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Life! In a Nutshell – Growth and Positive Impacts

Hello ..Happy weekend! I am back for my “in a nutshell” as i promised in the last post here. Hopefully i can be consistent with this – since i don’t have a working post schedule. The week has been fantastic no doubt. How about yours?

Firstly, two songs i feel in love with this week are Hillsongs’ Still and Beautiful exchange. I woke up with them singing in my head on Monday and Tuesday respectively. I think it came from the fact that i gained more insight from the story of christ death and resurrection. Christ endured suffering – the cross, for the joy set before him – You and I. In case you are taking that for granted, be reminded that you were and still is this important to him. In the same manner, our endurance level can be increased when we think of the joy set before us.

One of my previous posts, i talked about taking a leave of absence from school for financial reasons. I chose to wait out the term before traveling back home. That was because i miraculously got a mini tutoring job, which wrapped up today. I was not sure how i would pull it off at first. I can’t even bury the strong Naija accent, will they understand me? In my head i wasn’t quite qualified, i didn’t think i had the nerves to be sharing such knowledge from the little i know but I think i out did myself. Essentially knowledge when shared multiplies – i learnt more from them. It was an opportunity to grow and i feel this deep sense of fulfillment from completing a task that seemed challenging as well as being a part of the success of the students i meet through the experience. #Doitafraid

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Similar to my teaching experience is my mentoring experience. At the beginning of the year, i put this down in my plans for the year and i am happy to see how things have taken shape. It has been an awesome one week of being a mentee. I look forward to the good things that will come out of this experience. You think you know someone that much by the little you have heard or seen, until they let you a bit more into their life and you are crazily blown away.

Indeed you should never judge a book by the cover. I read a blog post on Sarah’s Work in progress Blog that left me reflecting. It’s easy for us all to judge others from our own end but it’s unfair to them considering the concerns they already have to deal with and your judging only compounds the issues. I have been concerned about my erratic sleep/wake cycle and needed to bring back the rhythm and this post on Amaka’s blog gave me the push.

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To live a life of impact you must appreciate new ideas. It gives me joy to see my friends doing so much for themselves in challenging times like this. Had a chat recently with a friend and was happy to see how her resilience is paying off. I was encouraged by her story. Every obstacle is a sign to look around for something new to introduce to your purpose journey. It will not be overreaching if you end up as a designer/beautician / pharmacist and HR professional. If you see yourself aspiring to be a Media strategist/ Model/ Doctor/ Chef and more, It is fine and you can be all. Just solve a problem, have fun at it, add value to people, enjoy the balance and smile to the bank.

Just solve a problem, have fun at it, add value to people, enjoy the balance and smile to the bank. Click To Tweet

In a Nutshell

Faith guarantees what fear is trying to steal from you. Don’t settle on account of fear.

Growth mentality allows you love life and makes you want to live more.

Healthy relationships magnify the vision and propels you towards your desired results.

Impact is not made simply by a touch. It is about touching lives with the solutions you provide.

Judge no one, so that you will not be judged.

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Invest in seven ventures, yes, in eight; you do not know what disaster may come upon the land. – Ecclesiastes 11:2

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