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Life! In a nutshell – Death, Delays and Disappointments

Happy After-Easter-Weekend!

I hope you had a great week! How was your Easter? Someone asked me this question today and i couldn’t really think of a better way to say “it was just regular”. But really it was just there, nothing much! I hoped that i would get up to something fun on monday but the plan did not pull through.

We have been expecting our first baby tooth for a long time now but the wait has been filled with wakeful nights and 3 bouts of vomiting in 3weeks. The last one scared the life out of me. It happened outside a shopping mall on tuesday (all three have been on tuesdays …hmmm) while i had him straddled to me in the baby carrier.

It reminded me of when i was complaining of how he had gained so much weight that the thought of carrying him out with his carrier gave me mini heart attacks because, i remember the back ache that follows. Now i found my self praying that he doesn’t loose weight from all this teething wahala. Irony of life!

Oh! Another thing, earlier that morning i got the news of the death of a relative’s baby one week after delivery. How does a woman go back home empty handed, without the baby bump, after being closely monitored in the hospital, for over a month only to lose her baby to jaundice and infection? God knows best shaaa

The past few days have been emotionally challenging and at the same time spiritually uplifting – seriously. Also, I applied for a scholarship last year and i was very positive about it coming through but they replied over the weekend and i did not get the reply i expected. Everyday God is opening my eyes to the little victories i may have overlooked because i fixed my eyes on the big things instead. Eg. My edges are backkk! hehe..

But really think about it, every big miracle is a build up of the little victories and sacrifices overtime. As children of God, the forces within and for us will always outnumber the forces against us. I just want to say that God’s got you! Yes You! I am still surprised that i do not feel as terrible as i thought i would feel. So when i say emotionally challenging, it’s like saying, i am coming to terms with the impressive manner in which i am embracing the changes God is making around me (don’t know if you get me..but i hope you do).

Dream big or be like everyone else - ordinary. Don't settle because it looks impractical Click To Tweet

Have you ever felt the need to talk to someone higher up there?, just because your thoughts begin to overwhelm you and you need them to help you check in on your modest plans. You basically need them to convince you that you are not out of your mind for having such seemingly impractical aspirations despite your present circumstance. Guess what? If your dreams don’t scare you then they are not big enough. Dream big or be like everyone else – ordinary. Don’t settle because it looks impractical. I am simply choosing to keep myself busy with the things that i can control (e.g blogging) and quit worrying about those out of my scope. The dots will connect in with time.

Okay i am done. Sorry this was long. I actually started this post on the teething wahala right? And not a single tooth is here at 6 months and over. But of course, someday he will have a mouth full of teeth! You can liken it to life. We go through pain and discomfort which is only a right of passage to the good things already destined to be ours. We just need to take it one day at a time. Aweesoooommmeeee!

Life In a nutshell
In a Nutshell

Appreciate the little things

Be patient

Carry God along

Dream BIG

Enjoy the process while you can

I will see you soon….in the meantime, try to make someone happy today.


p.s – these “in a nutshellsmight be a regular on this blog on fridays. lets see how it goes *fingers crossed*

p.s.s – Kudos to Kemi Adetiba for her “The King Woman Web Series“. Who else is loving it?

….“Knowing this: That the trying of your faith worketh patience…” James 1 vs 3

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  1. Such a lovely post. I kept glued to the end. True, life can be a roller coaster. Up hills, downhills but thankGod we have someone, yep, up there to talk to. And we are to be grateful in all things. The tooth will pull through soon. It’s not much of a biggie. And yasss! Not forgetting the little things for indeed they make the big things. Xoxo

    1. Author

      Exactly …the tooth is not here now and we worry over it and all the trouble of teething yet nothing to show. As with life we worry over things that will eventually show up at the appointed time. If only we can continue to live happy just like babies no matter what. thanks darl!

  2. I enjoy posts that spark emotions and show the true feelings of the one behind the screen. This post took me from one high note to another low note. I loved it.

    Baby would start cracking bones soon. Lol.

    Life in a nutshell, interesting. The good, the bad and the what you make of it. Well done!

    1. Author

      Yes my dear. Life is a potpourri of emotions and triumps. That’s the truth about living. Thank you for showing love

    1. Author

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