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In a Nutshell ||A Recap for the Recap.

Sometimes, it’s okay to not have your moves all figured out, the best part of it however would be taking the first step, always along the way we find clues to continue. You need God to open the knob, but you must be at the door waiting to step into the next room or out of the hallway unto that big stage. It’s not enough that he opens the door if you are not willing.

As a newbie on the blogging scene, in the beginning I fiddled with my theme and blog appearance for a while. I would spend days trying to get the blog to look a certain way only to end up not liking it. Along the way, i went from being bothered about my blog stats  to realizing that it did not matter as much to me as focusing on creating content for my audience.  I stopped comparing my blog growth to someone else’s because it only dampened the zeal plus it did not help that new blogs were sprouting everyday so It meant that i may never be able to keep up with mine if i have my eyes all over. 

Focus became the watch word, but that too was not easy personally because of my many interests. Of the Many blogging tips out there, one that ranks the most is finding a niche for your blog and sticking with it. I am the type to get bored with that so “niching” was a no-no. I wanted to talk about anything and everything I felt like and could relate to, albeit at my own discretion. At times I would feel like people had certain expectations of me and the kind of posts I ought to publish based on my bio but i had to follow my heart lest I loose myself in trying to be who they expect. If the inspiration comes, i go with it, if it doesn’t I don’t.

It did not help that people were expecting me to be rolling in money after 3months of blogging when they would hardly visit the blog and share. But for those loyal readers and those who gave feedback openly and privately it was all worth it. If I touched only one person with my post, it was enough.

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It was important that I continued to feed on the  things that inspired me and I knew I had to focus on me. I  started to worry less and work more.

Blogging is fun and I want it to stay fun. I love the new type of growth that it has afforded me. Every single post was fun to create. Oh! and that moment when you are about to hit publish button but end up reviewing 66 times before…the struggles though. More than 50 times I have hit the publish button regardless. They were not perfect posts, they did not need to be perfect, I just needed to keep pushing and watch me grow. 

Traveling back to Nigeria there was a whole lot of readjustment to do. Blogging has been a hassle hence i am beginning to feel a bit absent. I may have to now work on a schedule to keep me accountable. Lets just say I have  gained a new level of respect for independent creatives and entrepreneurs in Nigeria who have to put in a lot more to keep pushing and adding value. The sacrifices may never  level up with the returns in the beginning, it is the resilience that  pays off in the long run. At this point that pay off had better be happening soon for me ….lol.

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In a Nutshell

Understanding is key to growth. It is not as straight forward as knowledge. It takes answering life’s questions with questions.  Also important is that we must understand that somethings are beyond us to understand. Don’t force it. 

Victory is sweet even the littlest form of it. Look out for your little victories and rejoice in it. 

Work, work and work some more. Breaks are great because you can get tired, but you can’t afford to stop working and give up. Work for the sake of those little victories. They will add up with time.

X is always in the equation of life. This missing link you never figure out till you meet the best teacher – Experience. Don’t dwell on the mishaps and mistakes, carry on with life. You will understand it later

You are responsible for you. Life is all about you. Don’t live yours based on someone else’s judgement, circumstances or their absence thereof. People come, people go and People change, but makes you, you,  stays the same. Don’t try to change it for anyone. 

Zeal comes from God. You must approach life with so much zeal else everything will seem impossible. Every step is worth taking. Every dream is worth fighting for. 

Have a great week lovelies.

Ijeoma ....xoxo

You can’t give what you don’t have, but it’s almost impossible  if you haven’t nutured it even if you had it. Ecclesiastes 9:10

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  1. Mami this was a good read I must say. Touched all the aspects I’m struggling with myself. Thanks for sharing this with us. My take home from this post would be to make an effort to impact with my blog instead of competiting. God bless you ma.

    1. Author

      My dear it’s definitely impact over everything else. I am happy you enjoyed reading it. It’s always a pleasure to share

  2. * we must understand that somethings are beyond us to understand, don’t force it!” #word.

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