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Last weekend Nigeria’s Richest man, Aliko Dangote gave out his daughter’s hand in marriage and the internet was buzzing as they had Bill Gates, principal founder of the Microsft Corporation in attendance amongst other dignitaries. The lessons from this wedding as outlined by Controversial on air-personality, Daddy Freeze are so apt. For many of us who questioned our future fortune with respect to our current reality, the good news is “its never too late to be who might have been”.

The difference between those we call the rich and the poor is the number of opportunities they went /sought after. A new meaning i found for the word POOR is Passing Over Opportunity Repeatedly. Opportunities are everywhere, they are the windows to the beautiful transformation. After having this draft for some time now and not knowing what to do with it, This seemed like a perfect time to share.

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This is a #notetomyself as well as many others out there to know that its never too late to:-

Work on your Network

A simple idea plus the Right people equals Great inventions. Build your network, connect with new friends. Strike ups conversation with a stranger if you are drawn to them. Strangers are friends you haven’t just met yet, and friends become business partners. When there is an event in your town that interests you make sure to be there, simply because you have something in common with the people who would be in attendance. Opportunities are with people not on trees, whilst you are working on yourself, reach out to people. In your interactions, prove yourself by giving them value for their time. This will go a long way to getting you to where you want to be.

Also note that, Your network is your fibre of connection to the world. They must be stronger, wiser,better than you. That way it’s easier to get their combined efforts pulling you up. Reversely, if are better than them all it’s easier for their combined efforts to pull you down.

Move away from the Norm  

Normalcy is out of style. Innovate or you die. To get something you never had , you have to do something you never did. Some of the things you consider normal are the same things we have done for many years but have produced no remarkable results. Take a careful look around you and you will see that things have changed from what they used to be. Be bold, because what you thought was regular has been relegated to the background. New unconventional ways of doing things are taking centre stage and producing results. Statistics show that those who accept disruption are more successful. Nothing is abnormal anymore, wait till you start and watch people follow you on it. Think disruptive ideas to promote your startup business, to adapt to the challenges of your successful organization and do something unique to give you the edge over your competitors.

Never too late to
Remove the boundaries 

Mental boundaries are as a result of limiting self belief. If we are guarded by our mental boundaries, there will always be an excuse for not doing the things we are meant to do. Sometimes these boundaries were created by people, their assessment of your worth determines what you can do or cannot do. One way to eliminate these boundaries is to stop living your life on the validation of others. Don’t let people tell you what you can do or cannot do.

Be willing to try out every thing that interests you and go at it with a go getter mind set. You don’t know which will give you the big break you are looking for. The best way to figure out where you are going is by going beyond all the road blocks. The only way to play big is playing on world stage, not in your living room. Think global while acting local.

Think Simple  

Nothing is ever great, that Is complicated. Everything you knew how to do 5 years ago is even simpler now. From today, begin to think of how you can make things simpler for the next generation, therein lies value. Everyone enjoys the easy life, I do and so do you. Look around you for those problems and challenges you can proffer simple solutions to. Do you see anything thats great but could do with a little tweaks here and there, to make it more valuable? Simplify it and add value to it.

Be Patient

Be patient as you hope for what you do not yet have. You can not be in a hurry because that will cut short the process. If you see an opportunity and it seems like the big break you expected is taking time, just enjoy the progress as you put in daily efforts. Many smart people start out on a great idea and expect everything to click instantly. In this age of instant clicks, tweets, retweets its easy to forget that great things take time. There is no instant success, just know what you want and work at it everyday and keep getting better.

While some people may know their specific calling, others are still trying to find it. Patience will build you up and develop you for where you are going, in those “darkroom” moments of your life. Don’t ever feel its unfair to wait. You will not be late, it will just be your appointed time. Build resilience through fellowship with the Lord and learning about his promises for you. At the appointed time, his glory will be revealed through you.

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Till i come again, Stay positive

Love from Ije♥

Allow perseverance to finish its work, so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything. – James 1 vs 4

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  1. This is such a great read! Every point buttressed is so 👌🏼. Networking is something I have only started doing more recently bcos the truth is, everyone needs each other. Networking helps build your confidence, you could also learn from others, expand your sphere of influence, gain referrals or offers of partnership, a whole lot!

    Patience and time we definitely need in life. True success isn’t instantaneous. And ofcourse we have to get over that mental slavery mentality. You can go as far as mind can see & accept. I can go on and on but really, I enjoyed reading this. Good job!

    1. Author

      Thanks for the extra points you added. Networking is key! I recently read also that based on proven analysis, the fact is you are at most, 5 degrees of seperation away from the person you most want to connect with. Meaning if you want to meet Dangote this year, you simply need to meet someone who knows someone, who knows, his drivers wife, who will connect you to the driver, through whom you will meet him…funny right! lol
      But one has to be patient for all the dots to connect in due time.

  2. This is very good advice, and basic principles that many of us have forgotten. If I had to choose, my fave two pieces of advice are ‘be patient’ and ‘work on your network’. They say your network is your networth. Thanks for sharing this and more grease to your elbows!


    1. Author

      Oh yes! Your network determines your networth. I have had to say that to a lot of people lately. No one can really do life in isolation. Thanks Madeline for the lovely contributions you make here..Happy holidays

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