No more Panic attacks

I am literally having a mini heart attack for the umpteenth time in the past two weeks. What is all this? How on earth did i use money that i did not see to buy trouble? This is not even bearable anymore!
Is it that people do not know when the eggs they are selling have stayed longer than required? Yet they go ahead to sell it to people like its a raffle draw package! What you see is what you get! At this point i cannot find the nerves to touch any other egg in that crate. I am about to trash half crate of egg because i cannot go through this emotional torture again!
As a child, i used to have a bad encounter with eggs. Not that i don’t like to eat eggs, I was just that child that was always clumsy when it came to handling eggs. If i am around eggs it was 70% bound to fall or crack. This made me hate raw eggs and i would tend to stay away from them. As i grew older i overcame the clumsiness but i still HATE raw eggs till tommorow. Well i am trying to make an exception…story for another day. One thing is certain though, those delicacies with half cooked eggs are definitely not for me. Hard boiled and deep fried eggs any day anytime! I will wash up after cracking eggs i want to fry. I leave no trace of raw behind.
Tell me why i bought these eggs two weeks ago and I have not had peace of mind. I will crack at least three to get an egg with a good consistency of both the white and yolk. Last week wednesday i went to pick an egg as trembling as before or even more, i realized it was stuck to the crate. I tried to pull out with caution and before i could say jack robinson, i heard a LOUD explosion! Within seconds the whole house was smelling horridly. I was in shock, my hands where shaking! I could not find the strength to carry my legs, my heart pounding fast too. What is all this rubbish? And that was how i almost emptied one air freshner out of anger. Let me not even get into details of the blackish fumes that were coming from the egg,…smh. I felt like detaching my hand from my body.
Okay! Fast foward to today, I successfully picked out two eggs, this time i went to the sink to crack it and kept the tap running so that i don’t empty any nonsense inside any of my bowls (because i may be forced to wash with hotwater and scouring powder and iron sponge just to get rid of foul smell). I was about to crack open the first one and my hands were shaking, like seriously! it has gotten to that level! Mind you yesterday i had to throw one egg away now here i am again today.
Instantly i knew something was definitely wrong. I have to just get another set i said to myself, maybe half this time. How much does it cost to throw this set and get another? i decided to crack at the tip of the pointy end. By the time i cracked the third egg, It had a runny consistency, the white poured out just like water, the yolk was not of a single form, and then the foul smell followed. Thank God i was at the sink so the running water immediately washed it away as i discarded it. The other two i thought were good enough already looked like i made an attempt to whisk it. There was not a distinct white and yolk. In that instant i angrily trashed everything. That was how i opted for something else to eat- poundo and my remaining okro soup (call it comfort food).
I have had runny eggs before, and i get that it can be normal sometimes. But the foul smell that followed these indicates that they have been with the seller for too long. Or there must be some background story to explain all of this. I am definitely going back to them, hopefully i won’t be the first to complain. Even if i don’t get a refund or an explanation, at least they will be aware of the danger they may be putting someone else into if they still have that same batch of egg selling.
Thank God I bought the eggs from a place i can easily go to make complaints. That alone will gladden  my heart. By the time of concluding this post, i had just gotten someone to bring me another smaller set. phewwww! Hopefully now i can have peace of mind. Panic attacks be gone already!
Have you ever had such experience? What could be the reason for this? Special shout out to the raw egg drinkers! See you soon lovelies. Thank you for hearing me out 

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  1. Oh, so sorry about that.


    I guess it’s true what they say: one bad egg can spoil the other eggs. There is a possibility that the seller didn’t know she sold any bad egg. I’d like to know how it went with her. Did she replace them or give you back your money? Tell us. 😀

    I’ve had a mini heart attack too – when I thought Google deleted my blog. I wrote about it HERE.

    1. Author

      True….one egg spoils the rest. Sounds like it would have been a better title for this post. 😂 Will definitely be updating you guys on my next post. Now I just had a mini heart attack for you. I will be checking out the post 🙆

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