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Dear Lost Friend 

When it comes to friendships, for me it’s more like a hit or miss situation. I meet a few people, luckily i connect with some and a bunch of those, i spend a greater part of the time learning to trust them. Along the way some good ones are lost and that’s totally fine.

Trust is so important but learning to trust people can be tough, and so it makes me remember the friendships I wish I still have going. Those people you may never speak to again but you know they will always be dear. 

The  friend whom, if you had to tell your story without them it will not only be  incomplete but also uninteresting. They’ve seen you through your lowest moments and just things began to pick up, you lose them to the woes of growing up. After the years of silence, deep down you know they still matter and having them back in your life won’t hurt nobody. 

Dear Lost Friend,

This is me expressing myself on the thoughts that i have had ever since i noticed the unexplainable silence that has gone from a few days to years. I wish I could have been in your life much longer.

I still remember that day we first met, it was such a delight to have one more person to introduce as friend. I can’t tell what formula it was but something about you made us work. Even though I am not particularly the friend-making-conversation-starter, it was easy with you.

We were great and in a short while it was “US” against the world. All we needed was a fine blend of laughter and hustle and everyday worked like magic.

I had a home in yours and you in mine. Your siblings were the elder ones i wish i had and it was great sharing and learning from them, with youOh! I still remember how your mummy’s jokes always cracks me up. How is she by the way?

I am an introverted extrovert but with you it was easy to be predominately extrovert – you still had to attend most parties without me shaa. It’s been this long and our paths have not crossed and from time to time I wonder what you’d be up to. How did we grow so apart in the blink of an eye?,  there I was thinking this was going to last forever.

Thanks to a connected world i get to see your Insta and Facebook updates occasionally, but the most i can do is hit the like button and hope you that you notice. Sometimes i spend a few minutes on your page in a bid to catch a glimpse of what the latest is with you – I hope some guy has finally been able to crack the code to your carefree but resolute heart.

I hope you are doing great things and actualizing all your dreams. As much as I wished to be there and celebrate with you as they come true, I am also always routing for you. It looks like we may never spend the same time together, or laugh over the same things  again. Even if we do it may never be the same – all though I wish.

If you ever read this – i hope you do, Just know that I am not upset with you for anything. I still have so much respect for you, I hope your new friends are great because you deserve the best.

If you are ever wondering about me, we are doing so well.  I have had a fair share of the ups and downs and I am happy today. I am on this purpose journey of life and I can’t say I am better off without you but I know that how far I have come this past few years have had nothing to do with your presence.

If we are ever to be “US” again, I do not know if it will be as special but i have not ruled out the possibility. There were no goodbyes or farewells, so i know its not the end. I only lost you and like all lost things you can be found, however unlike all lost things, you can’t be replaced.

Thank you for being real ❤

Your Former Padi

P.s – Just the other day i realized i still have that your wallet size picture in that my wallet.

You my awesome reader thanks for stopping by.

What are your thoughts on friendships and learning to trust ? Have you lost great friends to growing old? I’d like to know

SmartSelectImage_2017-07-21-16-34-04See you soon…

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  1. Here I was thinking of my next blog post idea “People Change and Its okay”, then I see this 😊. I havnt been the luckiest when it comes to making and keeping friends. I don’t know how people can have 10 friends! For me, true friendships are rare to come around and it’s always sad to see them fade away. I’ve had people I call my best friends suddenly change and drift away over time and its always difficult to adjust cause I mean, this is someone who was once dear. But somehow I just try make peace with the fact that people change, and its okay. Doesn’t mean we should have hard feelings over them 😅. Thanks Ijay

    1. Author

      Oh yes people change , we grow apart and its totally fine. All it takes is some getting used to. Thanks for leaving me your thoughts and i am looking forward to that post

  2. This is a great post. Yes I have lost a few good friends due to growing up and due to distance but I have learnt to move. Life is beautiful. Thanks again Ijeoma for nominating me for the mystery blogger award. I have put up a blog post about it, please check it out on my blog.


    1. Author

      Hi Dominika, Thanks for leaving me your thoughts. I appreciate it. Truly like they say “soldier go, soldier come barrack still remains”. We have to keep living. I will be checking out your post.

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