Making Plans That Work

Hello guys, How has the week been? ….well, that was at the time of originally making this post. Now I will say Happy New  week. I am hoping y’all are doing good. I am actually excited about this post which is a first of its kind particularly because i finally rocked this palazzo pants.

This is a late post. This is a quick post….hmnnnnn, not so quick. Well i have not been as active as i wished since returning to Naija because of bad internet connection in my area. Who would have thought that some cities still have internet issues in this era. I have been using MTN but i might be switching to Etisalat because it just might be better, after I tested it out yesterday.

Ijefinelivin in my palazzo pantsWith many things i have been up to lately, i get this constant reminder that everything happens in Lagos (by now you should know i live in Jos).  However, I thank God for technology and the tremendous growth it allowed. I believe in the changes that will happen pretty soon as the internet has made it easy for goods and services to get closer to where they are needed with ease, as it bridges the gap of communication.

Speaking of Internet, the one hour halleluyah challenge that started on the 1st of June has exceeded all expectations. It’s more than a challenge, it’s become a gospel movement and the testimonies so far has been mindblowing. It is really an Instalive midnight praise session organized by Nathaniel Bassey @nathanielblow and  guys by day 2 of taking part i already started to experience the hand of God. I can’t wait to see what will happen by the end of the month. If you never knew about it, now you know and please make it a date with us from tonight. I even saw some of my friends and fave bloggers last night…..receive the #olowogbogborohandshake *stretchesouthands*

olowogbogboroIt was a saturday – at the time of making this draft, and as usual in Naija there is always a wedding you know happening, or someone you know, knows of a wedding and invites you. I am actually in the latter category.

In my palazzo pantsIt was a few hours to go and i had not figured what to wear to this wedding but i knew that i will be at the wedding and i thought it was a perfect occasion for this palazzo pants and that hopefully i will share the pics with y’all. But like i said, i was not quite sure how it will work.

Palazzo pantsAs with life itself, there are certain things we anticipate and are excited about, but the thought of the demand it places on you can be a discouraging factor. It could be the finance, or the work you must put in, deadlines, sleepless nights and the likes.

Palazzo pantsDon’t think about it too much, if anything just have a mental picture of the outcome and know that no matter what, the time in between will pass (but what you do with it matters). In that space of time, find motivation in the expected outcome and get busy, bearing in mind that it will surely happen. Sometimes all you have to do is confront the problem, come up with game plans A, B, C …..Z  (if possible), get dressed, put on a smile and walk the walk (work the work).


In my Palazzo pants

For the wedding, I actually ended up working with my plan A and Z..Lol! The initial plan was definitely to rock this palazzo pants which i did, but pairing it with this top was not in the plan. Only last minute i figured this top had potential to give a complete look.

Now that it’s the rainy season, the weather here is mostly unpredictable everyday, so you always have to have a piece of outfit to warm you up when it gets freezing cold, hence the jacket

Palazzo pantsDo you always stick to your plan A only? Have considered matching plan A with the least feasible plan ?Now that it’s the rainy season, the weather here is mostly unpredictable everyday that you always have to have a piece of outfit to warm you up when it gets freezing cold.

See you in my next post


P.s – this post should have been up on Saturday but this could be a work outfit inspiration for someone right?

P.S.S – those are my wedding shoes

When praises go up blessings come down –  Anonymous

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  1. My plan A now is to get that palazzo pants of yours, I will be kind enough not to ask of the blazer. Plan Z is also to stick with plan A. lol. About the halleluyah challenge, that movement is something else, it’s a clear proof that God answers prayers when we call on him.

    1. Author

      LOL…This is so funny. Thanks for making my day babe!

  2. Beautiful write up as usually, I love Vivien’s plans both A and Z. As for the Hallelujah challenge, God still shows us that he is God. Patiently waiting for the next post. Xoxo…. Muah…. Oma Odas

    1. Author

      Thanks babes. You don’t know how excited i am about the Challenge. *smiles* Next post loading….

  3. Love your shoes!!! I was just looking at them with one eye like hmmm those will look good on me😁. I always have a plan A, which is actually my lowkey plan B. Then I end up wearing plan M😂. Then in winter all plans go out the window and I just wear layers and layers to keep warm 😁

    1. Author

      Thanks for loving the shoes…i actually love it more i wonder if they will want to leave me….Lmaooo. You are funny Joan. Plan A suddenly becomes a fail fail last minute 😂😂 but we still hit the road looking sane..lol

    1. Author

      Hello Praise, thanks for the compliment. I am definitely going to check out your look book.😊

  4. Gimme that pant already Ijeoma! Lol. Mehnn, ThankGod for gospel singers like Nathaniel Bassey and the Hallelujah Challenge, ThankGod for this month of bringing it to fruition too.( you knw why.lol) Nigeria data services won’t let one participate fully but well, we bless God for such a movement at a time like this when we have a missing pres**dent and the country is in some form of religious chaos. Phew!! I can’t dwell on those things now biko.
    About sticking to plans, I always have a plan A but I put it at the back of my mind that things may not always go as planned so I low key try to have an alternative.
    Good read Ij, I am still working on that stuff o.

    1. Author

      Lol….you will have to come to Jos ooo😂. Hmm..Alot is missing in our country but there shall be restoration. By the Grace of God kidnappers are already being caught. God is definitely doing something.
      My dear, i hope i did not miss the birthday already? I have been MIA low-key. Do take your time too. Thanks😊

      1. No o the birthday is on Saturday Jare. I don’t even know where to start. The week has been pretty tight but God dey! Amen to restoration in Naija o. *i can’t fit shout*.

        1. Author

          Happy birthday in arrears, starting with the cake is always a good idea..lol

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