Easy ways to give yourself an After Summer Detox.

Many of us work so hard for the Summer glow only to end up indulging in one too many unhealthy activities that leave our body and skin in the worse shape after summer. As we round up on the summer already, here are a few tips to help your skin recover from all the sunburn and bloathedness. Your body needs to be realigned for the fall/harmattan transition about to happen else you will be taken unawares. An After Summer Detox is something to consider. Here is how…

After Summer Detox

Go Alkaline

Its all about balancing and rebalancing the body. In between all the enjoyment, partying and beach days there is a build up of acid that is not good for the body. From the sweet, fatty meals (remember the numerous cheat days), to the sunlight exposure from wearing clothes that show off a little more, its about time to eat away the toxins because in the presence of toxins, the body is prone to becoming acidic in the course of detoxing. Alkaline foods to diet on, juice on and snack on include: banana, lemon and lime, green leafy vegetables, carrot, watermelon, nuts, tumeric and garlic. Surf the net for more alkalizing foods.

After summer Detox

Go natural products

Nature offers you the best remedy to all the body needs. Plants are rich in phytochemicals that help fight against oxidative stress from free radicals introduced to our systems as a result of our daily activities. Natural supplements, skin care products have been made to contain active ingriedients that target these toxic radicals as well as improve the Digestive systems natural makeup hence improving the flushing out of gut bacteria.


Liquids, Liquids and more liquids

Water this will help dilute the acid content in the body and flush all the toxins away. Coconut water is a alternative/addition if available. Early morning tea is a good way to kick start the body’s metabolism after having one too many bottles the night before. Oh! Get that green teabags (2-3), let it steep in hot water in the bathtub for 15 mins, get in, soak yourself for 15mins in the warm bath and detox your entire skin . Steaming with green teas is also good for the facial pores. Hydration is generally great for a well regulated system. NB: Alcohol does mot belong here

jollof rice
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Avoid processed foods

Eat food but eat real food, breakfast lunch and dinner. Snack on Nuts, veggies and fruits. Seek plant based options and eat your way to beautiful skin all year round. Home made juices are instant and preserves all the nutrients and free of chemicals and preservatives of any sort. the aim is to help the body flush out toxins and beef up the immune system so adding new chemicals makes the body work a lot harder and that defeats the purpose. Green leafy vegetables are rich in sulphur and this is an essential element in the steps of detoxification

Eat food but eat real food, breakfast lunch and dinner.Eat food but eat real food, breakfast lunch and dinner. Click To Tweet

Don’t give up on exercise

Your skin can do great with a little more endorphins. Sweat out those toxins and keep the blood circulation at max. If you are a yoga person, thats great exercise too. Exercise is said to be the best form of detox.

After summer DetoxDetox is not about starving yourself but giving your body the right things to make it feel new from inside and out. its more about what goes into your system than what you cut out of your meals.  Its about reducing the acid content in the system, improving the gut system, eliminating acids, improving the detox’s powerhouse (liver) efficiency, toning up muscles, improving blood and lymphatic circulation and allowing the skin to breatheee!
A combination of these ideas or sticking to each will bring results in just less than a week.

The body is a system, follow the principles, give it what it wants and it will work for you! Click To Tweet

Till my next post …stay inspired


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Dear friend, I pray that you enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well – 3 John 1:2

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  1. These tips given are highly appreciated. My skin is currently a mess and I don’t even know what to do, but I know why it is a mess.
    Thank you for reminding me that I need to drink more water!

    Oréoluwa’s blog

    1. Author

      Summer can pull a trick on us. I am happy I spoke to you. Thanks for backing my point.

  2. Thanks for this…. on it already , maybe need to do more… weldone, i always enjoy visiting your blog.xoxo

    1. Author

      I am glad to know this resonated with you. Thanks for the compliment dear and your consistency.

    1. Author

      Hello Sunlight dreamer, I appreciate your contribution. And that for the contribution

  3. I’d definitely tick off on natural products and Liquids! I’m so religious with that. I don’t joke with my black soap and water at all! But emmm…exercise? I’m just naturally fit. Lol. I feel like everyday I spend running all my schedules and activities is enough exercise. Kent be doing anoda jogging on top puhleez.😂 But it’s so important health/wellness. And ofcourse detoxing flushing the body of toxins. 👌🏻

    1. Author

      Yes oo..the exercise part is tricky. But where there is the need one must take it seriously. Wellness is very crucial to productive living. Thanks sis for the feedback

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