but as they always reply, “just start somewhere”. Well thats what i just did. How was your week? Mine was a mixture of emotions Guys we need to watch and pray. The sort of deaths that have happened lately has got me feeling really sorry for the souls that are still not in Christ. Also for us that are in christ, it is a wakeupRead More →

Let go and let God

Hello ..Happy weekend! I am back for my “in a nutshell” as i promised in the last post here. Hopefully i can be consistent with this – since i don’t have a working post schedule. The week has been fantastic no doubt. How about yours? Firstly, two songs i feel in love with this week are Hillsongs’ Still and Beautiful exchange. I woke up with them singing in my head on Monday and Tuesday respectively. I think it came from the fact that i gained more insight from the story of christ death and resurrection. Christ endured suffering – the cross, for the joy setRead More →

Let go and let God

Happy After-Easter-Weekend! I hope you had a great week! How was your Easter? Someone asked me this question today and i couldn’t really think of a better way to say “it was just regular”. But really it was just there, nothing much! I hoped that i would get up to something fun on monday but the plan did not pull through. We have been expecting our first baby tooth for a long time now but the wait has been filled with wakeful nights and 3 bouts of vomiting in 3weeks. The last one scared the life out of me. It happened outside a shopping mallRead More →

Hello friends, Happy Easter weekend, Are you excited? I am excited! This is a fun post, i really like all this tag posts and i get to do another one again. I was tagged by Ore of NextDoorChic and i decided to have fun with this. You should check out her blog! Lots of cool stuff!! Thanks Ore for the tag! RULES : •Give 11 questions. •Tag 11 people. •Answer the 11 questions given to you. •Thank the person who tagged you. What is your favourite movie of all time? I really don’t have favourite movies. weird? No Ribena or 5alive? Ribena What is your biggest fear? Used toRead More →


I am literally having a mini heart attack for the umpteenth time in the past two weeks. What is all this? How on earth did i use money that i did not see to buy trouble? This is not even bearable anymore! Is it that people do not know when the eggs they are selling have stayed longer than required? Yet they go ahead to sell it to people like its a raffle draw package! What you see is what you get! At this point i cannot find the nerves to touch any other egg in that crate. I am about to trash half crate ofRead More →


Hey fam, I trust you had a great weekend. Happy Mother’s day to all the mother’s reading this post.  I am excited about this particular post. I was nominated for the Liebster Award and this post  should have been up before now but internet is messing up here. Let me just get right to it! What is the Liebster Award? The Liebster Award 2017 is an award that exists only on the internet, and is given to bloggers by other bloggers. I had to do some research because i never knew what this was about This blog turned 3months on the 22nd of March andRead More →