Minimalism: From The Minimalist in Me to You.

These days I have more nerve rAcking days than I ever prepared for. A lot of self discovery, self awareness, self appraisal (all things self), basically a whole lot of truth telling and I’ll try to share ….minimally

I recently read something on minimalism and it inspired this post. It spoke to me in so many ways than many and I couldn’t help the rush of thoughts and honest personal confrontations I had with myself. Minimalism simply means having the nature of simplicity. It encompasses achieving set goals following moderate ideas and plans. The question I have now is can a minimalist like me dream big?

I’m in love with a lot of things, too many that it’s a challenge to give one thing 100% attention at a time. Another question then is does minimalism allow one to be ambitious?

I want to do everything I can to keep busy, so there are times when I work myself out such that when I take a break it feels like it should last forever. Of course you know already that it doesn’t so I wonder if I am really finding a balance?

I am not such a great planner but I love how things pan out nicely after such hard work and uncertainty, but when it goes bad, it goes really bad and I try to imagine if life can be fun enough if we take off the element of surprise that spontaneity brings. Hmmm, I love surprises…pleasant surprises.

I must confess to you and me that I don’t like stress, although some people still think otherwise . Having said that, in my defence not every one that  wakes up at 4:30am, meditates, hits the gym, eats right, works tirelessly,  gets  home on schedule, reads a book daily, says their prayer daily and fasts regularly …… know all those great tips, is successful. The minimalist in me just wants to do less, own less, get less, care less, worry less, take less…shit I mean,  want less ….shit also and spend less.

I have seen that success is relative, it just depends on who you are, what you want and how much you can give or take just to have it. That simply means knowing what to focus on at every point in time. Me i want to focus on what I have and appreciate it more. Many of the things I don’t have but think will make me happy may never make me happy after all, so I am finding happiness in the “haves” than the “have-nots”.

Happy people are the successful people so everyday find happiness. Even in trying times, find happiness by starving the distractions and feeding your focus. They said success comes outside your comfort zone – very true! however don’t get to the end only to realize how empty and unhappy you are; and how much shit you have taken in exchange for all the missing good. While you are chasing your dream, remember It’s your dream, so own it, don’t let it own you, don’t let it control you. Imagine running behind your dog that is tied to a chain that you are holding. The dog is yours and so you know that you are in control by simply holding on and running along, not fighting by stopping to hate on other dogs or their owners. If that much little is the most you can do for the big dreams you have them do it happily.

Jim Rohn said “Simple things are easy to do, but they are also easy not to do.”

Life is about choices. The difference between the super rich and the rich is not just circumstances they faced but the simple choices they made.

The minimalist in me wants to Be in charge yet I fear that I am not doing as much for such big dreams. But guess what, Less is more, so I am holding onto less to create room for more. I can be more if i repeatedly make small good life choices. it all adds up. I want to be as content with less so I can qualify for more- more grace, more wisdom, more success.

In a world where minimalism seems to be underrated, every one is proposing giant ideas, pitching giant solutions and selling giant mandates, the minimalist in me is saying; Know thyself, Filter everything, Tell yourself the truth, Stick with the basics. Genuinely want what you desire and continue to desire what you deserve.

The minimalist in me thinks, We can all be ambitious, We can all dream big, also We should all be Minimalists because by practicing minimalism we can be more and still enjoy the balance.

20171007_130649.pngTill my next post,Stay happy.

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  1. Oh my! I’m dabbing for this post! Minimalism is way to go and at the end, what matters is how happy you are with the choices you e made thus far. That defines your success and yes you should own your dreams not the other way round. Great post!!!

    1. Author

      Hey sis, thanks for this huge commendation. Coming from you, this means a lot to me. Minimalism is the surest way to live fully and own your dream. Much love ❤

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