It is the month of love and i am certain you have heard the cliche gist of how everyday should be valentine’s day BUT, my people!  I do not agree. That school of thought holds no water in my opinion. Some extra effort at thoughtfulness will suffice, bearing in mind that it does not have to break the bank while at it.

In the midst of a busy schedule in this current age, mothers are working extra hours to support their homes and make sure our children get the best, i think valentine’s day is a good day to take a breather and perhaps get an early compensation before things get even intense as the year progresses. If she is that hard working single mom, goal setting momprenuer (by the way i love this word), deal broker fashionista, the foodie that desperately wants to loose weight this year (...honestly guys, No pun intended!) or generally that prospective #fitmum, #fitmrs #yummymummy (all these hashtags we see these days)or going on 40 but craving #sweetsixteen body. Even if she’s a 24hours on call stay at home mum who is also a kid at heart, high flying scholar who enjoys the balance or an epicurean that lives for the moments; more than one of these options is certain to appeal to her. These are actually some of my favourite things of late. Oya take it away!…… in no particular order:


A special facial or body treat is winning card any day any time. So Valentines day this week is on Tuesday which is a working day of the week. Mr. Boo can score a number by surprising wifey with a paid for spa appointment. I am just imagining receiving a call from that spa i have always been eyeing but never had the time. It can also be that as an overly rationale mummy she could not find the liver to cough out the money they are charging (this is me by the way).



Now every moment can be captured, kept and treasured for as long as forever.  Time with friends and family will feel more special, she can be fully present, to soak up all the moments. If she takes too many pictures like me, studio photography is not enough if you ask me.


I think that Ankara (African print material) is a good gift for a mum and with the right tailor abi designer she can slay everyday. These prints have evolved, across the globe different styles have been done with it, so you can find a away to wear it for work, to a night out, to meetings and shows. She can make Jumpsuits, play suits, peplums, dresses, pants, maternity the list goes on. I think that with ankara every super mum, despite busy schedule and rational budget can vamp her wardrobe with pieces that allows her to look trendy without looking “Mama-ish”. You can easily dress it up or dress it down, i also like how there is also something to come through for the kids from it. Shout out to my fellow ankara lovers. Check out NekyFabrics on Instagram, i have been drooling over their prints for dayzzzzz…



You will agree with me that lately many women are becoming keen on keeping fit and looking sweet sixteen. It is however a challenge to be disciplined enough to stick to a workout routine because it is easy to get carried away by other activities especially the home related ones. If she is the type that is trying her best and complains of finding time to workout then this a good idea (else you will have some explaining to do….lol). The same kind of excitement that comes with a new dress is the same that comes with a new gym outfit. She is most likely to re-organize her schedule and make out time to rock her new outfit and hopefully kill it at the gym or even at home.


There are just two books I wish to get now. One of them is Smart Money Woman by Arese Ugwu, I like that it teaches about financial intelligence in a Nigerian context and targeted at women. I have read the reviews and excerpts and i think every woman that wants financial freedom will enjoy reading it.

Micah’s Meals Cook Book by Amaka Benson is the second one. At first i was not really feeling it, i thought it was too  much “serenre”, the idea of a cook book for my kids meal was just overboard (in my mind i am like did our mothers use cook book?), but then i realized it has more than the meals but also answers questions that pertain to eating behaviors in children offers guidance to raising healthy kids with a modern twist. Its a cookbook for the whole family really, and it will be fun to have variety of recipes to try. Those that know the excitement of trying out a new meal/recipe know what i am talking about. The book is available in select book store in Lagos, Abuja and Portharcourt, Nigeria. Check more details on their website here. I am looking forward to trying the oxtail curry recipe, those who have the, book have said so much about it. 


Then a book I am currently reading is the The Power of Being a Woman by Michelle Mckinney Hammond. Every page is a hit, back to back; from the title alone most, women if not all, will be interested in reading this book already. Someone i secretly admire her strength and drive talked about the book, so when i stumbled upon the book late last year i bought it with the last money in my bag that day. The only Big book i have bought with my money (i don’t like big books. This one is just 331 pages ooh…lol) and i am proud of myself.  Who else has read this book? I am sure you can relate.

If she is expecting or trying to conceive then another book to consider getting is Supernatural Childbirth by Jackie Mize. I read it during my last pregnancy and i recommend it. It made me see pregnancy and childbirth differently. I wished i had read it before the time i did.


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A good hand bag to help her stay organized. There is little or no amount of messiness a sturdy and well compartmentalized bag bag won’t fix. All this people on instagram will be making somebody rethink their new year Incase you want to surprise someone you can check out more here 









Get more ideas from where i got this picture here. Too many fancy things to make some one smile.

Mummies you can also gift yourself if nobody around you is “shaking body ooo”. You deserve the best nonetheless, pamper your lovely self to something nice. Happy mums raise happy kids. Do you like my collection? What other ideas do you have?

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ps- this is not an ad, there are just a few things that have caught my fancy lately

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      Yes ooo. Not everytime human hair and things…lol. I am glad you enjoyed it.

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