“The things you are passionate about are not random. They are your calling.”- Fabienne Fredrickson.

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self love vs self care

Sometime in June i happened to read from two different blogs on these very important concepts of self development. What is interesting about this was that just after reading my friend JessicaHugoInspire’s talk about self care the next post i read was from SuzyMarie on Selflove. So self love and self care are veryyy different? In that moment it hit me…they are actually two different things. My thoughts started going wild. I realized that growing older made me less self love conscious and more self care conscious. I cannot say what transpired in between but i attribute much of it to Adulting. As we growRead More →

in a nut shell

Sometimes, it’s okay to not have your moves all figured out, the best part of it however would be taking the first step, always along the way we find clues to continue. You need God to open the knob, but you must be at the door waiting to step into the next room or out of the hallway unto that big stage. It’s not enough that he opens the door if you are not willing. As a newbie on the blogging scene, in the beginning I fiddled with my theme and blog appearance for a while. I would spend days trying to get the blogRead More →

There comes a time

There comes a time; One wants to say a thing One wants to do whatever it is One prays and hopes for opportunity One hopes for and sees the right features One prays to have one person most desired around with a “Never letting go time”; to confess and profess to There comes a time; One wants to be with the one person and then all others with whom to travel the great heights and get over the top with One prays that all hoped for desires will just emerge, but it does only 99% leaving, 1% One wishes for a fertile ground to birthRead More →

lost friend

When it comes to friendships, for me it’s more like a hit or miss situation. I meet a few people, luckily i connect with some and a bunch of those, i spend a greater part of the time learning to trust them. Along the way some good ones are lost and that’s totally fine. Trust is so important but learning to trust people can be tough, and so it makes me remember the friendships I wish I still have going. Those people you may never speak to again but you know they will always be dear.  The  friend whom, if you had to tell your storyRead More →

There is a quote that says “if you want God to open doors you best take your hands off the knob”. This is simply what is entails to let go and let God As time went by early in the year I figured that all my disappointments were part of the real plan –  God’s plan. What I saw as a setback turned out to be a necessity. I had to let go of my expectations and live in the reality. Realizing that you have done your best and accepting the things you can’t change is actually part of the progress plan. Progress is relative,Read More →


I keep telling myself that, if only i started this blog a long time ago, maybe my life would be much different than it is now. Actually that is the truth because i have meet many inspiring people on this journey as well as sort more inspiration/motivation in the cause of trying to create valuable content for my readers. Interestingly, i found Jessica through her blog JessicaHugoInspire.com and the connection was organic as we shared so much in common and that made me interested in knowing more. I am that person that finds an interesting profile on IG and immediately speeds through your entire timelineRead More →

in a nut shell

Hello guys… I am trusting that all is well with you my readers. Things have been really slow here and I apologize for that. I am not sure I can particularly explain how but hopefully by the end of this post you get my point in a Nutshell. First of all i do apologize for not keeping up with my In a Nutshell posts. Seriously since returning to Nigeria  it’s like I wake up in the morning, it’s Tuesday and the next day it’s Friday and I am like “Did a week just go by?” I am going to stop pushing things over and beingRead More →


My people! Its July already? Well, this post is finally here. I got nominated by Kween of Kozdiaries and Joan of TheCurlyChristian for the The Versatile Blogger Award in May and sometime last week I was nominated by Tashnee of TashneeVMavee for the Mystery blogger award. These bloggers are killing it and their blogs, you must visit. I am very grateful guys for considering me worthy of this nomination. Its also been 6 months since owning this space and I am even much grateful to God for the grace to make this much progress. What better time to make this post, than now? So hereRead More →

Happy holidays guys, The kids are at home today when they should be in school and it somewhat reminds me of the days when things were a lot different. Now a holiday like this means one of two things; you have a lot more distractions or you have a lot more time to get work done. There is always some form of background noise that if you are not intentional about what you have to do (like making sure this post is up), all of a sudden you find yourself stuck in a rut. I first got the inspiration to make this post, in theRead More →


If you are reading, this i am assuming you already know about the #HallelujahChallenge. My blogger friend Joan of Curlychristian.wordpress.com shared a post about it in detail, you can check it to get more gist if you don’t know about it yet. After yesterday session it dawned on me that it was only a week to go before the challenge is over. I must say i have had the best midnights in the past 23 days. Well one night i overslept and missed it , the other night i overslept but i woke up just in time to catch a few more minutes before it wasRead More →