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The ultimate essence of our existence is our life’s purpose. Everyday we are on a journey to realizing who we truly are and how to live out our fullest potential. It will be difficult to live maximally if one day we are ten steps ahead only to go back twenty five steps the next. Its all about steady growth. You eventually leave a life of lack and embrace a life of impact. These 4 habits will help you live a life of impact

Stop Complaining

You need to stop it. Everything cannot possibly bad in the whole 24 hours of your day. At least you woke up today. You are even reading this now because you can (and you have the data)· If you have a challenge instead of complaining, hand to God in prayer. These days people complain like its a measure of strength. When someone tells us about their problem, we are so quick to announce our own problem in an exaggerated way. We are trying to tell them that you have more serious issues. We have not solved anybody’s problem by piling complains on each other. Never personalize the problem. The situation is only temporary so instead of dwelling on it focus on the big picture you have for your life. This brings me to my next point

Live a life of impact, get a new perspectiveGet A New Perspective

Whatever you are complaining about has happened, complaining won’t change it. Accept the reality, get a new perspective and move on to finding happiness. Allow what you don’t see to control what you see. Exercise your faith and see things through God’s eyes

Try to change the perspective always. People will not understand why you are happy when you should be sad. They will say you are pretending. But the truth is you will find true happiness by accepting your reality. Your life will encourage believers and witness to unbelievers. What more impact can you be making now? You are as happy as you choose to be. The people who have made the most impact in life are not the most privileged and they also faced the most opposition. They simply had to navigate their way above their circumstances. Even when things are falling into place for you, make sure to occasionally re evaluate. There is always something you can do better because our knowledge can never really be complete. My next point will probably help with this….

LIVE A LIFE OF IMPACT, Connect with peopleConnect with people

Human beings are the most valuable resource on earth. If you have been thinking of moving out of where you are, maybe you should. You are not moving because things are bad where you are but because there is somebody some where waiting for your idea to complete there own puzzle. It could also be that there is somebody somewhere, that your hard work must meet with his resources to produce the right results. They can be so close but you have been looking beyond and looking down on them. Great things have been born from ideas and collaborations. Every purpose has it’s people.
You cannot be open to new relationships if you don’t have love. If you love yourself enough you will be willing to invest in mutually beneficial relationships. This will come in all sorts, it doesn’t necessarily have to be with people of same class or profession (For example:  mentor-mentee relationships)  . Someone somewhere needs you to bring the difference so don’t be afraid to get yourself out there. Deal with the shyness, don’t be reluctant no more about networking events. The world is gradually moving from technology marketing to people marketing when it comes to getting information out there. This is an example my friend made yesterday in a discussion.. If you see someone or something talked about on TV and I come to you telling you me experience personal with them, who are you more likely to believe?

Be a Giver 

There is always something that you can give. It doesn’t always have to be money. Giving is the world’s miracle of abundance. Somebody gave knowledge and time for the essence of innovation.  You don’t have to be a certain person to be in a good position to give. You can give a honest advice or even give free hugs. Give people value for their investment too, be it a product or a service you offer.  I once learnt that there are 3 types of givers – Those who give from their neediness, those who give from the little they have and others from their abundance.  At some point in life you will fall in one of this category. In whatever phase of life you find yourself always ask what can I give?. Like they say, everything in life happens for a reason. The time to give and a time to receive. That is how the world is wired to work for everyone.  Living a life of purpose is simply about choosing to have everyday count for making an impact. This is the time, look inside you and see a need you can meet from the little you give. That little can be multiplied and will be surprised how much will come from it. Remember what happened to the little boy who gave his five loaves of bread and two fishes. Never feel like you are not qualified to give based on the magnitude of the need. Just like Queen Esther asked- “Who knows if you are created for such a time as this?” Do your bit and watch God multiply it and In due time you will be rewarded if you faint not.

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    1. Author

      You are welcome Zinny! I trust you are having a great week

  1. These pointers are way to go! Too much complaints seem ungrateful to me. Yes to changing perspective if it no longer serves your purpose and yes again to giving. It’s a blessing to give.
    I enjoyed this post Ij. 👍

    1. Author

      Thanks Jess for such lovely conntributions. They mean a lot to me coming from you

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this, the message within really spoke to me. 🙂

    Alas, life isn’t as hard as we make it, though it feels super hard sometimes. I’m learning to direct my complaints to God in prayer, at least that way I’m certain of getting help. Lol

    Yes, connecting with the right people makes a difference too, particularly those who inspire us positively.

    1. Author

      Oh yea. I have since learned to leave all my burdens with the Lord and rejoice knowing that the fight is his and he always wins!
      The right people can change things from 0-100 in split seconds!
      I am happy you enjoyed reading this

  3. When you complain you don’t even have the chance to be appreciative and greatful for the good around you
    Complaints is a thief of happiness and yes to meeting and interacting with people regardless of class and status.
    Thank you for sharing this few tips

    1. Author

      Oh yea! You never know where help will come from. You are most welcome

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