World Tuberculosis Day

For this year’s World Tuberculosis day the working theme is “Leave no one behind. Unite to End TB”. Nigeria comes 4th place after China and is followed by Pakistan in the top 20 countries with highest estimated rates of people falling ill with TB. March 24 every year is set aside to create awareness on this disease. According to WHO 480 000 thousand people developed Mutidrug-resistant TB in the world in 2015. I had to share this story of Debashree. Her first encounter with tuberculosis started out as being diagnosed with Multi drug resistant Tuberculosis on her first test during a brief illness. Imagine someoneRead More →

Connect with people

The ultimate essence of our existence is our life’s purpose. Everyday we are on a journey to realizing who we truly are and how to live out our fullest potential. It will be difficult to live maximally if one day we are ten steps ahead only to go back twenty five steps the next. Its all about steady growth. You eventually leave a life of lack and embrace a life of impact. These 4 habits will help you live a life of impact Stop Complaining You need to stop it. Everything cannot possibly bad in the whole 24 hours of your day. At least youRead More →

Life of impact

You know “When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade out of it”. If it shows you pepper, pluck it and make pepper soup (I prefer this version). When you experience difficulty, you will win by deciding to leave the life of lack and embrace the life of impact.  The lemons and the peppers will distract you if you are not careful. Often times we focus on the pepper and give up by failing to go out there and search for the other ingredients. Hence you do not make the pepper soup. Now those who are celebrated are the ones that went out of theirRead More →

My simple routine

I have lately been wearing wigs for the most part and i think it is the best thing for me. I lost my edges after delivery and they are not fully back yet. However i have made tremendous progress with hair care and growing my edges, hence my reason for this post.I had gone without relaxer for about 6 months which was normal because i  relaxed my hair twice a year. This had me going from not caring much about the damn edges, (because of course i have my wig) to getting feed up with tangles after every hair wash. When the time came toRead More →

breast feeding essentials

Being pregnant! Nothing feels like it. While you are expecting, the discomfort and worries of yesterday is forgotten and then today becomes a gift. Tomorrow is to be hoped for as you anticipate patiently for the big day, till you are no longer as patience. Sadly, there is nothing you can do about it. When it is time, it will happen. It is only pregnancy that could make me understand the time in nine months. It is such a long time to prepare for a moment in your life that will last less than 24hrs. However, It is such a short time incomparable to theRead More →

In her address, the UN Women Executive Director, Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka noted that there is relatively low female participation in technology. She said “Women and girls must be ready to be part of the digital revolution. Currently only 18 per cent of undergraduate computer science degrees are held by women. We must see a significant shift in girls all over the world taking STEM subjects, if women are to compete successfully for high-paying ‘new collar’ jobs. Currently just 25 per cent of the digital industries’ workforce are women”. I do not think that anyone will be surprised at this statistics. I am sure you know atRead More →

Today is the International Women’s Day and i am certain that there are people who do not understand what the day is about. International Women’s Day is a day set aside to celebrate the achievements of the ordinary woman. It is a day set aside to promote and support women by bringing to light the need for women’s rights and participation. Women are by this, being encouraged to aspire to achieve their dreams irrespective of their background, beliefs and barriers. Women have been ascribed gender roles and so when some people fall out of the specifications they are considered wayward despite being morally sound. OurRead More →


This is an upclose post of tit bits of my weekend. How was your weekend? On friday i published a blog post about controlling your thoughts.  Have you seen it? check it here. On saturday i did some serious meal prepping for the week, minor house clean up, DIY project for the blouse i planned to wear to church on Sunday whilst watching Hidden Figures. Hidden figures is just my kind of movie. Highlight of the day for me would be my baking experience. I baked something for the first time and i was impressed with myself. I had a very busy Saturday but it wasRead More →

  The mind is very strong part of our existence. They say that, the mind is like a garden and our thoughts are the seeds we plant in it. Apparently, we cannot control the thoughts that come to our mind. Thankfully, we can actually control what we choose to do with the thoughts. There are those thoughts that are welcome, the type you want to capture, analyze, build on and watch grow into something productive and possibly tangible. You practically watch it grow from a simple abstract idea to the point when it gains expression in the physical. On the other hand, there are ofRead More →

Hurray! I just want to say if it is your first time here, Welcome to my blog ♥ Guys March is here, and to think that we just kicked off 2017 a while ago. We are moving forward no matter what and I thank God for the gift of life. So this morning i got inspired to motivate and encourage others as i do the same for myself. You may not be as excited because you feel like you are falling back on schedule. Your plans for the year are not taking shape and you are not feeling good about it? Please, please, like weRead More →