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I appreciate Kemi Adetiba for coming up with such an initiative – THE KING WOMAN. These are stories that need to be shared to inspire people who may never get to have a personal encounter with these king women. Talk about strength, eloquence and charm – the three words i used to describe Taiwo Ajayi Lycett. After watching the part 1 (here)  and 2 (here)  of this series I have had to go back and listen again. Ahhh! it’s a lot to take away, as each time i listened i got something new so i thought , why not document this and voila!!..these are the lessonsRead More →

Let go and let God

After 5 months at this blogging thing , its still feels like the first time when you have to start a new post. I hope it’s not just me feeling this way. I did not know where to start from but as they always reply, “just start somewhere”. Well thats what i just did. How was your week? Mine was a mixture of emotions Guys we need to watch and pray. The sort of deaths that have happened lately has got me feeling really sorry for the souls that are still not in Christ. Also for us that are in christ, it is a wakeupRead More →

productive work day

Happy New month fam! I am sharing healthy habits you can adopt for a productive work day. In the midst of all the technology promising speed on productivity, you are your most important tool for a productive day, irrespective of what you do. You are a power house that must be catered for by you. If you are Nigerian you will know that May is extra special. The month that starts and ends with holidays. I watched a video where people where being asked what they would be doing for the holiday yesterday. I found a few responses quite hilarious. There was the regular plansRead More →

Let go and let God

Hello ..Happy weekend! I am back for my “in a nutshell” as i promised in the last post here. Hopefully i can be consistent with this – since i don’t have a working post schedule. The week has been fantastic no doubt. How about yours? Firstly, two songs i feel in love with this week are Hillsongs’ Still and Beautiful exchange. I woke up with them singing in my head on Monday and Tuesday respectively. I think it came from the fact that i gained more insight from the story of christ death and resurrection. Christ endured suffering – the cross, for the joy setRead More →

kitchen-based alternatives for DIY

Helloooo! Welcome to my blog especially for the new readers 🙂 This is a really quick and short post. I think it is my shortest post yet. At the beginning of this month i kind of resolved to reduce the length of my posts to a maximum of 500 words. Because really, we are all to busy to be reading long write ups. I know some of you just scroll really quickly …lol..its fine. I do that too. But the truth is that i love when i visit other blogs and the post is just short and straight to the point. Speaking of which, iRead More →

I think that one thing (if not the only) i really dislike about being pregnant is the fact that your wardrobe no longer serves you after your first trimester. You are constantly on a shopping spree (not like you have that much money to spend sometimes ) and you end up with pieces that you are not particularly excited about half of the time. With the need to stay stylish in a bump, each time i had to dress up, i spend more that 8 minutes raking through a pile of clothes in my wardrobe to pick my outfit (no kidding) and luckily half theRead More →

Let go and let God

Happy After-Easter-Weekend! I hope you had a great week! How was your Easter? Someone asked me this question today and i couldn’t really think of a better way to say “it was just regular”. But really it was just there, nothing much! I hoped that i would get up to something fun on monday but the plan did not pull through. We have been expecting our first baby tooth for a long time now but the wait has been filled with wakeful nights and 3 bouts of vomiting in 3weeks. The last one scared the life out of me. It happened outside a shopping mallRead More →

“He will swallow up death in victory; and the Lord GOD will wipe away tears from off all faces.” (Isaiah 25:8) Just like you i very much looked forward to this all important Holy week Christian holiday, commemorating events leading up to the suffering and death of christ, climaxing at the resurrection. Maundy thursday honors Jesus last supper with the disciples, Good friday – the day of his crucifixion, Holy Saturday  – the day between death and resurrection, Easter Sunday – He rose from the dead. I feel really privileged that God found me worthy to let his only begotten son to die on theRead More →

Hey! You made your way here? Great! Lets make your dream of getting into Medical school a reality. But first, here are a few questions for you. Are you a high school or college science graduate? Do you crave for education that opens varied avenues in the field of medical sciences? Do you aspire to be a foreign trained doctor? Does the thought of the cost of this training discourage you? Do you hope to practice in the USA? If you have answered yes to these questions then this post is for you! Wait..If you did not answer yes, this is still for you because someoneRead More →

Hello friends, Happy Easter weekend, Are you excited? I am excited! This is a fun post, i really like all this tag posts and i get to do another one again. I was tagged by Ore of NextDoorChic and i decided to have fun with this. You should check out her blog! Lots of cool stuff!! Thanks Ore for the tag! RULES : •Give 11 questions. •Tag 11 people. •Answer the 11 questions given to you. •Thank the person who tagged you. What is your favourite movie of all time? I really don’t have favourite movies. weird? No Ribena or 5alive? Ribena What is your biggest fear? Used toRead More →