I love to wear make up, the transformation and the awakening effect it gives to the face. Nevertheless, I like to pride in natural beauty not hidden under makeup. It is also a fact that a well groomed skin is the ultimate secret to flawless makeup. Therefore many experts preach about regular facials and how it can improve your skin. I have been able to develop a facial routine for myself that works without having to break a bank or set aside a special time on my calendar for a spa facial appointment. One thing to have at the back of your mind when havingRead More →

kitchen-based alternatives for DIY

Helloooo! Welcome to my blog especially for the new readers šŸ™‚ This is a really quick and short post. I think it is my shortest post yet. At the beginning of this month i kind of resolved to reduce the length of my posts to a maximum of 500 words. Because really, we are all to busy to be reading long write ups. I know some of you just scroll really quickly …lol..its fine. I do that too. But the truth is that i love when i visit other blogs and the post is just short and straight to the point. Speaking of which, iRead More →

Do you remember the time you went shopping down town, with a bosom friend? While at it, you had to sort through a collection of not-so-new stuff. One time you picked this beautiful dress with a missing button (or even more than a missing button) but you still bought it anyway because all you had to do was simply fix the imperfection. You did not only pay less, but you also succeeded in adding a designer piece to your wardrobe collection. Yes! Yes! Thrift shopping or thrifting is a nice word to replace bend-down-select as we call it in Naija. One time somebody was askedRead More →