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Monday Motivation || IT’S ALL IN YOUR MIND.

How can you possibly explain the rush of strength and confidence we exuded as children  but grow up to become limited and enslaved by fear?. Fear of the unknown,  of failure, not even just the things you see but even those you cannot see – those that exist only in your mind.

As a child I did things I am actually scared of now,  that i can’t even think of encouraging any child to do – Oh! I had a few injuries but I have no regrets. The ajebos may not understand shaa…

Lately, my 10months old son has been endlessly and fearlessly trying to walk by himself and after several falls that follow every attempt, the next attempt is made with even more zeal and excitement – the same kind I had those days. In my head, I imagine that he knows about the possibility of another epic fall but he seems clearly excited to be making attempts than scared of making them.

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As little kids we have big dreams and claim bold ambitions not minding how we will get them. We are totally convinced and cannot wait to grow up to manifest not minding our social class, gender,  color or background. Our mind just tells us that we will get there and we believe and do not see the need to shrink ourselves.

We get older, and life happens. Our consiousness of our circumstances begin to make us feel the need to shrink ourselves and cut down on our big plans. Ultimately we find ourselves at the mercy of our bargaining power. We bargain our choices and chances in life and settle for less. We freaking settle!. Why? Because It’s all in your mind.

Our level of conciousness, which may seem to be of advantage, unfortunately make us second guess everything. We become too guarded many times that we end up lost or stuck. Very often we look back with regret and comfort ourselves by calling it fate! Hmmmm…..

It’s only in our mind that we stay limited. The travails of the world and our interest in the lives of others corrupt our minds. The knowlege of our Insecurities outweigh the knowledge of our strength. Our thoughts shift and we pay attention to the limitations and the challenges, which are rather only natural, and then we fail to get by. We miss out on the adventure, and don’t catch the fun. We become limited because of what we see in our minds.


Work your mind out of those things that have corrupted it- addictions, people approval, bad company, laziness, past failures, financial limitations etc .

Set your mind free by changing the focus then your thought patterns follow. Focus on believing in you and your God given potential then your thought patterns will get you to heights you thought impossible. Look at your strengths and work at getting stronger. Remember, it’s all in your mind!.

Set your mind free by charging it with a prerequisite dose of inspiration. Develop your self, and gain the confidence to say “I can” rather than “I will”. Make positive affirmations, surround yourself with positive people and understand that it’s all about you. So, you must take time off and reflect.

Just  like foremost Nigerian female rap artist Sasha P said in one of her songs, How about we see through the eyes of a child and stay innocent? This way we can truly Be fearless in the pursuit of our dreams, doing what ever God has placed in your heart with obedience and as service to your innocent mind.

In your mind believe first, now and always, then go on to achieve no matter what. 

If you think that, the mountain before you means that it is the end of the road then you will settle there. But someelse will approach that mountain and start climbing it somehow. Guess what? Well, I am sure you kno they will rise to the top.

Where would you rather settle go-getter?

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Yours Truly,

Ije 💐

Where the mind goes, the man follows. – Joyce Meyers


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  1. This is a good read read Ij, our minds tend to place limitations on us because it is naturally attracted to negativity. If we can learn to renew and master our minds, then we are set to take the world by storm.

    1. Author

      Yes! We must learn to renew and master our minds everyday. The world is only ready for transformed minds. Thanks for your insight Jess!

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