How are we Not Tired of Genevieve Nnaji? Shaku Shaku Moves with PhD.

My Nigerian Brothers and sisters, neighbours and in laws! Get in here! If you don’t know how to dance shaku shaku dance yet, its the more reason why you should get in here. Lets talk about this particular shaku shaku dance. I used to think that my inability to dance shaku shaku was not a big deal until Genevieve decided to break the internet in her usual subtle way, with common shaku shaku dance moves.

Genevieve Shaku Shaku


Click the image to Check out her moves

Like how can somebody be so Unique?


How can somebody be so Special?

Which one best describes her please?

This video has over 600 thousand views and over 22 thousand comments – all nigerian celebrities paid homage sha

Let us refresh our memories,

Genevieve Nnaji Started out her acting career at age 9. She became a single mum at the age of 17, two years later launched her Nollywood career with the movie “Most wanted” and ever since its been over 50 hit movies, one endorsement deal after another, one award after another. She still bagged a degree in creative arts from University of Lagos (or didn’t she? but does it matter anymore?) and She has gone on to have a blissful career after what would have seemed like the end of the future for her.

Genevieve Nnaji Shaku Shaku

She went as far as getting featured on the Oprah Winfrey show in 2009 in an episode titled “Meet the Most Famous People In the World” along side the likes of Ashwariya Rai. Genevieve afterwards was featured on CNN too. Her clothing line launched in 2008 and later relaunched it in 2014. She has also been honored by the the Federal Government with Member of the Order of Federal republic of Nigeria and by her Hometown- Mbaise; a chieftancy title.

Genevieve Nnaji Shaku Shaku

Some lessons to be learnt from Ms. Nnaji’s journey;
  • I am very certain she has great role models and an awesome support system and a strong sense of self belief.
  • “What might seem like a dirty slate, provides the best background to project your beautiful life upon”.
  • What ever seems like an ugly start can have a favorable ending, if you use your Disadvantage to your Advantage.
  • See Don’t rule out anyone just yet, Infact not now, not ever.

Oh! I remember her music career attempt that didn’t go down well with many of us, yet she did not get backlash like some people got. She has definitely had her fair share of bad press coverage but She is so mature in dealing with issues of her life that you cannot afford to love her less.

What might seem like a dirty slate, provides the best background to project your beautiful life upon Click To Tweet

Genevieve Nnaji Shaku Shaku

If you ask me I would say, she has seen the Good, Bad and the Ugly. Yet she manages to still hold her own. She has managed to win the hearts of many, even those who can’t help the fact that they can’t help but love her. Just when you think she has given you enough reasons to love her, she shows you another side. Its been over a decade now and we can’t get enough of her already. Everything she wears looks like its worth a billion dollar. She resurfaces with a new feather to her cap and then we start to fall in love all over again. She should start her own reality show already. Do you even think she will?

Genevieve Shaku ShakuIs she unique or special or both? Why does it feel like she has no competition whatsoever? Was she so gifted or she worked on herself to get to where she is today? The way other celebrities trooped to her page to drop comments and hail her for this Shaku Shaku dance video, even the ones that you’d have thought would have a better life than her going by their beautiful beginnings. She has become an actress every other actress whether young, old or new in the industry, looks up to. Men adore her, women want to be like her despite not measuring up to demands of the “ideal good girl” by society standards.

Genevieve Nnaji Shaku Shaku

Are you a Genevieve Nnaji fan? What do you love the most about her? Are you indifferent about Queen Genny? Do you think she is overhyped? Why do you think she is overhyped? Do you have better shaku shaku skills than she does? 

Ok bye, lemme go and learn dance small and come back, drop your comments and share the post with your friends to come and contribute to this discussion.


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  1. Overhyped ke? I would hype her any day anytime. I love her simplicity, her dedication and consistency. Her enrgy is so contagious and I love how she try not to put herself in our faces despite her success.

    She’s someone I would choose as a model. and that her shaku shaku, oh dear,I must learn that dance by force.

    • You are sooo right! She tries not to be in all of our faces so it’s like we can never get enough of her. It’s unfortunate how, now everyone feels the need to be out there to prove a point!

      I am already making progress on my shaku shaku dance ooo😂😂👣

  2. I’ve always loved Genevieve. Very down to earth and simple. I love her simplicity the most. It shows in everything she does. Thanks for sharing!

    • Hey Zinny! She is one celebrity that truly embodies the truth in the saying ‘Less is More”. I am not surprised you love her because i see your simplicity too..