Wow! the pages of 2017 are flipping real fast. Its day 9 already, how has it been for you? Its okay if you are still trying to find your bearing. I have seen on many social media platforms and even some particular Instagram handles that it is a year of “savagery”. For some reason i find it hard to play the devil’s advocate on this one. So, perhaps you don’t have a plan and intend to go with the flow, you know what? not having a plan is a plan in it self. However, if your the ultimate goal as a savage is to growRead More →

Whats up guys! Happy New Year! I have actually been waiting for 2017 since July last year…yea… july “last year”. Okay ..for a moment that sounded like it was not correct. I paused to make sure i was saying the right thing. I really cant wait to see what this year holds for us, as individuals and as a nation. I am really looking forward to a #betternaija. So yes! Last year was the most exciting and also most challenging year of my life but i came out stronger than in the beginning. I went into 2016 more worried than excited but some how theRead More →

Hey guys! Congratulations on finishing strong. As i reflect on 2016 and step into 2017, i agree that a lot has changed in my life and i pray for more grace to make the best of the new year. Having said that, there a few things that i consider my essentials. They kept the hustle life going strong for me as the days went bye. They will definitely be following me into 2017. MY CONCEALER – The L.A Girl pro concealer is bae. I think it is affordable and magical. There are some days when i am feeling all sorts of blue or i wakeRead More →

Compliments of the season to you and your family! I am enjoying my holiday, i hope you are too? I want to share this with you …. Do you know that Poverty is man made ? I say so because i believe no one was born poor. We grow into the status of poor or rich based on the circumstances that surround us as we progress through life. This goes beyond the boundaries of material things to encompass health, knowledge, support system etc.   Going by the popular saying “Health is Wealth”, the wealth of a nation is measured by the health of its citizens.Read More →

Hey guys! Merry Christmas! Happy Birthday Jesus!! I trust that you had a fun filled day. I had a great day even though there wasn’t too many fun stuff to do. The major highlight of my day in terms of fun will be writing this blog post. My day started early with church which i almost missed because, for some strange reason i did not hear my alarm when it rang. I am not the type of person to set an alarm normally and even when i do, most times i wake up even before it rings. As a nursing mother too, i would wakeRead More →

welcome to first post

Hey there, I am excited to welcome you to my blog. I finally took the plunge to make this a reality after days and months and years (maybe two). The truth is, i was overwhelmed by tons of information on the internet about how to make your first blogpost. I found captions like “101 things you need to know about your first post”, “get to know your competitors”…… really? common guys its not that serious. There is also the school of thought that think, “Hey World!” or “Hello there!” tags sound too corny or rather cliche. The good news is, I made it here! yay!!!!Read More →