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In a Nutshell – Let Go and Let God

I Started out the week with major excitement and i still am. However i thought i would have left the island this week but God had other plans. I get to add an extra week, but I’m taking it in good fate. There are definitely those moments in life when we loose control of things and then once again i am reminded that i can’t afford to have all my moves work out as calculated.

Despite making plans, we must learn to let go and let God. There are those times that will also require us to be spontaneous. Now this is where frustration sets in as people become agitated because things are not working according to their plans. We must be ready to adopt a free spirited approach to the things of life if you must be happy always. I cannot come and kill mysef!

Other times, we are totally responsible for our mischief because we don’t do the needful. We choose to die in silence intentionally or unintentionally. We fail to move towards the solution staring us in  the face. And no, i am not talking about the domestic abuse issues flying around everywhere lately – even though it still applies. This is about something that happened to me within the week.

On several occasions i have had to walk long distances to and from my bus stop, sometimes with my baby strapped to me in a carrier, with some grocery sometimes too. There were days when i found myself thinking that people were not being nice, when they drove/walked past without offering to help. So sometime this week, a similar situation was going to play out, and i remember consciously praying in the store “God you have to send me help because i can’t afford to do this today”.

As i stepped out the store, i saw a school acquaintance, even though we had briefly exchanged pleasantries inside the store, i walked up to ask if she was waiting for the same bus as me and she said no. So as i walked away, there was another young man with her who i did not now, and he asked “is anything the problem?, are you okay?”……Long story short, they happened to be going my way..

Well not entirely..

But I got to ride with them to a stop close to my house. It meant i still had some walking to do but i was happy for the relief i got from them. As i walked to my house, i heard a vehicle come from behind and as it drove past me i smiled to say hi – which i don’t usually do, but hey, you never know. Well guess who was in the car? My land lady! Even though i was already close to the house, i was happy to get a ride to my door. The miracle had to be complete..right? 

So now…What if,

I never communicated my desire to God?

I avoided saying hi to that lady in the store?

I never bothered talking when i saw her outside, i mean we already exchanged pleasantries inside?

I declined the offer since they were not exactly going to my house?

The young man never asked the question?

I probably would have gone through the usual stress when all i needed to do was the simplest thing. Prayer was not going to be enough if i decided to abhor the place of simple etiquettes – be nice to everyone you meet and everywhere you go. I also had to accept the initial offer no matter how small, and watch everything else in the plan unfold.

On the other hand, If the young man never bothered i would have walked away without getting any help and obviously won’t be sharing anything like this with you. This is what happens when we don’t concern ourself with other peoples’ needs. Sometimes you have to ask that question, show that you care, that way you are positioning yourself to be used for God’s purpose – for the building of faith of others and furtherance of his Kingdom.

Speaking of Landladies, I was ejected from my apartment before i even moved into it on December 31st. It was a major challenge at the beginning of this year (so i thought). I had to find a new place under short notice and that was how i moved to my current apartment. To say that it has been pure bliss with her is to say the least. I cannot count how many times i have said “Oh! God now i know why you allowed that ejection to happen”.

We are living by faith and not by sight and if you understand that you will know that

In a Nut Shell,

Pray about everything and anything. It changes things.

Quitting interrupts God’s original plan for your life, hence with every pain there is a message.

Reach out to people always because humans are the only channels for the breakthrough God promised.

See your circumstances through the eyes of God then you will embrace the endless possibilities ahead.

Thanksgiving is a way of life of winners. They give thanks today for tomorrows’ victory.

Have a great week ahead friends,


P.S : baby’s tooth finally came through this week and he’s already trying to stand on his own. Those who read this post will understand

Come to me, All you who are weary and burdened, and i will give you rest –  Matthew 11:28

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  1. With every pain, there is a message!! Oh man, that’s deep! God leads thru circumstances truly and sometimes in awkward ways. And really, we should be nice to people cos u neva know. Thanks for sharing this interesting piece Ij. Wehdone!

  2. I learnt a lot about communication with God and totally trusting him from this post. Thanks you for this.

    1. Author

      I am glad i could share my lessons with you. You are most welcome!

  3. Prayer shifts things. More and more I’m realising that every day! This “See your circumstances through the eyes of God then you will embrace the endless possibilities ahead” is my quote for the week. I may just requote you in conversation with my friends 😂

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