HAPPY NEW YEAR || 2016 upclose and personal

Whats up guys! Happy New Year!

I have actually been waiting for 2017 since July last year…yea… july “last year”. Okay ..for a moment that sounded like it was not correct. I paused to make sure i was saying the right thing. I really cant wait to see what this year holds for us, as individuals and as a nation. I am really looking forward to a #betternaija.

So yes! Last year was the most exciting and also most challenging year of my life but i came out stronger than in the beginning. I went into 2016 more worried than excited but some how the believer in me tried to be hopeful. I wanted to make new friends, strengthen my relationship with God and people. I wanted to be more expressive, reach out and inspire more. I wanted to be more impulsive/spontanous ..like getting certain things done once the thought comes to mind.

Well to recap, for the most part of the 1st quarter i was just being an MPH student, writing papers, following rubrics, sticking to word counts and submission deadlines. By the 2nd and 3rd quarter it was less rubrics, multiple deadlines and more word counts. Along the line, I went with the option of online study for my summer classes and I enjoyed the privilege of being more in tune with my family while still taking my classes. ¬†In the last quarter i went from rocking a baby bump at my white coat ceremony to doubling as a third-time mum and a term 1 med school survivor. Wow!…… to God be the Glory. My son ended up with a name that means “the glory of God” – my grand prize of the year. I will save the details of the hurdles in between all of these for another time. But here are a few things that helped my hustle.

Apart from taking online classes and my white coat ceremony, there where a few more first time events.

For the first time I had a baby shower, it was a surprise gift from my friends. I think that was the best surprise i ever received.

I threaded my eyebrows for the first time and i loved the results but not the process though. I intend to stick to threading anyways!

I finally started my blog too. I have started adding “blogger” title to some of my profiles. hehe..

If i had a score sheet to rate myself i will say a 9/10 overall. ūüôā I am taking off points for all the times i wasn’t spontaneous when i should have been, the times i started a book and never finished it plus the extra hours i spent on social media instead of my spiritual life…haha

Conclusively, i can say that i reached a milestone in terms of my social life and i will likely improve this year. I want to draw closer to God this year. I don’t even think i will ever get to the point where i will say i am satisfied when it comes to my relationship with God. I find that i keep wanting more. I also hope that this blog will be instrumental in helping me reach out even more,explore more and be more ¬†expressive.

This year i just want to be more and do more… don’t get me wrong oh! I am not in anyway saying that i want to be super woman…far from it. I just want to stretch myself a bit and see how much more there is inside of me to benefit myself and the world at large.

Are you in support of a better naija like me please head here or go straight away to sign the #makenaijastronger petition before it is too late.

How was your 2016? what would you score yourself? what are your expectations for 2017?


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