My Weekend in a nutshell || I punished Myself! Was it necessary?

This is an upclose post of tit bits of my weekend. How was your weekend? On friday i published a blog post about controlling your thoughts.  Have you seen it? check it here. On saturday i did some serious meal prepping for the week, minor house clean up, DIY project for the blouse i planned to wear to church on Sunday whilst watching Hidden Figures. Hidden figures is just my kind of movie. Highlight of the day for me would be my baking experience. I baked something for the first time and i was impressed with myself.

I had a very busy Saturday but it was good because i accomplished everything i planned to do. However, it meant that i had to sleep later than planned. I made sure to sort church outfit before going to bed, just to save time for the morning preparations. Oh boy! when i eventually woke up and checked the time, instantly i became weak. Like I was weeaakkk!!!! I am really not the alarm type so i barely set alarms
Seeing that i would end up rushing and still be very late for church (i normally have to walk to church) i decided to just get on with the rest of the day. Basically I decided to watch a sermon on Youtube. Is that not what people do when they miss church but still want to make up for it? I listened to something from Priscilla Shirer. In addition, i decided to punish myself by not eating till about the time i would have eaten if i had gone to church? lol…Do you think thats too much? Interestingly,I ended up not wearing my blouse.

Fast forward to evening time, my 5- month old baby boy surprised me today. So i started introducing solids to him some time around 22 weeks and it has been a case of little little victories. I hope you are not judging me yet. Based on latest scientific research it has been advised that it’s okay as a step towards weaning, to start introducing solids to infants from 17weeks as complimentary food but there are conditions. You can read more via google.

So as always with all my kids (all my kids!! now i sound like a granny…) Yeah! with all my kids! the first food i introduce is mashed bananas. I can say they all love bananas. I have been trying to introduce other solids but with any new food its a win-lose situation. Well today i introduced blended oats and mashed banana. In one sitting my boy cleared the plate without drama! I never hespered it!! I had the intention of eating his leftovers as usual..lol I feel so fulfilled. These are the little victories of motherhood that count. Other foods i have introduced so far are mashed carrots – (he did not like this one but i will still reintroduce it), mashed sweet potatoes – (ate a little portion and i finished the rest), he also likes to suck on my bone too. Packaged foods are a no-no for me because it is not friendly to my pocket. Who has tried any of these? what were your experiences

Hmmm! what else?? *rolling my eyes*

Yes! I also caught up on some of my Favourite Youtube channels – AdannaDavid, DimmaUmeh, EbonylifeTV, Shade Corner, PatriciaBright, SisiYemmie, Brittnyway. Too much?? Na multitasking things!

Whoelse is looking forward to Akah bants episode on this years AMVCA? I am really anticipating.

You can tell i am enjoying this my leave of absence. Feels good to not have so much studying to do.

Well this is it guys. Do have a safe and productive week…See you soon


And He has said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for power is perfected in weakness ” Most gladly, therefore, I will rather boast about my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may dwell in me – 2Cor 12:9

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