Life of impact

Leave the “life of lack” and embrace the “life of impact”

You know “When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade out of it”. If it shows you pepper, pluck it and make pepper soup (I prefer this version). When you experience difficulty, you will win by deciding to leave the life of lack and embrace the life of impact.  The lemons and the peppers will distract you if you are not careful. Often times we focus on the pepper and give up by failing to go out there and search for the other ingredients. Hence you do not make the pepper soup. Now those who are celebrated are the ones that went out of their way not withstanding, pain and critics, to get whatever was necessary to conjure the perfect pepper soup.

Okay! Enough of the pepper soup story. I am even salivating already

When I use the word lack, I am not restricting it to the lack of money. As long as we live we will keep wanting good health, purpose, knowledge, happiness e.t.c. It was not the original plan for us from the time of creation to dwell in lack. We were instructed to dominate the earth. We were commanded to be fruitful and multiply. Most importantly we are created in the image and likeness of our maker. If we must walk in line with the mandate, we must first know that we can. The ability is in us, it is there, you just have to do the right thing.

Life of impact. when life shows you pepper you pluck it and make pepper soup.

Our reactions to the things we encounter as we go through life, progressively changes us. We are forced to loose sight of the mandate. It is never to late to restructure and live purposefully. It will be very saddening to leave this world without living a life of impact. What good will you be remembered for? You think you are not there yet, you are waiting for the moment when everything is perfect according to your plans for your life? Bro (brethren), there is no perfect  time. Go and get what you have to get to make that pepper soup so that others can enjoy and thank you later.

Life is not perfect. What I can tell you is that the right time you seem to be diligently (or even casually for some people) waiting for is now. Is there something you perceive as a lack that is hindering from making a positive impact? You know what to do by now. Wait a second! How about you sit still and think for a moment. You may not have it now because it is not yet necessary. It’s like serving out the main course when the you haven’t even gone half way through dessert.

Get on with your life. Stop being miserable and sorry for yourself. Stay hungry to make an impact at all times, staying prepared, when the opportunity comes jump at it. Leave the life of lack and start to live the life of impact. Let the world not define who you. Leave negativity today, everything is possible, so make today count. Refuse to see the lack as a limitation but rather as a tool to change the experience for you and those coming after you.

Pepper soup on my mind! Couldn’t help it…lol. Cheers guys(brethren, brothers, sisters, men, women)

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If not you, who ? If not now, when ? – Hillel the Elder

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Teach your heart to Love again

For a very long time, the idea of love has been and is still being considered overrated. I would like to think this is true, however it worries that the act of being committed in love merely takes the back seat. Even those who have been miserably hurt still find love again.

Leading up to Valentines day and even after, i realized that some people where all about having a “bae” for the essence of getting Valentine gifts to show off on social media, and some others preferred to act all tough and self content. I like the whole self love game going on and i am an advocate for that by the way, but it should not be at the detriment of your opportunity to find true love or more so to enjoy that special friendship someone is offering you.

I get it!, you may have been shattered too many times, you think its your fault?

Well, you are the one who has chosen to accept that lie as your reality and and embody it. It is that resentment towards yourself that others see and interpret as negative energy when they come around you.

Guess what, I think it will be your fault if you rather miss out on the great things in life because you think you can or are doing GOOD all by your self. Truth is, GREAT things can happen …and will happen with the right relationships. Be willing to take a chance and love again!

Leave behind the shadows of failed relationships and step into a new light. Open up your heart and find that one person that will bring out the best in you. You are doing good all by your self, but dear you can be great!

You have been healing for too long, there is a new start waiting for you, Shake off yesterdays scars, step out today revived and embrace the victories that have been waiting for the best version of you.

Take off every veil of sorrow over your face and brighten someones life as you reciprocate with your smile. You will be giving the universe a reason to make you happier.  Be sweet again and chic altogether, Love is waiting to find you. #lawofattraction You can not give what you do not have and you can not get what you can not give. Love yourself enough to dispel bitterness, then you can attract the right kind of love to make you fall in love again. The good thing is that you are going in with a better mindset and experience.

For the dudes its easy to deal with these things or even act the part, but my ladies! you deserve to get all the love in the world! Finding love is not an achievement but if you can, find love again, get that bonus and be better together!

See you soon ……xoxo

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