Reflections : The Highlights of my 2017

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2017 was good, 2018 is awesome but first , Reflections 101

I know its already the 10th day of the new year, and as expected a new post should have been up before now. But who’s scoring the points though? 

The way the days are flying bye, one would think 2018 has more days than 2017, but then its still the same 365 days that will go by in a matter of 8760 hours. With so much ado about the new year, the resolutions, to-do lists, the internet is going bonkers with all manner of information.

textgram_1515639201Now before i overwhelm myself with all the good stuff, i thought it wise to focus on me. I have been reflecting on the past year, the things i did that produced results and the ones that limited me in some areas and find ways to end 2018 better. Whether we like it or not, its all about the end. Its not enough to start the year with high spirits and great momentum and spend your time doing things that will not give results simply because it does not fit your preferences.

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textgram_1515639661In this post i will be sharing a few things that stood out

I somehow feel like i missed out on a few opportunities because there where times when i only realized what i missed after deciding to act on the thought/idea. Financially, i’d still say i gained more. Before some people start planning to task me, the gains were not necessarily in physical cash but more in financial knowledge. But hey! I still made some money and with what i know now, i can see a great ending for 2018. Expect some financial tips post too

Moving on is life! I learnt how to move on after disappointments and the likes. Since when i was a child i would cry when i make mistakes. As i grew older, i did not necessarily cry but i would beat myself up for every mistake and i dwell on it, analyzing it and i now see how the fear of it is the beginning of a boring life. I now feel like i have a lot of stories to share with my Grandchildren. How can you be that grandma full of wisdom if you have not had many sour experiences.


textgram_1515640904There is also the shortfalls of other people in our lives and how it affects us. The worst you can do is apportion blame, its best to let them know how you feel while helping them see how they can learn from it even as you learn from it.

In July, i had a fall and sprained my right ankle, i limped around for a few days and got myself back. Towards the end of the month again i had a serious injury on the left leg just superficial to the Achilles tendon. it was a deep cut and it bled profusely immediately it happened but because it was night time already, i decided to stop the bleeding at home and have it checked out the next day. The next day i was told that they will have to stitch it and it was going to happen without any anaesthia or pain killers. It has the be the most painful I’ve endured after childbirth. Because i had to still move about the stitches ripped and it affected the healing process..well long story short i now have a PHYSICAL scar to remind me of 2017… A few years down the line, i will look at it and remember the story of the year i refused to remain on the ground. Because of how highly innervated that part of the body is, i still feel pain sometimes there but ….some times its not all about avoiding the bruises. its about the scars, the stories they will tell and lessons they will teach long after you are gone.


i now have a PHYSICAL scar to remind me of 2017… A few years down the line, i will look at it and remember the story of the year i refused to remain on the ground. Click To Tweet

Hmmm….i dealt with my fear of public speaking. I simply got prepared, showed up on time, tensioned the first few minutes and somehow i got the message across. The feed back has been awesome and this is coming to someone who has always found a way to run away from making public appearances. I will credit a lot of that success to owning my voice through this small blog space. I confronted my demons….You should do same this year

OK…So i am married to an engineer (civil) whose love for building/construction will not let him be content and i mean this in a good way. So he’s always looking up home designs and new stuff to add to every latest project. For that we now have a home wi-fi. So after we moved from our first house (he built himself), it only took a year for me to realize that I’m gonna have to be moving houses every 2 years.

If you have ever moved to a new home you will understand that its not funny packing up and repacking/unpacking. When you now have to be doing it every two years at least, it becomes something to recount as a milestone achieved. The excitement he feels also is something i want to look forward to. Now on coming back from my village I’m arriving straight into a new home, in a new year. How is that not therapeutic? Okay but I’m still unpacking small small shaaa. 

Spiritually i did more; The hallelujah challenge, attended wofbi , completed some bible study plans, fasted more, lived more spiritually conscious. I am grateful for the miracles, unanswered prayers and the testimonies that are coming through. As many of us that will still be praying for the same things we prayed for last year, this year, Don’t stop believing.  The goal this year is to be spiritually sensitive, i can’t afford to go through life without paying attention to what the spirit is saying. Hence i need to position my mind and spirit to be in tune to the frequency and wavelength that produces pure revelation with appropriate spiritual understanding. Not everything is casual, we must be sensitive to the things of the spirit .

textgram_1515641372Shout out to everyone that made 2017 count. The ones that God used to show me the light, the ones that would lift my spirit with reassuring words, the ones that offered their help when i asked and even those who saw the need and stepped in without me asking. Special shoutout to the people who disappointed me, to those who told me “no”, to those who judged me wrongly and to those who by their actions reminded me of the dangers of being too trusting. I am grateful for the opportunity to meet people and touch their lives in the course of tutoring and volunteering, i am happy i didn’t do it for the money. Who we are and who we go on to become is about the people who crossed our paths.

Our life doesn’t begin or end with anyone, it's just our stories that will not be complete without them. Click To Tweet

Reflection is key, Like ocean waves we must retreat first in order to build momentum. Happy New Year !

Till my next post take time to reflect and be hopeful. Share! Comment !! Subscribe !!!


“Quench not the spirit” – 1 Thessolonians 5:19

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  1. I’m so ashamed to say my 2017 had nothing to do with the halleluyah challenge. I wish it would happen again this year and I’d be fully involved. I don’t hear about these things early enough.

    Your 2017 seemed like it covered every area, physical, mentally, spiritually and financially! It’s a beautiful testimony and you don’t have to see it that way if you don’t want to. I tap into your grace.

    Thank God for your scar, a reminder also that you came out of it when it could have turned to a disability as little as it may seem.

    Cheers to the best year, 2018!

    Idle head
    What Did You Leave in the Past Year

    1. Author

      Yes my dear, the idea was a personal pestle analysis of last year….so it was well rounded. I am really grateful. I’m willing to do you the reminder when something like that comes up again.

      Yes to 2018 the best year!

  2. Well done for the tasks you completed such as the Hallelujah challenge and gaining financial knowledge. Sorry about your horrible injury though but at least it’s a testament to your strength. May 2018 be a good one for all of us!


  3. Happy new year Ije! Thanks for catching us up 🙌. Praise God for your many testimonies, milestone celebrations and growth in the lord 😄. Moving houses is always so exciting, but also involves a lot of time and energy to really pack and unpack as the weeks go by but once you’re settled in, it’s just the best! Wishing you the best year ever 💞

    1. Author

      Hey babe happy New year. I’m just grateful and like you said, once you are settled in, it’s the best feeling in the world😎. I wish you all the best of 2017.❤❤

  4. Happy New Year, Ije. Sorry about the injury and congratulations on the achievements for 2017 (Kudos on overcoming your fear of public speaking). I wish you a wonderful 2018 with more milestones to mark and more things to celebrate!

    1. Author

      Thanks dear for the love you keep showing on this blog. Happy New year to you and I wish you all best of 2018.

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