Kemi Adetiba’s King Woman Series: Lessons from Taiwo Ajayi Lycett

I appreciate Kemi Adetiba for coming up with such an initiative – THE KING WOMAN. These are stories that need to be shared to inspire people who may never get to have a personal encounter with these king women.

Talk about strength, eloquence and charm – the three words i used to describe Taiwo Ajayi Lycett. After watching the part 1 (here)  and 2 (here)  of this series I have had to go back and listen again. Ahhh! it’s a lot to take away, as each time i listened i got something new so i thought , why not document this and voila!!..these are the lessons i am sharing in this concise but not so concise post.

  1. Never settle for what your present situation looks like – Despite having a child at the age of 17 and loosing the father of the child, whom she was forced to marry at a tender age, she rose up to the challenge and from being a 17 year old widow she became an international star. One mishap does not mean that everything should “kpafuka” in her words.
  2. The journey to becoming is a personal journey – Fight to do something for yourself, with or without help. People have there own life to lead and may not be there to offer you help. so while they are busy with theirs, get busy with yours. It is your life to live, so you have to keep moving forward and create your own success story. Don’t make your burden, people’s burden. Carry your own cross, it is yours, try not to let it infringe on other people’s life
  3. Your struggles mold you to withstand greater trials –  In her words , “the greater fire that i go through, I come out ever so composed, a bit more savvy and clearheaded“. I quite i agree with her. Make a decision to welcome the struggles but most importantly never let it overstay its welcome. Master the skill of moving on. Believe in God and always call on him.  He will always come and sort you out.
  4. Master the virtue of reliability – Let people who count on you never regret why they did so. People can see in you what you don’t see in yourself. So when you are called upon, prove to them that you have that substance. You don’t have to possess all the qualifications before considering yourself worthy enough. Instead, take it as a cue to develop yourself. This reminded of a quote that quote from Richard Branson.
  5. Embrace your heritage and don’t change who you are for anything – Different does not mean useless. Different does not mean substandard. Never short change your identity for temporary things. Be your authentic self and own the perfection God has crafted in you- you can’t add to it and you can’t remove from it. Just be good because that is your passport to anywhere in the world.
  6. KING WOMANLove is not in the groin– The right partner will come into your life because he appreciates your craft and wants to be part of you success. Love is in your heart. It is about serving the other person so they can fulfill their purpose. Love will point you in the way that leads to your perfection not minding if it does not align with theirs. And this is true because love covers all wrongs. Everybody calls is madness, but that right there is love!
  7. There is nothing in this world that you will miss – Everything was here before you. Death will come when it will come. Hence be busy with life while you are here. Don’t think about death, just do right by God and man. Be mindful of now and enjoy it because you will never have now when its gone. There is no point in changing anything about your life. What ever comes your way use it and have no regrets. While you are aging live.
  8. Life is about the commitments you make – Life will always go on. Things will happen everyday, people will grow, people will rise to fame and people some others will keep struggling. If you ever loose enthusiasm about life, you will never get out of bed.  Every one but you will be merry until you go get your own. Give others strength and get strength. Lift someone up and lift yourself too, pull someone down and you pull yourself down . Your duty to yourself is to keep your body fit to keep pushing. No matter how much faith you have , if you don’t get off from your back and keep on putting one foot in front of the other you won’t get no where.
  9. To the woman, Everything is in the eyes –  According to her, everything is in the eyes, the eyes are the windows to your soul. Anyone who judges you based on what your figure or physical appearance looks like is an idle mind. Even the man that falls in love with you will not know what he fell in love with. There is a difference between looking after your body and flaunting your body. Looking after your body should be for the purpose of achieving balance between your body and your soul.
  10. Never second guess the God in youNever second guess the God in you, because there is a God in you. Your pastor or spiritual leader is not the answer to your problem.  Listen to that still voice in your head that nudges you unto action. The day you stop listening to the voice inside your head it will abandon you. Nurture it by staying in tune with your soul and learn to follow your instincts. This goes without saying that there is a negative voice, the one that sees impossibility and gives you the reasons not to take action – that is the one to be ignored.
  11. Life is in stages – The lessons for every stage is important to make you fit for the next stage. If you ever have to skip the process, just like a child that does not perfect walking before running, you will fall down too many times. In other words avoid short cuts, stay true to the process and make your choice carefully.

I know that it is not everyone that has the privilege of strong internet connection. They would rather read than watch the video. Hopefully, you and i can come back here and easily read this and share till it gets to whoever need this message at a time as this. My kids too can grow up to benefit from the timelessness of this message.

Your face can be like the back of a bus but people would want to know you, because it’s what you are selling that attracts them – Taiwo Ajayi Lycett

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  1. Very well pointed…. thanks for making these lessons clearer and more understandble . To think i have watched it and didnt get all of these lessons,Taiwo Lycett is INDEED a king woman,that woman is SuperWoman.Aunty Kemi ehhhh, i cant discribe her in a word, her discription no get Q.E.D.

    1. Author

      My dear, as i saw myself always going back and picking something new, i knew that i had to do this.. its my pleasure to do this

  2. I cried watching this episode, I cried because it answered a question that I have asking myself since the beginning of this year. Thank you for sharing! And I hope a lot of people get to watch this.

    Oréoluwa’s blog

    1. Author

      It was really touching. It was too real. I cannot make certain mistakes again after watching this. I really hope that more people see it!

  3. thanks for sharing, I need to watch this Series… I have just been ignoring the notifications.
    very good lessons to be learnt

    1. Author

      Hi Yevandy, It’s nice to meet you. My day is made when i welcome new comments. You should definitely see it, because this post is just the icing on the cake. The whole thing is in the video……the emotions and all, raw and uncut. I hope to see you more

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