3 Months of Blogging + Liebster Award!

Hey fam,
I trust you had a great weekend. Happy Mother’s day to all the mother’s reading this post.  I am excited about this particular post. I was nominated for the Liebster Award and this post  should have been up before now but internet is messing up here. Let me just get right to it!

What is the Liebster Award?

The Liebster Award 2017 is an award that exists only on the internet, and is given to bloggers by other bloggers. I had to do some research because i never knew what this was about
This blog turned 3months on the 22nd of March and it was nominated by The Curly Christian Girl on the 25th of March for the award. I truly appreciate her for finding me worthy, you guys go check out her blog on TheCurlyChristianGirl.
I am particularly in love with her blog and the fact that her passion exudes through her writing, especially the lifestyle inspirational posts. She has these lovely hairstyle and outfit inspirations too.
LIEBSTER AWARDOkay! So the rules of this award for this year are:
  1. Post 10 facts about yourself (optional….but i have had this in my drafts )

    1. I love surprises. In light of that, I am that friend that shows up to hour house unannounced too
    2. I still look forward to learning how to swim. I hope i can
    3. My first job was at a videoclub – as we call it in  Nigeria. Immediately after secondary school I worked as a sales girl for a video rental shop. This hustle no be today sha!!!
    4. I Don’t like alcohol. I can manage other bitter tasting things but not alcohol
    5. I am chewing my nails right…yea! i can not help biting my nails. One time as a kid i had to put masking tape around my nails for over a week. I was so excited when i took it out to see how beautiful my grown nails were.
    6. I do not have a problem eating food without meat. Mehnn…just give me the food mbok!
    7. I consider 12 my lucky number just because i was born on the 12th of December.
    8. I’m a Biochemistry graduate
    9. I got married at 22
    10. My son turned 6months on the 25th of March….I just had to add this since i was nominated on the same day.
  2. Nominate 5-11 other bloggers  

    1. Oma’s serendipity
    2. TravelWithAPen
    3. EatTechTravel
    4. Diaryofastylishdoctor
    5. ZinnyIfy
      …..i couldn’t come up with more
  3. Ask them 11 questions

    1. If you were to put one song on repeat which will it be?
    2. What scares you most about life?
    3. Are you a movie or book person? What is the title of your most recent?
    4. What special powers do you wish you had?
    5. Can you share a pet peeve or sweet spot with us?
    6. If you were to be featured on a blog, which/whose blog will be your ideal?
    7. What do you think of children?
    8. If you won a money lottery now what will you do first? and afterwards, Invest or Donate to charity?
    9. What is the wrongest first impression someone ever had about you?
    10. Do you sleep with the lights on or off?
    11. What 3 words best describe your personality?
  4. List the rules! So that your nominees know what to do and answer the questions you were asked.

    Okay to answer my own questions from @TheCurlyChristianGirl.
1. Who is your role model? I do not have a role model but i have a few people i admire and i will name some. Late Dr. Dora Akunyili, Michelle Obama, Chimamanda Adichie, Oprah Winfrey
2. Shopping on a Saturday or watching movies in sweatpants on a Saturday? I would prefer watching movies in sweatpants on a saturday, with icecream and popcorns too..while somebody is doing the shopping on my behalf *winks…you know surprise! surprise!!
3. What country are you from? I am from Nigeria
4. What religion are you? I am a Christian
5. What’s the one thing you really want to do that you’ve never done? To write a book. I have started twice but i never got to finish each time. I hope to find those drafts and make it happen soon 
6. What are you passionate about? I am passionate about changing the experience of other people for the better. One day i want to enjoy the balance of being a wife, hands-on-mother, health professional and mentor.
7. How many blogs do you have? Just one and more than one will be more than overwhelming
8. What’s the most daring thing you’ve ever done? Having a baby in medical school
9. Tea or coffee? Tea
10. How would you define your style? Comfortable and Moderately Chic
11. If you could chose to meet anyone in the world right now, who would it be? Dr. Magaret Chan
My Nominees can check this for more details on the rules of the award. I can’t wait to read your posts.
Others, pls feel free to answers any of the questions too. I would love to know you better. Its been great having you around for this past 3 months, Lets have fun!
If you haven’t subscribed now is a great oppurtunity to do so! ♥



p.s – pls don’t judge my picture. It wasn’t planned..I needed a picture to go with this post, but since there is no correct camera nor photographer, snapchat will do it for now…lol

p.s.s – you don’t need to fill out a website address to comment. Just your name and email is enough

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  1. yaaayyy…just 3 months and we are here. More to come, you know I am your no 1 fan. Lurrv ya

    1. Author

      Thanks babe! Yes oo more to come Insha Allah. Love you loads

  2. Congratulations Ijay,

    I enjoyed reading your responses. 🙂

    1. Author

      Thanks Grace! The Sewista CEO and writer extraordinaire!

  3. Congrats on the milestone Ijeoma. I remember starting last year too and it’s almost a year now! I wish you all the best.

    1. Author

      Hey YC, thanks for stopping bye. Thanks for the encouragement too. Time really flies when you are having fun

  4. 3 months in!! Whop whop 🙌🙌. Congrats! From what I read, you are what I would call an all rounder 😊. I hope you will fulfill your dream of writing your book too! Infact you’ve started it before and you can do it again and finish💪. Thanks for sharing!😊

    1. Author

      Thanks dear! I dont even know if that is a good thing because i can be distracted. So its about finding the balance for me. I appreciate you encouragement. The third time has got to be the real deal you know! Thanks for the nomination again

  5. Aaaaahh…I see meeee!!! Aww. Thank you Ijeoma. I enjoyed reading this. Having a baby in medical school? Rock on! x

    1. Author

      You are welcome Oma. Looking forward to reading your post. Thanks for the encouragement

  6. Congrats Ij, nice one. *hugs* keep doing what you love. Ur lines are falling in pleasant places.

  7. Hey Ijay, congratulations on the milestone. Loved the random bits about you.. we have the hatred of alcohol in common! Lol.. it is just bitter – most of it anyway :)..

    Thanks for nominating me too..

    1. Author

      Hey Amara, that alcohol thing…that bitterness….I just can’t. Thank you for these kind words and do have a nice weekend.

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