Merry christmas Guys…….

Its a priviledge to be Celebrating yet another christmas, I don’t take it for granted.

In the midst of all the fun and beauty, the reality of life still creeps in. If it had not been for the LORD?It may seem as if things could have been better, but then it could ave been worse my people!. 

I’m in my village for christmas and supposedly resting. I use the word “supposedly” because even though the idea is to leave the hustle and bustle of the city and take a break for the year; as the first wife in a well rooted Igbo home, you are actually reporting for duty especially as regards to food affairs…lol

Its a full house here and we are still expecting more people to return. No matter how busy it may get, i want to make sure i find time to take a nap within the day everyday, till when i get back to Jos. Maybe i can make up for some of the sleep i lost in 2017…..i wish!

I have been away for some time and the plan was to rekindle our blog relationship, spend some time with you all here and map our a better 2017 for the blog. Its past 1am but i am up putting out this blog post. I was gonna come here to rant about somethings that happened lately, but it turns out this is more like a story time post. So you see, now, i am losing sleep just to do this post and as a sleep lover that i am, i am constantly being forced to come to terms with the harsh reality that sleep lost can never be regained.

Its been the busiest few months leading up to last two days (the day i actually travelled), “wifeing”, “mummying”, shoping, packing/moving to a new house and prepping for Christmas. I have been carrying over sleep and was looking forward to sleeping without mercy during my trip to the village but bad road won’t let me.

Nigeria people couldn’t even be bothered hence, the traffic jam on the highway did not in anyway reflect the expectations of the current fuel situation in Nigeria.  We travelled for 14hrs (7:30am to 9pm), at some point we had to consult google maps to figure out an escape route from a deadly traffic jam we met in Benue State……so for the records, Google maps works in Nigeria. Even the locals in that area argued with us about the possibility of that route, but we took it and it definitely saved us like 30mins or more. (You needed to see the sarcastic remark i had the first time our driver pulled up his google map to find help when we travelled to Abuja but i was pleasantly surprised ).

I don’t even know if it is a good thing that we are not bothered as Nigerians when we should be crying to our leaders and exercising our right? On one end it shows that we are taking charge of our lives and getting things done for ourselves by ourselves, on the other hand its like we are going with the flow and just merely existing at the mercy of the leaders. We are getting comfortable with whatever they throw at us. Thats how Benue state was looking like an ancient town from 18th century with little to no civilization. Those old fashioned, rusty, dusty,brown roofs on old buildings along its major highway; that connects Eastern Nigeria to Northern Nigeria, with roads bad enough to cause bone dislocation as a result of trying to navigate through the potholes, gave my cause for concern.

 I could go on because the story plenty but i need to catch the sleep now…

See you in my next post soon! 



P.S -I want to do a give away, I feel like doing a give away, I even dreamt that i did a give away and the winner was announced on the 31st of December. but who does a giveaway, when there is no gift in sight? 

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  1. Nice post! Compliment of the season. Do try as much as possible to enjoy your holiday.. wishing you a prosperous new year ahead.

    1. Author

      Thanks dynaxty! I hope you will be resting well too. Cheers to a merrier 2018.

  2. Merry Christmas! Hope you manage to get your well deserved rest.. Wish you a productive and prosperous 2018

    1. Author

      Thanks hun ! May your 2018 be loaded with pleasant surprises

    1. Author

      Merry Christmas My Dear. I am really having it oh!

  3. Tge aim today is to catch up on all the posts i have not find tine to read as a result of being busy.I can relate with with some aspects of your life as it applies to me too, i literary say that the day isn’t made if 2hours anymore. oh my dear sleep,when shall I find the in my reality. Merry Christmas and Have a fantastic new year

  4. Merry Christmas mama and happy new year in advance. And yes to the giveaway 😁

  5. I hope I win in the giveaway. @kozamsi #Iwanttowin

  6. Hi Ijeoma, Happy New Year since I didn’t make it here on Christmas to say a Merry Christmas. Hope you spent it well though? Happy new year too again, may the same grace that kept you in 2017 keep you so well, prosperous and healthy in 2018. About the giveaway, I love the braid wig because it will help a girl like me give my natural hair a break from protective styling because the struggle is real. I can’t fail to say that it will help my slaying game too in 2018. I have already started praying to God so that I can win it. May I be favored in Jesus name Amen #iwanttowin

  7. Happy new year again, Ijeoma. May God continue to keep you in this 2018. I love the braid wig giveaway and I pray that I win it. When I choose to keep natural hair, I choose it for good but the number of hours spent on wash day and installing protective styles are long, time consuming and painful. Not even to mention that my scalp is so sensitive to pains during protective style installation, I really wish I could win the braid wig. Need I say that I will also slay the braid wig well? I sure will, lol.

    Dominika @

    1. Author

      I hope to do more giveaways this year, better luck next time. Thanks for the good wishes Dominika.

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