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Guys March is here, and to think that we just kicked off 2017 a while ago. We are moving forward no matter what and I thank God for the gift of life. So this morning i got inspired to motivate and encourage others as i do the same for myself. You may not be as excited because you feel like you are falling back on schedule. Your plans for the year are not taking shape and you are not feeling good about it? Please, please, like we say in Naija, “don’t come and go and kill yourself by yourself ooo”.

Here are a few tips i want to share to guide you moving forward:

Be Nice To Others.

Treat people with love and respect, do not hold a grudge against anyone, forgive easily and keep it moving. The people around you have a role to play in your journey to finding and fulfilling purpose. Sometimes your success is tied to another person’s success. Life is too short to leave this earth without using what has been placed in you. It is either you are helping others achieve their purposes or you are achieving yours. Either ways, the people around you have a role to play, thats why there is so many of us on earth, not you alone. It may seem like yours is not happening yet, well at least make yourself a part of someone else’s success story. Never be weary of doing good, especially in a world today where being nice is considered old-fashioned.


As you go through life, make a conscious effort to live in the moment, laugh when you need to, cry when it makes you feel good. Enjoy the process and don’t be tough on yourself. Again, life is too short to bore yourself out of it. Everyday you must walk and talk yourself out of defeat. When you step out be dressed like nothing you are going through but be mindful not to come across as living a lie. Acknowledge that you are not where you wanted to be, but you have the power to choose how you feel about it. I am telling you, when you look good, you feel good for real.

Stay True To Your Own Dream.

The mistakes you have made where opportunities to learn. You have realized how not to do it wrong. I always say if you must fail, fail fast. Do not let the success of others be your yardstick for growth. Avoid the comparison, the only competition you are allowed to have is yourself. Keep on developing yourself as you work daily on improving based on where you were yesterday. Every day do at least one thing that is in line with getting you closer to your dreams. Always call forth those things that are not yet here as though they where. It helps you visualize the end goal.

You Were Not Meant To Do Life All By Yourself.

God has got you and so you must trust in him all the way. He has gone before you to make available the things you will need to get through to the next phase, when the time – his time not yours, is right. You may not see a way out now but because your trust is in Him, when he shows up, he will show off. He does not want for you to keep living in past victories, he wants to give you new victories to talk about. It is his duty to make happen the things you could not make happen. Do not wear yourself out. Remember! he is never tired of hearing our prayers.

When i started out the post i wanted, it was supposed to be 5 points but when i finished i realised it was 4. Lets just say that this is the 3rd month, but instead of having 3 i decided to add a bonus point. Lol…this is just me making excuses for my self. *covers face*

By now you must be thinking i love mirror selfies… well yess! You like my shirt? It was from one of my numerous thrift shopping. You should check out the post on thrift shopping.

Okay guys enjoy your lets continue to enjoy 2017. You guys have been an interesting part of it for me so far. Happy Lenten season. What a great way to start the month right?

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Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding. iIn all your ways acknowledge him and he shall direct your path – Proverbs 3: 5-6

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    1. Author

      My dear, thank you. Like i say life is too short to bore yourself out of it. It is important to spice things up with some humor every now and then.

  1. I like,I love. thanks for the reminder that we can still be happy n live the while despite our troubles. my sister is the best writer,yes I said it

    1. Author

      Oh girl! I am constantly reminding myself these days. Thanks for the compliments.

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