Happy Birthday to me! Things i cannot afford right now

God has been faithful. Adding another year means alot, but am i the only one who never gets in the tune of the moment till the day after the birthday? Anyways I still look forward to when i can throw a lavish party and invite y’all.

I cannot afford that now but nevertheless I am grateful for the ones i can afford….like the birthday present i gave myself (I will tell you at the end, keep reading).

In this post i am sharing with you some of the other things i cannot afford, just because. If you have already realized you can’t afford these too, I feel you….i will like to hear your thought on these in the comment section below.

1.Unnecessary extra curricular engagements

There are places/engagements i now deliberately avoided. I can’t be crying that there is no time, when i have the liberty to use the time spent at those engagements to complete productive tasks -even a quick nap in that will improve my productivity level. I can’t afford to be less busy, but i rather binge on TV than honour certain engagements.

2.Another baby

Okay this is a bit out of place but i feel like putting it here. I can actually literally afford another baby if i were to have another now, but Being a mom is not easy – as cliche as it can be, it is the truth. Lately my hands have been so full with responsibilities that center around parenting and i just cant imagine adding another. Imagine rocking a baby to sleep for the past one hour after he suddenly woke up 2hrs into his sleep. Why he’s crying, i have no idea

3. Unfriendly friends/Wrong company

Unfriendly friends are time wasters. I have come to realize that the best friendships happen after you have understood where you are going in life. It is then you realize that you don’t need everyone , you just need those heading your way and those who have gone ahead of you. It is then you realize how far ahead you should have been if you where in the right company. The earlier you get this understanding the better. Right now, i don’t need people who will look me in the face and lie just because they wanna say the things they think will please me , Disrespect me, Use me or put me down. Brethren/Sistren you don’t need everybody.

4. Explaining myself to everyone

You cannot forge ahead if you have to stop every time to explain your mission to everyone. Those who matter, will understand. Not everyone understands the concept of passion and goals so they will never understand a thing you say or do. I want to grow to a point where speaking my mind is easy and truth is i will not get there if i have to be explaining myself all the time to everyone. Just keep busy and stay focused, in time they will understand. Let the results do the talking.


If i fail, it will be my fault, and if i succeed in life it will be my effort solely. So with a resolute passion, the idea is to work on my faults daily, set new small goals and get them, repeat the things that produce results daily, avoid the mistakes of yesterday and embrace failure as part of the process. Success comes to those who are not just prepared but also those who won’t give up. I’d find a way to take action rather than make excuses. Start everyday with the end in mind. If you want it to end well, then you start well.

6. To Be Ungrateful

If only my eyes were to be opened to the evils that has been averted by the Mercy of GOD. If only! It is only people who have life that can dream and have goals, take action, make mistakes, have achievements e.t.c. Have you ever imagined what happens to all the dreams the most focused hardworking people had before being meet by untimely death? The challenges of life should not stop us from appreciating the most important gift – LIFE! As always, Once there is life there is hope!

Shout out to everyone reading this. Till my next post!

Oops! I almost forgot – THE GIFT

Meditate on this: And Elisha Prayed and said, Lord, I pray thee, open his eyes, that he may see. And the Lord opened the eyes of the young man; and he saw: and behold, the mountain was full of horses and chariots of fire round about Elisha – 2Kings 6:17

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  1. Great post! Lovely list and the importance of being grateful to God cannot be over emphasized. Happy belated birthday! God bless you.

  2. Ha! I like the concept of this blog post. I think for me, I can’t afford to second guess myself/ not have full confidence in my talents.

    1. Author

      Thank you! I agree with you on that. Confidence is key to be self sufficient.

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