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I recently had to write a commendation letter for one of my superior and I found it a great priviledge to do them the favor. According to G.K Chesterson, We are all in the same boat in a stormy sea, and we owe each other a terrible loyalty. It felt like the perfect opportunity for me to give back. For once i was on the other side – the giving end. This might seem trivial but it’s not everyday you get to be the one writing your superior a commendation letter. As a matter of fact, it was new to me.
It inspired me to make this post. All our needs will not always be about money. No matter how highly placed you are or may find yourself, there is always something that you will desire, that its manifestation will anchor on a measure of your loyalty.  Loyalty is something that is scarce these days. People treat humans like oranges – they eat the fruit and throw the peel away. Being superior is not going to always be about intellect, privileges or affluence. Also those we consider superior have needs and they may have to reach out to their subordinates for help.
Well, I really did not know what to write even though i was briefed on what it was about. I had to consult with google to know the extent to go with it. But then as i got around to doing it i began to ponder. Have you ever met people who act like they are the nicest? They pretend and think that you do not notice but really you can read in between the lines. So what if this was the person i had to recommend? Do they deserve my loyalty?, what if i have nothing good to say about them, or they created a bad first impression and i cannot get over it. That would suck! It would be difficult to be honest in that letter because if i were to say it as it is, it would be distasteful. So you see that thing i said about being nice, huh! :Check out this post
LoyaltyWhen it comes to loyalty, lead with a thoughtfulness and ease, follow with respect and sincere admiration. Loyal leaders show good example that others can aspire to as they grow, as such luring them away from wrong ideas about accomplishments. Loyalty on the part of the follower means that they must dwell less on people’s flaws but celebrate their strengths and success stories.
When it comes to loyalty, lead with a thoughtfulness and ease, follow with respect and sincere admiration Click To Tweet
What i am basically trying to say with this is, in the course of pursuing our passions and building success, at certain defining moments, we will need peoples input – older or younger. A stranger today might be the pillar of your franchise tomorrow. When we meet people always try to leave lasting positive impressions. As a boss you do not have to be a bully, neither do you have to browbeat people to demand respect. It is imperative to help others see themselves better than who they think they are. Admittedly, when you encounter someone that deserves your loyalty, you just know. It is that simple, its genuine and it’s not done in the context of pretense. I say this because, I know we live in a world where people do not necessarily mean what they say when they praise you, so being good to others is good business for you. And of course i wrote a killer letter and you can see a sample letter here.
Having raised all these points, if and when you do get the chance to do a favor such as this for a deserving boss, make it your best show of gratitude yet. It is so great a favor to return, that you find yourself doing the most without having to convince them to accept it.
Have you ever written such letters or ever needed to do your boss a favor of this nature? Do you see yourself being unkind with your words if you have to do this ? If someone was to say something about you will they have lots of nice things to say? what are your thoughts? i would like to read them in the comments section
Have a great week guys
Loyalty and friendship, which is to me the same, created all the wealth that I’ve ever thought I’d have. – Ernie Banks Click To Tweet
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  1. Being nice is just so underrated these days. You never know when you will have to call on someone to return the favour! I have written recommendation letters before, but never for my superior.
    However, I think I would probably write the best letter I could even if the person I was writing it for hadn’t been particularly nice to me. Perhaps that would shame them into being a more pleasant person!


    1. Author

      I keep wondering why it is underrated. And just like you I will write a good letter regardless. Have yourself a great week!

    1. Author

      I agree with you dear. Sometimes people of the world can perceive it as pretense. However, no matter if they have been disloyal to you, the spirit of God in you will help you show love regardless! I think it is just a bit dicey when you have to find nice things to say about such a person in this situation !

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