In a Nutshell || Recapping the last 6months cont’d

There is a quote that says “if you want God to open doors you best take your hands off the knob”. This is simply what is entails to let go and let God

As time went by early in the year I figured that all my disappointments were part of the real plan –  God’s plan. What I saw as a setback turned out to be a necessity. I had to let go of my expectations and live in the reality. Realizing that you have done your best and accepting the things you can’t change is actually part of the progress plan. Progress is relative, So is success too.

On Progress – If the people around you are making progress with their life and it seems you are not, don’t be hard on yourself. It is not because you are a failure,  its just the timing. Simply because they are your classmates or agemates does not mean they are your vision mates or dream mates. It took a special grace for me to understand this.


Unlike me I had started to plan the year in December 2016 but I had to scrap that… ….well not entirely. One thing was obvious though – that the music had changed and so must my dance step. It was obvious that things had moved on and it was up to me to remain where i was or get on board. The world cannot pause for one second for anyone to catch up, so it will be in your interest to keep up with life rather than make excuses for why you did not make yours count. I had no choice.

life of impact, get a new perspective

On Finding peace – I gained a new perspective. In those times all I would do is try to understand  the good about the situation instead of cry over spilled milk. And each time, I found something – a reason, to calm my fears and I was reassured that God is still at work. I found peace and everything started to make sense again.

When it looks like trouble is bursting out through the seams of your life, there is only one way to get it together. It is something that looks very silly to do but it works…seriously. Just rejoice in the Lord for everything. Here’s why- he is still God, the master planner, faithful and just, his promises are never changing, he has the power to keep your head up above troubled water and his joy is your strength. I found strength to get on with the rest of the year.

received_10205540882586864-01On Money – I had always wanted to do a student tutoring job in school but the way some of my naija folks kept asking me of when I will develop the tushed “phooneh” accent, I knew that my my students who were most likely going to be oyibo people will have a hard time understanding me. Since i would be having more time to myself, i decided to give the tutoring job a try. They did not give jobs to students on a leave of absence but God so kind, i got the job. Despite still feeling incapable to deliver, i went through the first day and it got better each time around till i was done.

If we base happiness on money then we will never be truly happy. If money will make our lives perfect then there will be no need to be more.

The pay was nothing to write home about but i was happy and fulfilled. Did i wish it paid more? YES! But everything is not about the money. If we base happiness on money then we will never be truly happy. If money will make our lives perfect then there will be no need to be more. Purpose is about being more as opposed to wanting more. There are lots of things one could do in this world to make too much money within a short while but in the end we are so poor that all we have is money. No true friendships, no life changing stories, unlovable personalities and no passions to pursue.


On Happiness – I learnt not to base my happiness on things i could easily lose but on things i could give myself for. My kids were alive and active, their little smiles touched my core. My family seemed more adorable than i ever imagined. Thoughtful friends and loved ones to encourage and share a good laugh with, favors from strangers and to strangers who became a source of strength, made me smile. This is how we stay sane in a crazy world.

Blogging started to make sense again. I kept stumbling on inspiring stories of other people and it became clearer and clearer what I was supposed to be doing with this space. I wanted people to be happy with their lives regardless.

To be continued…

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  1. Let me first smile 😊. Rejoice, again I say Rejoice…The bible gave us the remedy for every challenge we will face on this earth, and even though it seems so simple, it’s a process to actually rejoice. Something I’ve been trying to do more of. That’s one of the reasons why I really enjoyed the hallelujah challenge cause there is just that peace, when you give God praise despite anything. Now working out that lifestyle of praise to remain in the spirit of Rejoicing 😊. We await the next Nutshell🙈

    1. Author

      Indeed….and His Peace passes Understanding… Next one loading.LOL

    1. Author

      Oh dear, thanks for the nomination. Keep bringing the love my way.

  2. I loved reading this, especially because I can relate! Living life I think requires a daily dependence on God. I have since learned that yesterday’s grace may not be sufficient for today. I guess this is why HE gives a fresh helping every day! Thank you for reminding us that we also need to be nimble, so that as things change around us, we can quickly keep up and not stick to old plans and be left behind!

    1. Author

      Thank you for such heartwarming comment. Truly God knows and he never promised that life will be without challenges but surely he promised to make it easy on us. ❤

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