The struggle is real people, this would have been up last year as our first post in the Startup Network series, but getting professional pictures and logo branding delayed things. If this is your first time here, the goal is to showcase these people and their businesses as usual and hope that you can connect and also patronize these ingenious brands doing their best to channel their resources to profitable ventures and grow the Naija brand.

Today we put the spotlight on a phenomenal lady, who is carving a unigue niche for herself with her brand. Running an androgynous clothing brand alongside a makeup business, she has set out to follow her heart wherever it leads.

When the idea to launch this series came to my mind, i did not really know which direction things will go. One day i had a conversation with her about her business and all that she has been up to. In that moment it clicked! i figured out my why, that is; to use this platform to help small business reach their untapped customer base.

Sitogyzi on Start ups connect

Let’s meet 


Gyzi Chiagoziem Ohanekwu

Academic qualification

Bsc Biochemistry, Msc Nutritional biochemistry


Dancing, watching intelligent movies, cooking, sleeping😂
Interests…fashion, art

Marital status


Birth date

6th October

Number 1 item in your bucket list

Making heaven

IFL: What was your biggest challenge starting out and how did it transition from a simple idea to a business system?

SITOGYZI: Finances…I started small, achieving one step at a time and checking it off my list…and gradually I’m building a brand that will blossom into my dream


IFL: How many businesses do you own and are you looking to add more streams of income?

SITOGYZI: Two businesses currently…and yes I’m looking to add more in the future.

IFL: Why did you venture into entrepreneurship? What’s the most advantage this has afforded you? If you had a white/blue collar job will prefer to be on both ends?

SITOGYZI: I wanted to do what I’m passionate about while getting paid for it, that way I don’t find work cumbersome. It has afforded me the opportunity to grow while trying and failing, discovering my strengths/weaknesses and learning to take calculated risks.

I would prefer entrepreneurship provided I have the right tools to function

IFL: Do you have any exciting/embarrassing event related to customer/client relationship you would wanna share?

SITOGYZI: Non really..


IFL: What is the challenge you face in growing your business that is peculiar to you by virtue of being a Nigerian?

SITOGYZI: Inadequate Power supply…it cripples every Nigerian business.

IFL: Will you say you have grown to the level you expected yourself to be? What is your number one secret of success?

SITOGYZI: I’m just getting started…I have a long way to go. I know it sounds cliche but the plan is to be a household name worldwide and I believe it’ll come to pass God willing.

My Key to success…perseverance and fighting procrastination

IFL: What misconception did someone ever have about you/your brand/entrepreneurs that you found yourself wishing you could change? (you know like setting the record straight 🙄)

SITOGYZI: At first meet, some people doubt that I design and make male clothing..they feel like it’s a male thing…but it’s more a case of fascination though. So it’s all good.


IFL: How old is/are your business? What are the future plans for your brand and what do you want your brand to be remembered for?

SITOGYZI: My makeup business is 3 years, clothing brand is barely a year. My Plan is to expand and move to a bigger and more conducive environment. I hope to employ capable hands so we can better satisfy our clients.

I want my brand to be remembered for treating clients like family and putting the needs of clients first, paying attention to details and delivering as expected.

IFL: Where are you located? How affordable are your products/services ?

SITOGYZI: Located in my bedroom😂 and affordable by God’s grace😁

Insta acct: @thesitogyzibrand for clothing /  @sitogyzi for makeup

For makeup prices range from 30k – 100k, depending on location, job description et al.

Clothing ranges from 10k -50k based on services provided.

Sitogyzi clothing

Quite Fascinating right?

I am no longer surprised that Electricity seems to be a recurring challenge, going by our previous posts. I want to say that there has been improvements on the Nigerian electricity issue but a lot more can still be done. Imagine the amount of progress that will be recorded in the economy if more and more start ups coming up by the day can survive and thrive in their first year.

The fight against procastination is real guys, and it can only be won by brains that think less, mouths that speak a lot less and hands that do more.

What are your thoughts guys? Are you an aspiring entrepreneur? Are you stuck in trying to decide? Did you find this post helpful? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Invest in seven ventures, yes, in eight; you do not know what disaster may come upon the land.

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