Depression let's talk

Depression: Let’s talk

It is funny how the most random conversations turn into moments you will treasure for a lifetime. I met someone online and a business conversation turned into what i describe as predestined. This was also at a very odd hour of the day. As the chat progressed i could not place my hands on why this had to be happening at that time of the day – 2:30am and through the oddest means – social media.
depression let's talk
Well, today is World health day and it focuses on Depression, Lets talk!. We live in a world where everyone presents as being so busy, we don’t see the need to take time to be courteous or show empathy in our conversations. When it’s business, it’s business. I don’t know you, you don’t know me, all we owe each other is a perfect business deal – but thats where we got it all wrong. Business is not really always all about business. It is okay to cross the line of professionalism. I really think that there is absolutely nothing wrong with asking about their personal life or wanting to find out if someone has any challenges. Just a little less of the pressure. And when you get people doing that to you, do not take it the wrong way.
It is already complex enough, you have to work hard, make money, pay bills, study hard, maintain good grades, sleep well, exercise, eat right, pray everyday. They said don’t complain, be a go getter, take risks, get up if you fall/fail and in all of this keep a smile locked on that face. Some people are dying behind closed doors, when they are by themselves they deal with depression, but the world must never see that side of you. Social media won’t even help matters with all the quotes every where about getting back up and #pepperdemgang.
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What about the love birds that wont let one rest, one month relationship anniversary, some have made it to seven years and still dating (I still wonder how they are able to pick a particular date of when they started counting) and there you are saying “maybe the next post will be their engagement, and i can’t even keep a relationship for the past one year!” #relationshipgoals. What about the “hot body on fleek” #summerbodygoals but you cannot help yourself. They are all up in your face, preaching perfection and the cracks you see are made to appear appealing.
Your mates and juniors from high school are landing everyday-private jet-flying jobs (and boo), Some have started several businesses and you are still managing to buy data once in a while to come and see what is happening out there before crawling back into your not-at-all rosy life. You cannot even land a meager job at the local offices around you and everyday you are asking “who did i offend?”. Even when you want to join the #fakeittillyoumakeit gang, you are embarrassed because you cannot even fake without getting caught.
depression let's talk
The truth is that there will always be outliers in this world. You do not have to fit in because the world will stifle without variety. Competition is unhealthy, infact your only real competition is you. Comparison will cruch your confidence. All our stories are different hence different timings. You just need to know when you need help and ask for it. Don’t crawl back into your shell more broken than when you came out. Let nothing compromise your happiness and sanity. Surround yourself with the right support system and live an emotionally stable life. Always trust God to work things out and he will use the right people when it is time.
Depression is real and it causes more death than some other diseases. There is no shame in getting help. Based on statistics, women are more likely to get depressed and i quite agree, but they are more likely to seek help. Men are raised to not show pain and so even though they go through these moments, they are less likely to be documented for depression and are less likely to seek or get help. Are you depressed? let’s talk!
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When you choose to live happy, remember that it has to spread. Happiness is contagious. If you cannot make someone else feel happy, check yourself. You will only lift another person up if you have more strength and so it is with being happy. Please, enough of the third mainland bridge drama already. Nobody is allowed to commit suicide, we are all in this together and must get one another out of it.
About my weird conversation with a stranger……It was so out of place yet it felt right and we could not stop talking. Once one person mentioned how this had to be fate, we could not stop at business. I try to be nice and open in my conversations with people but sometimes i get this Hey-I-am-not-trying-to-be-friends-with-you kind of vibe. I am sure it’s not just me that experiences this? . Based on the context of our conversation i found myself explaining the meaning of my name because just like every thing we discussed about, it puzzled up into the whole conversation perfectly. It was that deep. It could only have been the God kind of arrangement. He shows up in the least expected way and when it happens you will know for sure.
This week just feels special. And yes! I am available if you ever need someone to talk to. See you soon guys
Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time. Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you. 1Peter 5 vs 6-7
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  1. This is quite thought provoking. I think sometimes, depression just creeps up on people and it’s hard to admit that that’s what it is. Having someone who you can talk to and uplifts you can make a world of difference.

    1. Author

      Truly speaking, especially from our part of the world. People don’t know soon enough when they are depressed. It’s not a thing until it has eaten deep and you start to notice suicidal tendencies. If we can learn to trust in God at all times, he will make a way out.
      Thanks Amarachi!

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