welcome to first post

First of all …….

Hey there,

I am excited to welcome you to my blog.

I finally took the plunge to make this a reality after days and months and years (maybe two). The truth is, i was overwhelmed by tons of information on the internet about how to make your first blogpost. I found captions like “101 things you need to know about your first post”, “get to know your competitors”…… really? common guys its not that serious. There is also the school of thought that think, “Hey World!” or “Hello there!” tags sound too corny or rather cliche. The good news is, I made it here! yay!!!!

It always feels as if people expect a lot from you when all they want from you is to be your best self. Right? So…..i am just here to have fun and so will you.

I am a female, wife and first year medical student. I am currently nursing my 3rd baby which is the most exciting part of my life right now. This blog was supposed to be my birthday gift to myself but procrastination did not let me. Today, the is gift here, however only 10 days late, which is not bad if you ask me.

Just so you know, amongst other things, i have the intention to sneak in here occasionally,  to rant when the heat gets too much.

 I hope you will always be here…xoxo

Ijeoma Ubaneche

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“Don’t worry about failures, worry about chances you miss when you dont even try”- Jack Canfield

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  1. Ahaaaa…. kudios swithrt…. much anticipated n super excited about this. I shall be here always just because i know its going to be interesting. Weldone!!!

    1. Author

      Hey sweet, i will try my best to make it interesting. Thanks for the encouragement

    1. Author

      Thank you for stopping by Tuke. This means alot to me. I hope to have fun while at it

  2. Awwwwww, I love to see people use their time to do things really productive. You know I envy your strength so I’ll always be here to check what is going on. I love Amebo sha, not the bad type though. Great work Ijay… (was going to call you that name😛😛)

    1. Author

      Hey naughty you! Thanks for the encouragement

  3. Nice write up, hope to learn more sis. Keep it up.

    1. Author

      Thank dear. I appreciate your encouragement. Like, subscribe and share

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