How to turn your worry to worship – A post with 15(+1) songs

It’s the second quarter of 2017. I made it and you and you and you too.  I am so excited for the days to come. What about you? He’s able to do for you what no man can do. If you think you can do life all by yourself, you must have a rethink. Turn your worry to worship today. I testify of God’s goodness towards me. Who is like him? Onye di ka gi? My Onise Iyanu!


Turn you worry into worship

What can i do if it were not for you? Lord help me to always acknowledge you in all i do. Your grace has brought me this far, i know for sure that I won’t go back to where you have brought me from. My Lord,  You are good and i bless your name because my worst days are over. You made a way for me out of the deep and now i have a new life. For your glory, Oh Lord will i live everyday of my life. I have no choice.
Many times you face challenges and you feel like God has forgotten you. He has not. The times and seasons are controlled by him. Remember, He’s intentional and has allowed you to go through what ever it is so that you will grow. One day you will look back and realize it was necessary. When he is done with your life you will be transformed.

The world will make you loose sight of your vision if you are weak. Everyday call on him to renew your strength, let him be your Cornerstone. When words fail you, just say Fill me up Lord. It is only by his mercies we get by everyday. When the night time comes, rest easy because the Waymaker is still on duty. The God of all seasons, he never sleeps nor slumbers. Think of that moment when something unexpected happened and your heart smiled. Still in that instant, it didn’t take you seconds to realize it only could have been the hand God. Now just hang in there, once more If he did it before, he will do it again.
These were songs from my playlist
Cornerstone – Hillsong
He’s Able – Deitrick Haddon
You made a way – Travis Greene
He’s Intentional – Travis Greene
If he did it before – Tye Tribbett
You are good  – Tye Tribbett
What can I do – Tye  Tribbett
I won’t go back – Williams McDowell
I made it – Fantasia ft Tye Tribett
It was necessary – Fantasia
Waymaker – Sinach
Onise Iyanu – Nathaniel Bassey
Onye – Evans Ogboi
Fill me up – Tasha Cobbs
For your Glory – Tasha Cobbs
I testify – Ada
I hope you find this helpful. Happy new month fam!

Which of these songs are on your playlist? Can you drop some of your other favourite songs in the comment section? Okay…See you soon .

God can do more for you in a minute than you can do for yourself in a lifetime – Joyce Meyer
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  1. I think I know only 4 of the song you mentioned. Lately, I’ve been listening to Jesus Culture’s Awakening & Consumed album. Very hard to pick a favorite.. All the songs just have a way of lifting your spirits..

    Thank God for a new month!

    1. Author

      Yea. I love Jesus Culture too…Thanks for stopping bye

  2. It’s like you were writing what’s been on my mind. So grateful for this post. No matter how hard things get, I always remind myself that he’s intentional. And I wake up and make it through another day. P.S, your playlist is pretty much 90% of the songs I’m currently listening to!! So cool 😊

    1. Author

      We must be in the spirit girl. When i remember he’s always on duty i just drop my worries. Cool to know that we are in sync..*smiles*

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