I am imagining that I bumped into one of my readers right now, and I’m guessing the one question they will have is “What happened?” My people, nothing happened other than life…One day you are here and the next you are there. When I was starting out my blog, never did think I would one day be away for this long but it has happened…..(never say never) . For lack of a better title for this post I settled for what you can see because every possible title I had started with letter A. So… A is for Adventures Life is an intriguing box ofRead More →

These days I have more nerve rAcking days than I ever prepared for. A lot of self discovery, self awareness, self appraisal (all things self), basically a whole lot of truth telling and I’ll try to share ….minimally I recently read something on minimalism and it inspired this post. It spoke to me in so many ways than many and I couldn’t help the rush of thoughts and honest personal confrontations I had with myself. Minimalism simply means having the nature of simplicity. It encompasses achieving set goals following moderate ideas and plans. The question I have now is can a minimalist like me dreamRead More →

Making friends is one thing but keeping great friends is another. Growing up I never had as many friends, the type people call “best friend”  but I understand now that friendships happen for a reason and also making new friends shouldn’t mean losing old ones. The fact that I never had much did not make me bad friend material I just hardly found the right amount of connection. I however sometimes wish I had certain friendships. Just imagine if Zahra Buhari was your childhood friend 😊😂…you know Well I am sharing secrets from personal and shared experiences on what great friendships takes in this post 1.Read More →

It’s that time of the year again and as much as many parents are excited for it, many of them still wish their kids were still home. This is simply because of the relief from the early morning hassle that can often times be a nightmare even for the most organized parent. In the course of this unavoidable fun-but-not-so-fun parenting exercise. I can’t help but notice some interesting categories of parents and i thought it would be worth sharing.  Keep reading to find out where I belong 🖒 1. Sport Mum She’s either headed for the Gym or has just got back from the GymRead More →

Happy New weeek! How are you my lovely readers? I am sorry for being away to long these days, i want to be here more often, i have you all in my mind all the time and the need to do well by you guys makes me want to be better and i am loving it. Its been a pretty tough year and i cant even complain. I can only be grateful. Many times i’ve felt like all the positivity and struggle to become is all a fluke but the truth is everyday we are alive is a gift to be used to the fullest.Read More →

Hello guys! Happy new week. How are we doing with our goals? Is 2017 looking good for you? One thing i have learnt is that “it is never too late to set new goals” and “It is never to late to start all over again“. If you have too many things you are working on at a time, you will find progress hard to appreciate but I’ve learnt that progress is relative. The vision will always be larger than life, that each step seems very far from ‘your reality’ but the simple trick to appreciating progress is focusing on conquering each milestones. However i realizeRead More →

Its been an intriguing 2017 and i am totally grateful to God for bringing me this far. Its barely 3 months to the end of the year and i know many of us are beginning to access ourselves and asking questions – some of which you may never get the answers. Some friends have come and gone, tough times have been replaced with victories, plans have had to change in order to get by and indeed being alive is the high point of this journey. I realize that as long as there is life, all must be well with God’s beloved.   This is aRead More →

Many of us work so hard for the Summer glow only to end up indulging in one too many unhealthy activities that leave our body and skin in the worse shape after summer. As we round up on the summer already, here are a few tips to help your skin recover from all the sunburn and bloathedness. Your body needs to be realigned for the fall/harmattan transition about to happen else you will be taken unawares. An After Summer Detox is something to consider. Here is how… Go Alkaline Its all about balancing and rebalancing the body. In between all the enjoyment, partying and beachRead More →

Something significant happened in my life when i was about 11 years old. I cooked a full pot of Jollof rice all by myself for the first time. This week, precisely the 22nd of August was celebrated as #WorldJollofDay and all the images i saw made me reflect back to my first attempt at making Jollof Rice. Looking back now, I think that happened pretty much late. Then again if I had not done what i did it would have happened even much later. Was the rice anything to write home about? You will keep on reading to find out. As the first child myRead More →

personal development skills quotes

PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT is very crucial to living the life of your dreams. Learning a new skill opens up a side to you, that merely existed and launches you into a higher level of Self awareness and ultimately, Personal development. In the beginning of the year, i shared a post where i talked about Trying out something new as one of the ways to have a memorable 2017. For this quick post I will be sharing 12 quotes to motivate you to take things to another level. A list of skills i am interested in is at the end. Let’s get started : It is possible toRead More →