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King Woman Series is a must watch; Life Lessons from Tara Fela Durutoye

This is another post on the review of The King woman series. If you have not seen/read the previous post you should check it out.

Watching Tara’s episode made me appreciate the Tara brand even more. Tara Fela Durotoye built and is still building the “Tara” brand out of desire, faith and passion. You think that is simple?, wait until you are in the same situations that challenged her, then you will understand the guts it took and still takes.

In this post i am sharing 5 lessons  10 lessons (i mean) i learnt from Tara Fela Durotoye
  1. One day you will be grateful for the experiences you have today – Your struggles will fuel your drive to succeed, your passion and strengths. Tara did not have the best of childhoods but most of what she went on to achieve were born out of the resilience she built over the years from her experiences – she was raised in an anomalous family setting.
  2. Women shape the world – Every woman grows up to become an embodiment of all the women that have been in her life. Their actions and inactions shape the women they raise and the world at large by virtue of the kind of mothers they become. If we must see a world where woman are at their best, all women must see every child as theirs. Most importantly every girl as a daughter. Her biological mum was not there but her step mum fought for her when she needed a mother to fight for her.
  3. Children are impressionable. Never ever take for granted the naivety of the people we call children. I tell you they are watching and making notes in their head. The day of reckoning is coming and your explanations, no matter how sincere may never be enough to change ideas that has taken years to form. It is wiser to explain to them your actions now, the understanding no matter how little will make a difference.
  4. Invest in people –  investment in people is the truest kind of investment. You can never do enough good in your entire lifetime. Just keep doing good for the sake of your personal peace of mind. Embrace every moment that presents as an opportunity to invest in others. The encouragement you give them will come back to you. This is evident in how Tara Fela Durotoye has been able to grow and sustain her brand.
  5. Ladies, don’t be scared to be the conversation starter. If you see a guy you would like to be your friend, quit the forming and go and start up a conversation. It is okay to give compliments to a guy, it does not always have to be the man’s call. If you like his tie, feel free to say “what a lovely tie. Where did you get it?”. That’s all! You might know someone that the information is valuable to. Also importantly, like in the case of Tara, it just might be the beginning of a beautiful marital union destined by God.
  6. Marriage works when we focus on the other person. -When husband focuses on making wife better and wife focuses on makes husband better, in the end you are both better together. While you do so the love you both profess gains expression in the little acts other than words. 15 years down the line of marriage, what your wedding day looked like will be insignificant compared to the actual commitments and sacrifices you have made for the marriage to work.
  7. Your God is big enough and that is all you need – It is never too early to develop a personal relationship with God. This is what everyone says …i know, but it is what it is. Get on the same same frequency with God and hear him oh so clearly. He will speak to you directly and through people and it is the God in you that makes you obedient to the instruction.
  8. Let your story be your selling point – Amongst other things where you are now and where you will be tomorrow should not be determined by who you are married to or what they have. Work hard enough to grow your business/brand to a level where your success story is all you need to tell to draw the attention you seek. Your financial growth record is all you need to seal that deal.
  9. Parenting is a spiritual calling. – Now just like Tara, My mum knew what my husband looked like before she met him. She called me after a spiritual exercise she had and was describing the man she saw in a revelation. It was one of the confirmations i needed at the time, perhaps the most important of them all. As parents you must nurture that relation with God lest our children wander off their course in life.
  10. There is a message in every mess – When your troubles get bigger than you can handle, it is because you were not meant to handle it all by yourself. There is a message in every mess – The message of faith, a very strong one. It takes a rooted relationship with God to express the audacious-mountain moving faith that Tara Fela Durotoye has. Faith in God makes you bold. Boldness is a divine heritage of God’s people, and when it takes over you, you become what the world calls a show off – that is what God actually wants to do with you.
Tara was raised by two step mothers – one good and one bad, and her father. Her mother became a part of her life much later.
She spent most of her formative years in Boarding house where she learnt more about God and her faith in him.
Tara married Fela Durotoye in a quiet church ceremony despite what people advised against -she was going to regret it they thought.
Tara’s business faced a serious financial threat in the early years. She got a privilege to approach a bank for a loan of 500,000 naira  but she left with a 40million naira offer.
She talked a lot about her marriage, her relationship with her mum and being a mum herself – having kids, dealing with depression and balancing with business.
Get the full gist in the video here 

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Be anxious for nothing, but with prayers and supplications, with thanksgiving, make your request known to God.- Philipians 4 vs 6

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  1. All of the women had a unique story to tell and life lessons that we can not ignore. Kemi Adetiba deserves an award for making us see through the challenges that made this women the great women they are today. You know I watched this video too but I really love your perspective. God bless you dear

    1. Author

      i look forward to reading your own post too. Thanks for your lovely comment

  2. Wow!! Really inspiring story. I love Tara, her resilience and entrepreneurial skills is out of this world. She’s one time amongst Forbes influential women’s list. Great story.
    The king woman series is quite inspirational.

    1. Author

      Yes dear it is highly inspirational. I feel that for a woman like her, we have not seen the last of her. I am sure more is coming. Thanks dear

    1. Author

      Yes dear….same here. Loaded with Very reassuring insights

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