Skip the Highlighter and Still Get That Natural Glow with My 5-Step Facial Routine

I love to wear make up, the transformation and the awakening effect it gives to the face. Nevertheless, I like to pride in natural beauty not hidden under makeup. It is also a fact that a well groomed skin is the ultimate secret to flawless makeup. Therefore many experts preach about regular facials and how it can improve your skin.

I have been able to develop a facial routine for myself that works without having to break a bank or set aside a special time on my calendar for a spa facial appointment. One thing to have at the back of your mind when having a full  facial routine is to follow these steps – Cleanse, Tone and Moisturize commonly abbreviated as CTM. I have a combination to oily skin and the outcome after this procedure is amaze-balls. This is somewhat thorough and so i won’t advice that you do it often. I go for once in a week

My ingredients

Water, Tissue, Egg white, Honey, sugar (brown or white), tomato, baking soda, coconut oil

  1. Steam – start of on a clean face. Steam face for nothing more than 10 mins. Make sure to secure you face, not too close to the heat, but close enough to feel the heat. Before i put my face down into the steam i select a podcast or video that last about 7-10mins, to serve as my timer. When your time has elapsed, pat dry with soft cloth. It is best to have a separate soft cloth dedicated to face only. you can convert an old tee.
    1. This open up your pores so you wanna start on a clean face as well as use a special clean cloth to avoid introducing dirt. I use my baby’s undersized cloth.
  2. Egg white facemask – get the white part of the egg into a bowl. Apply on dried skin using a clean makeup brush. This can be done with the hands but it is clumsy. Before it dries out, place your tissue paper over the egg, spread all over your face. You can cut portions of the tissue to fit sections of your face. Go over the tissue again with a second coat of egg white, then allow to dry. Once dried (about 45 mins), enjoy peeling off in an upward direction.
    1. you will feel a tightening of the skin as it minimizes pores, reduces wrinkling, pulls out impurities and raises dead skin layer
  3.  Exfoliate – Using a table spoon, in the proportion of 1:2 for honey and sugar respectively, Mix both ingredients and gently rub over your face in a circular motion. The will increase blood flow to the face, open up pores as well as remove dead cell. Do this for about 1 minute and rinse off with warm water.
    1. if you have acne, you should be gentle with this especially around the acne/pimple sight to avoid further irritating the skin.
    2. Don’t leave the lips out in this step. Exfoliate the lips too.
  4. Tone -Using a table spoon, in the proportion of 1:1, combine the tomato juice with baking soda to form a paste, apply to the dried skin and allow to dry completely (20mins). I squeeze the tomato to get the juice, avoiding the seeds. Tomato is acidic, baking soda is basic so they balance out nicely. This two pair nicely for my skin type, to this sweep out gunk in the pores leaving it clean.
    1. this takes care of any leftover oil or dirt as well as nourishes and balances skin pH. You dont want to leave the skin high and dry after such intense maneuver.
  5. Moisturize – Wash off with cold water to close up pores completely. Pat face dry and apply moisturizer. In my case, coconut oil because the essence is to use all natural product.
    1. you can use same coconut oil on the lips

I get to do other things/chores in between the waiting times and most days i do my routine at night (so i don’t get to take pictures) and it leaves me with a shiny, brighter and squeakily clean skin afterwards for the ideal beauty sleep.  I have other times that i switch up and replace one product with another or one step with another (watch out for next post).

In the morning i just have a regular shower and apply my regular moisturizer/coconut oil and follow it with sunscreen (Optional but important) and voila!

The smoother your skin, the better it reflects light and gives that natural glowing highlight effect. So  makeup free days just got better. You don’t need a highlighter to glowww

Do you have a similar routine? Will you be trying this out? I will like to see and hear your results. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section.

See you soon guys!


So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God. – 1 Corinthians 10:31

p.s : If you have any acne/skin problems this is not a solution to that. Also always avoid the eyes and skin around the eyes.

P.S : Don’t forget to drink lots of water

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  1. I tried the steaming bit last weekend and I must say it was really effective because I felt my face was breathing differently. Well done girl.

  2. You steam your face by putting hot water in a bucket and covering your head with a towel? Or do you have something else for that? I think that’s the only missing link for me. I’d be willing to try this.

    1. Author

      Covering over a towel is the method to get it done if you don’t have an actual face steamer…lol. So long as you get your face over the steam with out letting it escape-hence the use of a towel over your head. ..Improvisation at it’s best. Please do try it and give me feedback 🙌😊

  3. Great tips. But I am not the type of girl yet. I will keep this in mind if I evolve into a woman who loves wearing makeup and steaming her face. Lol.

    1. Author

      lmaoo @evolve. Its generally for a healthy glow.

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