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In a Nutshell|| Recapping the last 6months

Hello guys…

I am trusting that all is well with you my readers. Things have been really slow here and I apologize for that. I am not sure I can particularly explain how but hopefully by the end of this post you get my point in a Nutshell.

Image_1453689849523-01First of all i do apologize for not keeping up with my In a Nutshell posts. Seriously since returning to Nigeria  it’s like I wake up in the morning, it’s Tuesday and the next day it’s Friday and I am like “Did a week just go by?” I am going to stop pushing things over and being deliberate about putting up posts.

Just like that July is here and I have been able to publish 54 posts before this blog hit the 6months mark and i am particularly proud of myself because I actually hate writing.  In the last few days of the 6 months mark i noticed growth in my followers and inspite of my inconsistency lately all of this means growth to me. I want to say a big thank you to all my newest followers.

Before starting my own blog, I only knew and visited a few blogs,, and and my inspiration to own a blog someday came from watching them grow. (I am sure some of you can already figure where I got inspiration for my name logo). Different personalities but there were different bits of them that I totally could relate with. Medicine, Youthfulness, Motherhood and Fashion. Fast forward to when I got into medical school I knew that I was due for my own blog but it took me a year to encounter the right push to make the needed move. It was not until I started that i figured that there was this large blogging community and sometimes it gets overwhelming.


It was supposed to be a place where I would share pictures since I take too many, talk about my medical school experience and share tips on surviving as an international student, a bit of personal stuff and lots of motivational talk. Being a very private person this meant leaving my comfort zone and putting myself out there with the hope of inspiring more people and meeting with more likeminded people than my close circle. In retrospect I think I have had to loosen up  more than I anticipated and i may have to some more and in doing so I have enjoyed doing the Liebster Award, Blue sky tag, Blogger Recognition Award, and most recently Versatile  and Mystery Blogger Award posts.


When I had to take a leave of absence which I mentioned in one of my posts in January, I was devastated. My personal plans for 2017 were obviously going to have to change and that was going to affect the original plan for the blog too. I have therefore had to do more motivational posts which were mostly #notestoself and only a few health posts. Along the line  I have had more disappointments and each time the devil tried to feed me lies by always reminding and trying to bring me face to face with my fears but instead I have grown stronger in my faith, i see the lessons in my mistakes and have learnt to let go and let God.


To be continued guys,..

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