I am imagining that I bumped into one of my readers right now, and I’m guessing the one question they will have is “What happened?” My people, nothing happened other than life…One day you are here and the next you are there. When I was starting out my blog, never did think I would one day be away for this long but it has happened…..(never say never) . For lack of a better title for this post I settled for what you can see because every possible title I had started with letter A. So… A is for Adventures Life is an intriguing box ofRead More →

These days I have more nerve rAcking days than I ever prepared for. A lot of self discovery, self awareness, self appraisal (all things self), basically a whole lot of truth telling and I’ll try to share ….minimally I recently read something on minimalism and it inspired this post. It spoke to me in so many ways than many and I couldn’t help the rush of thoughts and honest personal confrontations I had with myself. Minimalism simply means having the nature of simplicity. It encompasses achieving set goals following moderate ideas and plans. The question I have now is can a minimalist like me dreamRead More →

Have you ever had so much to say but can’t just talk. It’s like all in your head but just can’t find expression through speech or writing. This has been me lately but guess what? I am actually in high spirits As a lifestyle blogger (still trying to accept that title), I sometimes feel like because my readers would want to know more about me, I should share everything here, but there is that thin line between getting real and keeping mute when it’s necessary. Basically knowing when to share and knowing not to overshare if you get what i mean?🙈🙈 Okay , well IRead More →

in a nut shell

Sometimes, it’s okay to not have your moves all figured out, the best part of it however would be taking the first step, always along the way we find clues to continue. You need God to open the knob, but you must be at the door waiting to step into the next room or out of the hallway unto that big stage. It’s not enough that he opens the door if you are not willing. As a newbie on the blogging scene, in the beginning I fiddled with my theme and blog appearance for a while. I would spend days trying to get the blogRead More →

lost friend

When it comes to friendships, for me it’s more like a hit or miss situation. I meet a few people, luckily i connect with some and a bunch of those, i spend a greater part of the time learning to trust them. Along the way some good ones are lost and that’s totally fine. Trust is so important but learning to trust people can be tough, and so it makes me remember the friendships I wish I still have going. Those people you may never speak to again but you know they will always be dear.  The  friend whom, if you had to tell your storyRead More →

There is a quote that says “if you want God to open doors you best take your hands off the knob”. This is simply what is entails to let go and let God As time went by early in the year I figured that all my disappointments were part of the real plan –  God’s plan. What I saw as a setback turned out to be a necessity. I had to let go of my expectations and live in the reality. Realizing that you have done your best and accepting the things you can’t change is actually part of the progress plan. Progress is relative,Read More →

in a nut shell

Hello guys… I am trusting that all is well with you my readers. Things have been really slow here and I apologize for that. I am not sure I can particularly explain how but hopefully by the end of this post you get my point in a Nutshell. First of all i do apologize for not keeping up with my In a Nutshell posts. Seriously since returning to Nigeria  it’s like I wake up in the morning, it’s Tuesday and the next day it’s Friday and I am like “Did a week just go by?” I am going to stop pushing things over and beingRead More →


My people! Its July already? Well, this post is finally here. I got nominated by Kween of Kozdiaries and Joan of TheCurlyChristian for the The Versatile Blogger Award in May and sometime last week I was nominated by Tashnee of TashneeVMavee for the Mystery blogger award. These bloggers are killing it and their blogs, you must visit. I am very grateful guys for considering me worthy of this nomination. Its also been 6 months since owning this space and I am even much grateful to God for the grace to make this much progress. What better time to make this post, than now? So hereRead More →


Hello guys, How has the week been? ….well, that was at the time of originally making this post. Now I will say Happy New  week. I am hoping y’all are doing good. I am actually excited about this post which is a first of its kind particularly because i finally rocked this palazzo pants. This is a late post. This is a quick post….hmnnnnn, not so quick. Well i have not been as active as i wished since returning to Naija because of bad internet connection in my area. Who would have thought that some cities still have internet issues in this era. I haveRead More →

If you read my last post you will remember me saying that i was in transit at the time of that post. I had a very traumatizing immigration experience. Traumatized according to google means “subject to lasting shock as a result of disturbing experience”. It is this disturbing experiences that form the basis for this post and i can’t stop having flash backs that are shocking. Traveling with my Green Passport sucks big time. Automatically, you are considered a suspect. Typical case of One egg spoils the rest, as they say. There is a lot of growing we need to do and a lot of itRead More →